Adjustable Dumbbells-Pair 66 pounds for Two Dumbbells,Anti Rolling Fitness Dumbbells

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Good Material: Iron sand mixture for plates, PE material covered the surface; Hollow steel for main rod.

Various weights and secure screw collars: Our Dumbbells let you adjust the weight and try different combinations. Ideal for a total body workout, this dumbbell weight set is perfect for both upper and lower body building exercises.

Octagonal-shaped, Anti Rolling Design: The anti-rolling design prevent your floor from scratching. Non-slip grips create a comfortable handle that helps prevent your palms from blistering.

Easy use and storage: Compact size, easy to adjust weight by assembling or remove plates.

2 Set Dumbbells: 66 pounds for two dumbbells (33 pounds each), comes in one package, with four 4.4-pound plates, eight 5.5-pound plates. Four pcs of screw collars. Two black main rods (17.3" long) and one red connecting rod (4.3" long).


Size: 13.8-33.5 inches
Weight: 66 pounds
Color: Black and Red
Visit the Bowflex Store on 03-08-2020
Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds; adjusts in 2.5-pound increments up to the first 25 pounds
Lets you rapidly switch from one exercise to the next
Combines 15 sets of weights into one,

Bowflex SelectTech 552 - Two Adjustable Dumbbells Black, Red, Grey. Version 2, Medium
Knreynolds on 04-08-2020
I love this set of dumbbells

I love this set of dumbbells. However, I was a little hesitant to purchase due to some of the reviews. Some reviews were stating the dumbbells were difficult to put back into the stand. I did not find this to be true at all. It is pretty simple to put back in the stand without difficulty. I know people were also saying the price was too high. I disagree. The price was great. These are adjustable dumbbells that are made with great quality. I would not buy a product that was cheap because that informs me the product is made cheaply.My husband and I both use these dumbbells. As a military family who moves every 2-3 years, it is wonderful to not have to pack up an entire set of dumbbells and keep track of them during the move. My husband and I both have seen awesome results from these. When we change the weight on the dumbbells, it is a nice smooth transition. There is no harsh movement that you might have with other brands.The dumbbells do only go to 52.5 lbs. If you are looking for a set that is higher in weight, the ST1090 would be better for you. These are great for my husband and I right now. I am sure as my husband builds more muscle and becomes stronger, he will eventually need to upgrade to the ST1090 set.I am highly satisfied with this product. I recommend this to anyone who is a beginner to intermediate lifter.
Adam B on 05-08-2020
Home gym on a budget

I've been using these for over a year now and they have served me very well. You just have to understand their limitations- the main one being that you don't want to drop them on the floor. The other is that the max weight is 52.5 lbs. So yes, if you're very strong and you like going to failure, you might be a little disappointed. However, if you're an average person like me and just want to get in a decent home workout, these could be perfect for you.The adjustment mechanism is easy to use and the weight increments make a lot of sense. They start out with 2.5-lb increases with the lower weights and jump up to 5-lb increases at the higher end. You can do anything you would do with normal dumbbells- bench presses, shoulder presses, curls, triceps extensions, rows, flys, lunges, etc.The plates do move around a little bit, which can be scary at first. However, I've never had one fall out on me and over time you will develop trust in the equipment. I do feel like they aren't perfectly evenly weighted, meaning that you'll want the two red bar things aligned when you're doing your exercises. Maybe that's all in my head.In my mind those things are a small price to pay for the space and money you save with these. Here's my setup- I have a squat rack and associated bar/plates for heavy, going-to-failure type of workouts and then I have these in the corner for high-rep stuff or for when I'm not going to failure and don't feel like swapping out plates all the time. Yes, I know that's a weird, lazy thing to avoid when I'm trying to work out, but that's how the human mind works sometimes. These really make my home gym a lot more versatile and they take up almost no space.The price may seem high at first, but you just have to think about how much it would cost to buy all the dumbbells you would want. Then you might buy something like a 12.5-lb dumbbell not knowing if you'll ever actually use that one or not. Also, think about how much a monthly gym membership costs, plus the associated transportation. Not to mention the time wasted going back and forth to the gym. If you get these plus a good quality bench (don't go cheap on the bench), you're going to be able to stay in shape if you're motivated to do so.
Tom Mac on 06-08-2020
Great weights for $300. Not sure about $1500.

I purchased these in 2018 for $299. Use them all the time, they are well made and work great. But at the pandemic price of $1500??? That’s crazy!
Andrew&Andrea on 07-08-2020
Love the product.... not happy with the price gauging

I bought these for $279 Jan. 2020And now they’re $1200?!That sucks.But overall I’m am happy with my purchase. Don’t buy here for that price people. Good luck!
theutopianking on 08-08-2020
Bought in 2014 for $299.00

Please do not buy these for over $300. Great product, but at current CV-19 prices, I would recommend you get creative and find other methods for strength training.
Home is Where the Heart Is on 09-08-2020
Great home gym essential

This product is a great addition to your home gym. However, I purchased this for $300 in 2017. Now with COVID-19, the price has jumped up to $1300...insane!
guilherme gomez on 10-08-2020
Holy moly

Glad I bought this when I did. 236$ plus tax and prime shipping. Now its 1,100$ plus 70$ shipping, maybe cuz of the coro a virus, everyone wants these. Haha great, but it's not 1,200$ great.
John Connolly on 11-08-2020
Home Gym Success

I bought these in January and have been using them about 5 days a week, on average. We moved out of an apartment that had a gym into a house, so these have enabled me to use a little space in the garage to keep my workouts up without the gym costs and shared equipment. With the cost of some gyms near $100/Mo, these along with a bench, pull up bar, and other basic equipment can start saving you money after less than a year. Aside from a cable machine and a few machines for legs, I can't say I miss the gym at all - these are great!
moving stranger on 12-08-2020
Solid, easy to use and ingenious!

I was a little nervous about purchasing these due to some of the reviews cautioning about fragility and size, but I knew I wanted adjustable dumbbells as I don't have room at home for a weight rack. How would I wrangle them? Well, I'm here to say these dumbbells are PERFECT. I didn't have to worry. First, they were packed insanely well. Second, for me they are very easy to adjust and use. Using the dials is easy and using the weights is no problem. The dumbbell length does not inhibit me in any way. It's thrilling to have such a range of weight in a compact form. I would caution about putting the weights back into the base when done. Just be careful is all. These, as others have said, are probably not weights to throw around. This is one of the best investments I've made. Thanks Bowflex!
James Allison on 13-08-2020
1500$!!!!!!! You crazy!

So 5 stars because I love these adjustable dumbbells! But the fact they are selling for 1500$ currently a 5X mark up from the bowflex Official sight is highway robbery! Amazon you’re on drugs you think I’m paying that much!
Casey on 24-06-2020
Great weights that work even better!

Perfect for the people who don’t want a lot of clutter or don’t have a lot of room for a full set! Of course, these are way bulkier than “normal” weights. But they work perfect for what I needed! The quality is outstanding, they work perfectly and the transition for different weights is next to flawless. My only gripe is the strap that holds them in place. It’s a weird class that screws together. I understand that it needed to be extra sturdy, but it’s not something you can just do and undo quickly. But my weights aren’t going anywhere so not a big deal. The supplemental app that has workouts designed is great too as I know nothing about workouts for weights so that was a big plus!
Cindy M. on 25-06-2020

LOVE LOVE LOVE these dumbbells!!! Oh My !! I have waited for a year, then Amazon had a coupon and that was it! I live in a small trailer, perfect for small areas. Super smooth, comfort grip, can't say enough good. I am 61 yrs female, been lifting for +40 years and these are one of the best investments I have made. I have kettlebells, bands, etc., my weight lifting will go to a new level this year! I was ready for 25lb'ers and instead of wasting money and space, I got these. I went with BowFlex, I don't want a plate to slip off and cause injury, I trust their name. They ARE a little big and you have a learning curve with these, but just after one week, I'm using them in all my routines.
Ashlee M. Simons on 26-06-2020
Weights = lose some fat!

Pros-easy to use! They are fast to adjust the weight, They go up in 2.5 lb increments, which means I have a lot of variability in my work out , I ordered the 50 pound ones so that I would not outgrow them quickly I will have these weights for a long time!! It was an amazing purchase to my home gym!! I watched a YouTube video on how to fix the weights if they get stuck on a certain weight watch a couple YouTube videos on these weights that will really help you understand how the mechanics work !!Cons- they are pricey! Probably more so than even all the free weights separately! But you are saving on space! You really need to stand with these weights probably the biggest reason is for safety reasons so you don’t hurt your back otherwise they need to be off the ground if you don’t have the stand with it. The problem with the stand is a little complicated to put together I was able to do it in probably about 45 minutes. But after having them for about 5-6 months I’m really happy I bought the stand!Biggest Pro! I started lifting heavy like I’m not doing a hit workout with at least a 15 pound something in my hand and I have decreased my body fat percentage by 4% And gained five lb of muscle and for a woman in nine weeks that’s some results!
HappyUser on 27-06-2020

WOW!! These 552 dumbbells are simply GREAT!!! UPS beat the crap out of the 120 lb. box (as usual), but the dumbbells came VERY well packed in thick styrofoam!!Worked with them for about an hour, and what a pleasure!! I was a little worried after reading the scattered review comments of them being "too long" ... I did NOT find this to be the case, whether doing stand-up curls, above-head presses, or anything else I tried (flat and inclined), so I guess it just comes down to personal tastes.Functioned PERFECTLY! ... Switching weights for different exercises took literally took 30 (+/-) seconds!! I don't have the room for the Bowflex Dumbbell Stand, otherwise I would have purchased that too ... but I have placed them on the floor on either side of my dumbbell bench. Even though Amazon's price beat EVERYONE else's by a lot, I was still concerned about the price ... but it looks like they are definitely worth it!!If I may make three suggestions: 1) Read the "Owner's Manual" BEFORE unpacking the box - it's right on top! You will be glad you did. 2) When changing weight settings, don't spin the dials like a mad slot machine player - rather hear the "click" of each individual setting while carefully turning the dial to your desired setting. 3) Finally, DO NOT DROP THEM!!!I am counting on these dumbbells to remain durable/functional for years to come.So far, I am seriously satisfied!

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