Weight Dumbbells Set Adjustable Dumbbells Fitness Barbell Plates with Adjustable Caps for Gym Fitting Exercise

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This is a pair of 30KG/66LB adjustable dumbbells set.With ergonomic design, texture technology, non-slip extension bar, adjustable weight.Comes with different sizes weight plates below for you to adjust to your desirable fitness dumbbell weight.With this dumbbell equipment set, you can exercise at home, in the office,gym or anywhere at any time.Our non-slip barbell set is perfect for a whole-body workout which helps tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders, back and also strengthen your muscles.It will greatly help you work out muscular imbalances, and maintain a healthy body!


Color: Black.
Material: HDPE,cement.
Size: 24.4x9.8x8.3cm.
High Quality:This pair of dumbbells are well made with high quality materialof cement and HDPE, environmental protection,durable and long lasting time use.
Anti-Rolling Design:With smooth pad on the side,not easy to roll when standing upright.Also with safety and non-slip nuts, worry-free your security issues.
Embossing Design:The surface of the dumbbell plates adopts non-slip embossing design,wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant,with lower aging.
Useful Body-workout Tool:.The 30kg dumbbell set is great for fat burning ,toning working, muscle building and body shaping.Keep you fit and without leaving the house.
Package Including:

2 x Dumbbells
4 x 2.5 kg / 5.5 lb Weight Plates
4 x 2 kg / 4.4 lb Weight Plates
4 x 1.5 / 3.3 lb Weight Plates
4 x 1.25/ 2.8 lb Weight Plates
2 x Dumbbell bar
1 x connector
4 x Nuts
thomas pallan on 03-08-2020
Perfectly engineered and a pleasure to use.

I cannot understand why some neg reviews!Very high quality, no need for a full rack of dumbells, perfectly made and shipping and boxing was perfect.Will see how they hold up over years, first few days, these cannot be beat.No excuse not to work out.Would buy again and recommend them to my best buddy!!
Chris on 04-08-2020
Excellent product! I wish I had gotten it sooner!

The Bowflex select Tech makes it much easier and more convenient to work out... I previously was using an Olympic barbell and dumbbell set. Since I needed different weights for the different workout routines, I had to constantly stop and switch out the weight plates between sets. Plus the amount of weights and the increments I could go up and down by were limited to the amount of plates that came with the set. This product however, makes an easy and quick job of switching out plates for different routines. Plus it goes up in 2.5 lb. increments so I can gradually work up to my goal lifting weight. The other benefit is that it doesn't clutter up my work out space. I have it placed against a wall, whereas before, I had to sack up the plates after the end of my work out so I wouldn't be tripping over the plates that were strewn about. I highly recommend it both to beginners as well as people who have been working out for a while.
jjm3fp on 05-08-2020
Work out in a smaller area

It's been almost a year since I purchased these dumbbells. I had begun the P90X program with elastic bands because I have a small area for my workout and could not see trying to squeeze in a full set of dumbbells. The bands are good but free weights are easier to use for many types of exercise so I bought these. I was a little concerned about dialing up the weight. I thought it would be an interruption or the mechanism would not hold up.I am pleased to report that they work great! Dialing up the weight is simple, reliable and handy. They take up 17x17 inches on the floor. They are easy to slide into and out of the cradles. It was a good investment.The down side is minor - since the discs are larger than traditional solid free weights, doing arm exercises such as crouching arm curls is a little tricky fitting them between the knees. Or triceps extensions overhead - they could hit your head if you are not paying attention (but so can regular weights). On the other hand, lying triceps extensions can be done with one weight by holding onto the outer rings.So, if you want to save space and save on shipping for all those individual free weights, this is the product.
Joanne Hirase on 06-08-2020
Great set of weights

My husband wanted a new, lighter weight set, and I didn’t want a rack of weights taking up space. He wasn’t sure that he would like these dumbbells, but has discovered that he loves them! One of the plates was a little stubborn at first, but after several uses, it comes right out.
kaz on 07-08-2020
I am happy I bought this

I am happy I bought this. I didn't think I would ever spend the money on dumbbells like this. I have a collection of dumbbells that I have been using for years and they went up to 20lbs. However I needed more and heavier weights and when I added up what else I would need for the future I was looking into a lot of money.However I must say the overall reason I went with this is safety. My dumbbells are on the floor (and yes I know I can buy a stand). I would drop them on the floor and grab another set. I would have to watch my footing so I did not trip over dumbbells on the floor.With these, when moving fast, I have to place them back into the slot and turn the knob quickly. After a while I am getting to do this faster.The only thing (and I already knew this when I bought them) is that they are much wider than a standard dumbbell. It takes a bit of getting used to.Other than that, I am happy with them.
Brent R. on 08-08-2020
These are awesome. Very sturdy construction that inspire confidence on the ...

These are awesome. Very sturdy construction that inspire confidence on the heavier settings. My brother owns the PowerBlock system and I'm not a fan because I never have gained full confidence that the flimsy rattly pin will not let lose when I'm throwing up heavier sets of benchpress. If you can relate to what I'm talking about, or just want the best product out there, look no further, these are absolutely perfect and worth every penny. They are also FAR quicker to switch between settings than the PowerBlock system.On a related note, I find that I use these much more frequently now that I bought the rack vs. when I had them sitting on the floor. Its as if its just a little bit too much additional effort/strain to have to bend all the way over to pick them up (especially on the heavier settings), but when they are right there sitting on the rack I find myself grabbing for them far more often.
ldanjr407 on 09-08-2020
Excellent Product

I have owned these dumbbells for nearly a month and a half and I am much happier with them than I expected to be. After all the different reviews I have read, I was concerned with the overall quality and durability. I will say that you really don't want to drop these dumbbells. They are not like the ones you find in the gym that are chunks of iron and virtually indestructible. These are more like a well-designed machine that should be used properly. I have read reviews saying that they're too big and bulky, but I haven't encountered any problems regarding the size of them. Some people have said that they don't go back in to the rack very well. Again, not true with mine. There is the off chance that I received a really good pair, but I'm never that lucky. Having a whole set of dumbbells that take up two square feet of floor space is hard to beat, and selecting the desired weight literally takes five seconds. I have used these dumbbells three times a week for six weeks and they work just as they did the day I removed them from the box.
James on 10-08-2020
these are great. As for reviews about these breaking

Wanted these for years but always got put off by some of the reviews. I got them to save space and to still be able to workout at home. I am in my 50's so I don't need huge weights anymore. I go for a higher rep more controlled workout. I've had them a few months and there's no complaints so far. There is a book and a decent workout DVD that come with the set, and I learned a few new tricks from the trainer on there. If you don't need to bench 300 pounds anymore and want to leave yourself no excuses for not working out, these are great. As for reviews about these breaking, as long as you don't throw them down like the steroid Bro's at the gym they will be fine.
Anya Kinsey on 11-08-2020
Excellent dumbell set

This set is very easy to use and a very competitive price compared to the alternative I was considering: Buying dumbells in 5lb increments from 5-50lb plus a rack to keep them all on. They take up much less room too. They are more versatile for increasing weight than standard weights in 5lb increments because they allow you to go up 2.5 lb at a time. As a petite woman, going up 5lb all at once for arm and shoulder moves would be too drastic. The weights are easier to adjust than other selectable weights I've tried at sporting goods stores. My only complaint (with these and all selectable weights) is that they are cumbersome to use for some moves. For instance, when doing squats I have to try to hold my arms out from my legs because the weights are so large side to side that they knock into my knees and hips otherwise. I also can't pull my arm up as high as I would like in a bent over row for the same reason. However these are issues for me even when using large single-weight dumbells, so I'm not sure that this is something I would consider a design flaw, which is why I still am giving them 5 stars. Highly recommend these weights.
Nicole Cravens on 12-08-2020
Such a space saver!

Love these! They are expensive, but worth not have weights everywhere. My husband and I both use them. They feel like a regular dumbbell with no movement restrictions. When using the lower weights they seem wide, because they can hold the heavier weights when needed. This is the only time you can tell a difference in these and regular dumbbells. They are very easy to use and adjust.
Navrin on 13-08-2020
Couldn't be happier

I am really surprised. I absolutely love these dumbells. The SelecTec is super easy to use and is a much needed space saver. Love these much better than the power block where my wrists felt trapped and the weights not as secure. With these, weights are locked tight and I can get a great workout. In very careful not to drop these, as there are warnings all over the place, but I haven't been dainty with them either and they seem very durable.
Leo on 24-06-2020
Awesome tools for building strength!

I’ve used these for P90X and P90X3 workouts for about eight months now and I’m glad I made the investment. They are a little awkward and might take some time to get used to at first, but they take up virtually no space in my cramped workout area, and deliver everything the company promises. Warning: don’t ever drop them. Handle these dumbbells like babies and set them back in their stands gently, and you’ll get years and years of use out of them.Also, they look great when displayed on the optional stand that’s sold separately.
Shez Gonzalez on 25-06-2020
Well Hello home workout

These weights have changed my workout routine. Instead of feeling regret when I cannot make it to the gym, I go downstairs hit the weights and feel just as much of a pump as I would in the gym. Convenient in size and selection. The stand is a must unless you want to do dumbbell squats every single time you go to pick them up. I also got the Bowflex adjustable bench and now I have a fully functional gym at my disposal in the comfort of my own home.
Rich M on 26-06-2020
A great organizer for a gym

The Select Tech is great way to organize your work out area. I bought it with the stand, which makes it even more convenient to access and store the weights All the weights are in one place, so you can get rid of the dumbbells on the floor where they are easy to trip over. Going from one weight to a heavier or lighter one takes about 3 seconds and is a breeze, far better than screwing and unscrewing collars or other mechanisms to hold weights on bars. The ease and speed of going from one weight to another allows you to follow P 90 x or other workout programs without stopping the disc. The quality of the system is superb; I've had the 552 for about 1 year with no problems, which included a cross country move by a commercial carrier, which they survived without a problem. Also, after a year's use, they still look new. For me, the 552 has sufficient weight for a good workout, and I seldom go to the maximum 52.5 lb setting. I bought the 552 and the stand on the recommendation of my son, who has one, and I ended up giving both as a Christmas present to my daughter and her husband, who love it. In my experience, this is a superb product with no downside.
draimer on 27-06-2020
The dumbbells like this that go up 52 lbs are fantastic and ...

The dumbbells like this that go up 52 lbs are fantastic and l9ng lasting as long as your not dropping them are smashing them together when you lift....the dumbbells that go up to 90lbs have a lot of problems even when careful... those are the ones that he locks stop holding on them. Just watch which ones your actually buying before you purchase. These one I love for home use on those days you just can’t get to the gym but you want to do some kind of workout when you have limited time

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