Telescopes for Kids and Beginners 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Telescope with Tripod, Silver

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Quality Optics:Telescope with 400mm focal length and 70mm aperture was adopted high resolution fully multi-coated lens coating and Owning excellent transmittance that can get a crystal clear viewing,even can make object easier to get into the field of view.What is more,these telescopes for astronomy beginners comes with a finderscope that can help you target the object quickly,then you can use the telescope to observed.

Adjustable Tripod: This telescope allows for many different viewing positions with a adjustable aluminum alloy tripod and a carry bag, the telescope and tripod can fit inside the bag for easy traveling and storage.

The astronomical telescope not only can observe the Moon and bright planets,but also good for daylight viewing of wildlife.Even offering 1.25" telescope eyepieces K10mm,K25mm,and 3x barlow lense satisfy all of your needs.Moreover,equipped with telescope backpack can contain all accessories and is more convenient for carrying outside than Traditional carrying case.


Model Number:40070
Focal Length:400mm(f/5.7)
Eyepiece:K10mm K25mm(1.25in)
Prism:45°Correct Image Prims Diagonal
Tripod:Aluminum Tripod
Accessories:1.5X Erector
Package includes:

1x Carry Bag
1x Aluminum Alloy Tripod
1x Telescope Tube
1x Zenith Mirror
2x Eyepieces(10mm,25mm)
1x Barlow Lens(3X)
1x Phone Attachment And Blutooth Remote
1x Accessory Tray
1x User Manual
Telescopes for Kids and Beginners 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Telescope with Tripod, Silver
Jessie on 04-08-2020
It does exactly what it was designed to do

I don't know why people are expecting the results of the Hubble Telescope in the reviews. It does exactly what it's designed to do. It takes the moon and makes it look like a large marble that's placed a few inches from your eye that's in pretty good focus. You can see some craters on the Moon, but you can't see Niel Armstrong's footprints. You can see the rings of Saturn, but you can't count them like a tree that's been cut in half. I'm not sure why some individuals have ridiculous expectations for something that's less than $100...There are better scopes out there, sure, but it's a great beginner scope for kids and amateurs. I got this for my 7 year old who has shown interest in the Cosmos. If he really gets into it, I'll invest more later and pass this to his younger siblings. For right now, it's perfect.The frame is light, but the scope is light and doesn't need a heavy duty frame. It holds the scope, which is what it's designed to do.All the pieces were accounted for, and it came with a backpack so it can be taken on trips so you don't need to buy a separate case to hold it when you're traveling in the car or walking somewhere.It does what it was designed to do. Great for kids and amateurs at a modest price to see nature, take it to a long distance shooting range, see space a bit better, and anything else that is legal to do. If you want to see a nebula, and have a few thousand dollars to spare, go for it and buy that kind of scope.For the normal people with real expectations, this is a great telescope for beginners and kids. Well worth the investment if you're unsure if you want to invest a large amount of money to see footprints on the Moon.Take care!
Alexis A. on 05-08-2020
Amazing telescope for such a great price!

I got this for my dad and based off the high quality of the telescope, he thought I paid a crazy amount for it! It comes in a nice little backpack and there is even a little extra room to put other stuff in there as well. I didn’t take a picture of the whole thing put together but it is wonderful! The quality is so amazing and the price is such a steal for the quality. If you’ve read this far and if this review helped at all, please click “helpful”!
Amber on 06-08-2020
Great for staring at the moon ??

Great little telescope for checking out the moon, haven't really tried doing anything else with it though. Bought mine last August and have had lots of fun with it since then. I use my iPhone to take pictures through the lense and have gotten some great shots.
Rihass on 07-08-2020
Love it. Using Panasonic Gx85

I bought this to make a lens out of it and guess what. It's done. Here are some pictures I got with it. Love it. Using Panasonic Gx85.
DrHanSoloMD on 08-08-2020
No need to fly to the moon

For the price this is a steal! Got this telescope for my grandfather for his birthday. He is outside a lot on the patio at night and always watches the stars so I figured it was time to give him, what he never knew, he always wanted. A great beginner scope! After focusing the scope properly and taking a glance at the moon it almost feels like you could reach out and grab it. Wonderful!
Chris on 09-08-2020
Yes it can!

I bought this telescope for only one reason, I wanted to see Saturn's rings with my own eyes, not a photograph. I thought I was taking a chance because it is so compact but not only did I see the rings, they were as clear as all the photos I've seen of them. The view surpassed what I was expecting from such a modestly priced telescope. I'm very pleased (and yes, the other reviews are correct about the tripod being cheap and flimsy but not a deal breaker).
Krysteen on 10-08-2020
The tripod does feel flimsy like some other reviewers have said

We love this! The tripod does feel flimsy like some other reviewers have said, but that’s really it. The rest of the telescope exceeds my expectations of one that costs less than $100. The attached picture is of the super moon from January 1, 2018. I held my phone up to the telescope and took it. Not too shabby.
Kalli Webb on 11-08-2020
5 Stars for this Telescope

Arrived quickly, as described and packaged perfectly, It comes with a backpack that you can use to store or easily transport the telescope. This was a gift for a 10 year old just beginning to be curious with the night sky. Great "bonding" activity, and we are learning as we go. We also purchased the Celestron Sky Maps book, which we would recommend if you are just beginning the star gazing adventure. Love this product!
xsheenah! on 12-08-2020
Good telecope!

Bought this as a replacement for my friend's telescope. I borrowed this exact telescope from my friend, and he already misplaced the tripod for it, and I borrowed it for a while and lost some of the pieces for it. Instead of buying the separate replacement pieces for it, I decided it was cheaper to just buy a new telescope all together.It seems to work just fine, my friend has posted of photos of it being used, staring at the moon.and I briefly used it despite it not having a tripod. It's good quality for it's price and convenience.
D. Sandstrom on 13-08-2020

I got this as a gift, and I am very happy with it! The moon is sharp and clear once I can find it, and I can see Saturn and it's rings. Jupiter and its 4 Galilean are also visible and crisp. The tripod is a bit unstable, but it is usable. I bought a moon filter, a 4mm eyepiece, and a 5x Barlow lens to enhance viewing. The telescope is amazing and inexpensive. I definetely would recommend. 5/5
Bagman57 on 24-06-2020
Had debris inside the aperture lens but a good quality telescope.

I ordered a Celestron Travel Scope 70mm Portable Telescope on 3/5/2019 and received it on 3/7/2019. Upon inspection I found there is three small pieces of debris on the inside of the aperture lens. One of the pieces is very obvious. I can see them looking into the telescope without an eyepiece but with an eyepiece I can't see them because they're out of focus.I contacted Celestron Technical Support via email and they replied within 24hrs. And that was during this passed weekend, kudos to Celestron Technical Support. They're fantastic.They said something that small can ruin a viewing session. They advised me to send it back for an exchange.I sent them 2 pictures of the debris with the email. One picture shows the biggest obvious piece. The second picture shows the second piece at the 6 o'clock position and third piece at the 9 o'clock position. There may be some more even smaller pieces of debris. The pictures posted here are not oriented right and turned out that way when I copied them. They need to be turned a 1/4 turn counter clockwise.Despite the debris inside the telescope lens I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Celestron telescope to anyone. They have great customer support.Update 3/12/2019: I received the replacement telescope today. This telescope didn't have any debris on the inside of the aperture lens and everything else was fine. Just waiting for nice weather in my area to be able to use it. Also I may replace the finderscope with a better red-dot finderscope as the one that comes with it can be easily bumped out of alignment.
Robert Marcos Studios on 25-06-2020
Easy was to view Planets and Faraway Objects Here on Earth

I'm a professional photographer and have owned every kind of expensive optical instrument. I've never been more pleased than I am with this $90 "terrestrial" telescope. Terrestrial because it does not invert the image like reflective telescopes do, (in other words things you see are not upside down). The only thing is you should dump the cheap tripod that it comes with. Just use ANY solid tripod you can find but not the one it comes with because it's too shaky. I mounted it to a Bogen tripod that extends to 6-feet in height, which makes viewing much more comfortable. I live in the desert and was able to view four moons of Jupiter on the very first night! Thank you
MSK on 26-06-2020
as a beginner and incredibly amateur astronomer i love this telescope

as a beginner and incredibly amateur astronomer i love this telescope, it's easy to set up and simple to operate, just find the celestial object you want with the finder-scope then enjoy your view, this is not a high powered telescope so you won't get sharp images of distant objects, it's perfect for viewing constellations, the moon and nearby planets but not so great for dim nebulae and galaxies
Ian on 27-06-2020
Great little telescope

I have been using this telescope for about 1 year now and have really enjoyed it. I have been able to look at the moon, see the rings of Saturn and observed the different colored bands of gasses on Jupiter. Overall this has been a wonderful beginners telescope.
Amazon Customer on 28-06-2020
Great First Telescope

This is the first telescope I brought, so I had no real expectations coming in. It was a gift from Santa last year to my five-year old daughter. I've been pleasantly surprised by it's capabilities. We live in NYC, so not ideal viewing conditions, but on clear nights we've seen the rings of Saturn (small, but clearly differentiated from the planet itself), all four Galilean moon around Jupiter, some faint banding on Jupiter itself, the redness of Mars, and crystal clear craters on the moon. I think it's a fantastic first telescope for a kids since it's very portable and easy to set up. As other reviewers have noted, the tripod is total crap. But hey, $70 to see all that you can see with it (and consume next to no closet space), sign me up.

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