Portable Multi-Sport Hitting Net for Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Golf, Cricket & Tennis[7’ x 7’]

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Designed to deliver world-class durability, this pop-up golf hitting net features a combination of high-quality materials. The base, which provides exceptional stability thanks to its button locking system, is made using heavy-duty steel whilst the support poles have been created using super-durable fiberglass. The netting, which will easily cope with fiercely struck golf balls, features a 20mm square mesh to absorb all kinds of impacts. An excellent addition to the backyard & golf club, this high-quality hitting net will help transform your long-hitting game.


7ft x 7ft Portable Golf Hitting Net
100% portable thanks to lightweight nature
Super durable frame features a steel base with fiberglass poles
Frame comes with button locking system for supreme stability
Ultra-strong netting created with a 20mm square mesh
Pop-up design allows for super quick assembly
Carry bag included for easy storage & portability
danchise on 04-08-2020
Great quality, outstanding value

If you are considering similar, more expensive nets, I would 100% recommend this against any other net with similar specs. For under $100 the quality is outstanding, after hitting 1000s of shots there are no signs of wear. I expect several years of usage. SETUP, once you’ve done it a couple times it takes no more than 5 minutes to take everything out of the bag and assemble. It takes even less time to take it down and pack it up. Everything clicks into place and fits together nicely. I haven’t found the need to use the provided stakes. Setup/takedown is so simple that I will break it down after each use for storage in an outdoor backyard bin. The convenience alone is worth the purchase, because sometimes you just dont feel like driving 10 minutes to the range. If I’m sitting on my couch and get the urge to practice, I’m hitting in 5 minutes. Get some impact tape, download an app to record swings and you really can complete some effective training. I paired with a high-quality mat (Country Club Elite) and I honestly have very little desire to leave my home for the driving range ever again. I have the net setup 2-3 ft in front of me and I can hit every club in my bag. Full swing lob wedges will strike the very top of the net, but I haven’t had one get away from me yet. The moveable target is a nice touch to help concentrate on ball path.
Bob Jones on 05-08-2020
Light weight but very sturdy; cheap target snaps failed completely; makes target uselessl

I have owned another practice net of different design in the past and was hesitant to try another. The first one was a nightmare in every aspect. I decide to try this design (which is offered by multiple sellers under different brand names) since the return policy is generous. The quality of materials is excellent, the assembly/disassembly is easy to learn and perform. I waited to write a report until the net had some "mileage" on it. There is absolutely no signs of wear nor any breakage. I'm not sure what the "ball return feature" is supposed to be. It is true that most shots are reflected or rebounded toward the hitter just because of the drapeing of the net but not always. I often have to retrieve the wooden tee that I use if it goes into the net. I built a platform that utilizes a mat that will take a normal tee. It's pretty hot if I do say so myself. The target has been hit hundreds of times and doesn't even show signs of use, let alone wear. As I understand, the net has a lifetime guarantee but as of yet there are no flaws in the net. The only thing that I would say is a negative is that the price, even though it is still well below other brands of similar design, has risen by quite a lot since I bought mine. In August of this year I paid $74.00, it now goes for $99.49. At that price I still consider it a good buy. Just lucky me I guess. I suppose that the snaps on the target could be a little better as they will come undone sometimes but not often enough to bring my rating down. Buy one, you'll like it.
Angstly on 06-08-2020
Good net at excellent price.

Using for backyard practice. I wanted a net that I could put up and take down easily I was going to get one of the triangular net that folds into a circle, but read about too many instances where the fiberglass gets twisted making it difficult to fold. So, I gave this one a try. Got it yesterday and practiced for an hour.It is easy to put up once you familiarize yourself with the components. Surprisingly, it was very easy to take down. The net works very well to contain shots from any club, driver included. There is no real ball return feature if the net is placed on grass, but I hit the shots in fairly close proximity to the net, so that wasn't a problem. The balls stay at the bottom of the net at being hit. If you put the net indoors or on concrete, the balls will come back to you.The frame of the hitting net has metal components, so it is very sturdy. It comes with U-shaped rods for stability, but I didn't need them. The net does not go anywhere. It took less that five minutes to disassemble, the same for assembly. The netting appears to be very sound and should last a long time. I do not know how the netting would fare if left in the elements for a protracted period. Since i have dogs and also various varmints like chipmunks, I don't plan to leave it out. All in all, I think it is a great price for a solid net. I will update as time passes, if my opinion changes.
Icebey on 07-08-2020
Amazing product

I am so glad that I made this purchase! I'm a beginning golfer who doesn't want to continue paying $20 for a bucket of balls at the golf course. I watched some videos and then head to the garage to practice. This was a great investment and I recommend it to ANYONE. I purchase the recommended extra net to extend the life of the main net. I'm only hitting with yellow foam balls that I purchase on Amazon and they are perfect for now. Once I get better, I'll attach the other net and start hitting regular golf balls. Note: I purchased the larger net because I failed to measure my garage, so I took out one pole so that it would fit in my one car garage straight on instead of angled. It works perfectly either way. Get yours today!Update:I saved so much money by not having to go to the golf range because of this practice net and it's helped me to be more consistent in hitting the ball. I am so happy with this purchase.
Mark Smith on 08-08-2020
Amazing quality and easy setup for the money!

I purchased this net in June and have hit nothing but 7-irons into it day after day. I would conservatively estimate I’ve hit 5,000 balls into the net, and 99% of them in a 9” diameter area. I have a ~116mph ball speed with my 7-iron.Finally, after 4 months and 5,000 shots in basically the exact same spot, it tore. That is pretty impressive quality if you ask me.- It wouldn’t have ripped if I ever switched clubs- It wouldn’t have ripped if I ever just adjusted my aim slightly over- It is still completely usable. I just aim slightly left. Also, would take maybe 5 minutes to patch.I highly recommend.Oh, and it takes maybe 2 minutes to be fully set up and hitting. For the money you can’t possibly beat this net.
B. Wood on 09-08-2020
Good product. Easy setup.

I can’t speak to the longevity of the product yet, but it seems stout enough. Super easy to put together, even first time. No tools, no mystery. Wife helped, but wasn’t necessary. East for one person. Net is set up so it collects the balls for easy pickup. I wouldn’t go as far to say it returns the ball to you, but they are right there for you to grabEven though you cant tell if you hit a fade or draw, it’s still a great way to work on ball contact. And you know by sound and feel if you got the ball well. True hooks and slices are obvious, so that’s no problem. Very pleased.
magnus3rd on 10-08-2020
Awesome Hitting Net

I think this is one of the best purchases I have made in a while. I can't believe how much I want to hit into this thing. It is so easy to setup and take down. I leave it up for days at the house. Makes it so easy to get some swings in and not have to make a big production out of it. I got one of the mats to go with it. I love my setup. Range always has its place, but to keep loose and get your swings in, this is it.Well made item. The net is not knotted. The base it very solid. Poles are beefy. I am happy with everything about it. I would say I have hit 1K balls at it and it still looks new. Price is right if you ask me. I will have this for along time.
Amanda M on 11-08-2020

This happens to be the 3rd Go Sports item that we have purchased. We didn't go looking for these items by brand, it just happens that when we opened the box, we saw the label. They are high quality products that have GREAT instructions and bags to hold all of the parts and pieces. They are reasonably priced and fun to use.This net is large and works well with the low flight golf balls that we bought with this net (also from Go Sports). There is also a target that you can add to the net. Both my husband and son LOVE this and they have commented that it is a great practice net for full swing golf practice.Highly recommend!
Richard L. on 12-08-2020

Purchasing this net was a great idea. It’s very tough and literally takes two minutes to assemble (I timed myself on video). I live in Vegas and we get tons of wind here in the valley, this net hasn’t budged an inch. I see reviews that mention it’s not durable and they’re getting holes. While I’m not one of the hardest hitters out there with a driver club head speed at only 100mph, it’s been safe for me, so I can personally disagree with their findings.The reason I like this net compared to your average net is this.... my back yard is half artificial grass and half putting green. Obviously I have nowhere I can use stakes to keep the mat down. I read that you don’t have to use stakes with this net and that’s what sold me. It’s more than sturdy enough without stakes.The only con to this net (which isn’t really a con, but more of a suggestion to the company) is to make the target a bit bigger, a lot of golfers hit the ball really hard and may worry that the ball will fly through the net and snipe someone or hit a house. I feel having a bigger target would be more rest assured added protection for the golfer.
Andrew Courtney on 13-08-2020
Awesome Practice Net - Great Value!

Great practice net. Easy to assemble and quick to take down. Fantastic design that doesn’t take up too much space if you want to keep up all the time. This net handles driver swings with ease even in a small space in my garage and is large enough that even the occasional shank cannot escape it. Glad I chose this net over the higher priced comparable products, high quality. Packaging very nice and seller was quick shipper.
Matt on 24-06-2020
Much better than expected!

For the price this is a nice net! I really didn't expect this much since there seems to be other nets with similar designs that are being sold for sometimes quite a bit more. This feels well made and it went together smoothly and easily.A number of years ago I had a net that was stretched taut across the back with a little target hanging loosely in the middle. It only took a couple of months for balls to start breaking through where I would miss the target and hit the tightly-stretched net behind.This net is designed so that the entire back of the net where you're hitting is loose enough that it absorbs the impact of the ball extremely well. I've only had it a day but I have a feeling it's going to hold up very well to lots of use. It's wide enough that even a couple balls off the hosel didn't get past it but not tall enough that I would feel comfortable hitting a sand wedge into it. Overall, it's a very good value!UPDATE: After more than a year, I left my net up overnight and a wind storm blew through the area. The base piece where the upright pole attaches broke at the weld. I contacted the company about a replacement part, letting them know that it was my stupid fault that it broke and that I would be happy to pay for the part and shipping. THEY SHIPPED ME THE NEW PART AT NO COST TO ME! HOLY COW! That’s just fantastic service! I can’t recommend this net enough!
Adam on 25-06-2020
Great backyard net

I bought this at the beginning of quarantine to ease my golf itch and it has held up great. Super easy to assemble/disassemble and has a nice weight to it. I live in an area that frequently sees 15mph+ winds and it has only fallen over once, and that's because I don't put the ground pegs in. Balls have only come back my direction from me standing too close, give yourself enough space for your follow through and you'll have no problems. The only struggle is hitting full wedges into it, I can't hit above a 52 degree wedge without getting uncomfortably close to flying over the net. I'd say it's perfect for full shots of driver through pitching wedge though, assuming you don't have a 200mph ball speed like Bryson
PC Pilot on 26-06-2020
Great Practice Net

I wanted to be able to use this in my garage and found this to be the perfect size. It takes 5 minutes to assemble or take down the net and is very well made. I only use foam balls, so I'm not sure about the long-term durability if you use real golf balls. I also bought the Galileo Golf Target Golf Training Aids Practice Target Backyard Driving Backstop Circle Style Target 5x6FT that you see in the photo and I love it. It's great to have a target to aim at and it's very durable. I bought a Rukket Sports Haack Pro hitting net but returned it because it was too big for the garage. The GoSports is the same quality of framing as the Haack Pro. The net seems to be more heavy duty on the Rukket. I bought the Rukket directly from them and was disappointed with the Customer Service. When I returned the net for a refund that they said they'd process right away, I finally got a refund after 3 months going through my credit card company's complaint process.
Amazon Customer on 27-06-2020
Impressed with quality.

Nearly half price of comparable products. While I've never owned any of the other $80 - $200 nets, I did read nearly every review on all of them. Each one had numerous complaints about the net longevity. I've only had this for a handful of uses, the net seems fine but also looks to be made of material that likely gets brittle when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time- as I suspect every other cheaper net does. I plan on breaking this down after each use and expect to get years of use out of it. Large net, easy to assemble and works for both softballs and golf balls . Build quality seems very sturdy.
Beth Greene on 28-06-2020
Thank You GoSports

Since all golf courses and driving ranges are closed I have been swings a club inside using my carpet as a mat, no ball, just swinging. I have been watching the widow waiting for UPS to arrive with my net and mat and they came today. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. So easy to put together and take down. I put it in my bedroom first but it did hit the ceiling with one swing so took it apart, put it back in the bag (yes, fit easily back in) and took it outside. Was a piece of cake. Seems very durable, I did buy the extra net just in case. Definitely worth every penny!

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