6.6 FT Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit, Easy to Install, Perfect for Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Fit 1 3/8"-1 3/4" Thickness Door Panel, Black

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High Strength: Safety is our first consideration in design. The rail and hangers are crafted from heavy duty 1/4 inch thick carbon steel can hold max 220lbs door. High Quality Steel in High Temperature Fine Black Powder Coated Surface ensures anti-corrosion and years of beauty and longevity.

Easy to Install: The package includes the necessary installation parts (NOT cluding the door). You can complete the installation of the sliding born door track according to the installation instructions, saving the cost of finding a professional carpenter or decoration team. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Wide Applicability: Suitable for indoor decoration in kitchen, bedroom, dressing room, club, pub and so on; waterproof and rust resistant tract kit also a nice door accessory for barns, garages, stables, etc.

Package Includes:

2x Rails(6.6ft)
2x Roller
2x Door Stopper
2x Anti Jumpers
1x Floor Guide
1x Installation
5x Rail Spacers
Installation Screws
Pre-install Notice:

Only the hardware is for sale, doors are not included.
The hardware package has lag bolts for wooden wall/drywall/concrete wall.
Our sliding barn door hardware kit is compatible with door thickness from 1 3/8 inches to 1 3/4 inches.
If you have a door trim, you’d better put a header board that is as thick as the trim and then attach the rail to the header board.
You need to have at least 5 inches of space between the top of the door to the ceiling to accommodate the hardware.
We use two hangers to hold one door. For a single door kit, there will be two hangers in the package. For a double door kit, there will be four hangers. If you have a door that is either too wide or too heavy, then you can purchase additional hangers for that door.
6.6 FT Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit, Easy to Install, Perfect for Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Fit 1 3/8"-1 3/4" Thickness Door Panel, Black
aaluck on 03-08-2020
Unreal quality for the price

Very, very rarely do I give a 5 star review, but this product deserves 6 stars. First off, the quality is that of any $200-$300 kit you would buy at a home improvement store. The rails are straight and sturdy and powder coated. The bearings are smooth. I have used two of these now and they work great. Installation is straightforward and simple. One thing I have noticed in other reviews is folks commenting on the door bumping as you roll it....if your door bumps you have the rail spacers backwards, the fat side goes to the wall, not the rail (see the photo).
Kari Anne on 04-08-2020
Great quality at a fraction of the price!!!

Just got done installing this and I have to say it went up really well. This is a high quality product at a fraction of the price of a similar one at my local big box (blue) home improvement store.The materials are heavy and appear well made and all parts were present.Important things to note:1. The rail is solid metal and comes in two sections with a strange connecting point that runs through the center mounting hole.2. Wheels are heavy nylon and operate smoothly and quietly.3. You HAVE to follow the directions and read the footnotes carefully. Mine stated it is highly recommend to mount the rail system to a 1x4 ledger board( not included) that has been attached to studs because while the holes are 16” apart they may not line up with your wall studs. I did this and it worked great. Also make sure to follow the measurements for the mounting height of the rail and the wheels and it gives you a nice floor and rail clearance.4. I didn’t have any problems with the lag screws breaking as long as you drill suitable pilot holes.5. I didn’t have any problem mounting the rail or keeping it level even though it is two pieces. I found a small nut and bolt and temporarily attached the two pieces together as I leveled and mounted it as one solid piece. My opening was smaller then 6.6 ft so I did need to cut the rail to fit.The only complaint I have, and it’s a small one, is that the set screws that’s hold the bumpers in place are too small and don’t adequately hold them in place.I will be ordering another for our next remodel project.
Lucas P. on 05-08-2020
Great hardware for the money

Works perfectly, I'm a cabinetmaker and build quite a bit of barn doors. This is the fourth project I used this hardware on and have had zero issues. For the price this is an excellent choice
J.Dibs on 06-08-2020
Amazing!!!! You will NOT be disappointed!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I am so happy with this rail and how heavy duty and well made it is! It’s perfectly priced!!I have never built a door or hung barn rails before so I was a little nervous togive it a try! I found the directions to be crystal clear and loved that it came with bolts for a 1 inch or a 2 inch door!It also came with a sway stopper that goes up the middle of the door to stop it from swaying in and out. I didn’t have the right tools to cut up the middle of the door so I screwed the sway stopper into the floor in front of the door to stop it from swaying out. You can see it in the picture. I only added one screw and it hold the door in place perfectly!The rail actually comes in two pieces which at first I was not sure if I would like that however after it’s together you are not able to tell at all that it came in two pieces!It glides smoothly and quietly across the rail with ease!We attached a board to the back because we did not have enough clearance above the door to add the rail.I am over all so happy with this purchase that we have already purchased another one and I have sent many people from our area here to order as well!!
Christina M Worm on 07-08-2020
Easy to install

I would buy again. Good quality. I didn't think about the max thickness of the door the included screws support (1 3/4). Built my own door, and it was thicker so I just went to Lowes and purchased longer bolts. No big deal. If I had to do it again, I would have had a helper to assist me in keeping the bar level. Most of the troubles I had were due to human error. The quality is great for the price. I purchased a different floor roller on Amazon, instead of cutting a groove into the bottom of the door. Didn't have the right tools to cut the groove.
Donald S. Waller on 08-08-2020
Looks Great

This door hardware worked great for my project finishing a room in my basement. See photos.I did buy special hardware to keep the door in place, see second photo. The guide post that came with this was not up to it. See my other review. A couple of notes for others doing a project like this, I would raise the bar 2 and 1/2 inches above the door opening at least. There is a little gap at the top at 2 inches which I did per the instructions.Also, the bar is difficult to get 100 percent level. I came close, but when it was open it would roll over a few inches closed, annoyed me. I fixed that by opening the door, the putting a just a few small pieces of black electrical tape on the bar to keep the door from moving when open. Can't see it at all and worked great.Over all very happy with this product. Took me a few hours over a couple of Saturdays to do this. No problems.
chet rodell on 09-08-2020
Great hardware dont waste your money on more expensive products.

Excellent product. Very smooth rollers, nothing stripped. Ordered hardware, built doors by the time the hardware arrived. Installation took about 4 hours for both doors. By adding a 3/4 inch strip between the wall it offset the 2 1/4 inch thick door perfectly from the trim below. I had to countersink the bolts on the back side to make it fit the door width. I used 2 kits to make 2 4 foot wide doors slide with individual stoppers it worked fine. I cut a thin strip off the top of one of my panels to make it fit as you can see from the picture. But if I would have installed the rail closer to the bottom of the spacer strip i would not have had to do this.
Just A Couple on 10-08-2020
Awesome! Super Duper Quality & Functionally! See Video Inside!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. PERFECT! Awesome packaging, Awesome Quality! Looks nice and is super quiet! Awesome buy highly recommend! See my posted video review on the hardware ?? ???? Please don't forget to hit Like/Helpful button!!! Update: I hope the posted video quality has come out good? I see from reviewing my video here looks a bit pixelated and not sure what bc I recorded it in HD 1080p. I think the Compression upon uploading here to amazon might have taken the quality from it..if it keeps happening I might upload to a YouTube account and share the links here! Any questions about the hardware kit pls email me my email is under our profile! Have a great week!
A_Belle on 11-08-2020
Sturdy, easy to install - don't be fooled by the low price

This kit was perfect for adding a barn door to one of our closets. It came in a heavy narrow box just over 3ft long - so the main bar is in two sections that snap together. It is solid and sturdy - we weren't sure what to expect for the price the day we ordered it. We were pleasantly surprised. :) For our project, it was a 24" opening where we salvaged the original closet door (removed hinges) and repurposed as a barn door. We actually cut one of the 3 foot bars shorter to make it fit better in our room so we didn't have an extra foot or so of length off the end that we didn't need. We've received several comments from friends - they didn't know we cut it shorter. Be sure to install it with a header board. The kit comes with everything you need to install it except the screws/anchors/lag bolts you use to intall the header. Most big box home improvement stores sell similar kits for over $100. This was perfect for the price savings and got the job done.
Oz in Oregon on 12-08-2020
Great product - worked prefectly.

Perfect. Installed the door this afternoon. Ran into the usual problems: the walls were neither plumb nor plane, the door opening was flush against a wall so there was no room to put a door stop on the rail, there was trim on the opening that the door ran against, studs weren't where they should have been, etc. Despite that the installation was smooth, and I could adapt the product easily. I found the instructions clear and accurate. All the hardware needed (plus lots more) was supplied, and it all fit perfectly. Good heavy metal. I'd buy it again if I ever need to hang another door.
kissnrain on 13-08-2020
Love it!

Our bathroom has a 24” doorway. Builders! You couldn’t spare another 6 inches?! We hated the bathroom because of this. The door swings open between the sink and toilet and we had to walk around it to get to the closet. Not nice when getting ready for work in the morning. The barn door has made our lives better and us much less crabby.The hardware is pretty and sturdy and heavy. It was a bit fiddley installing since the 16” holes don’t line up with the studs. We had to use a 1”x4” board begins it. We were able to line up one bar hole with a stud and cut the ends of the bar to fit for our 30” door.All in all, the door is very sturdy and pretty. It really makes the room.
Sarah Culp on 24-06-2020
Easy to use and looks great!

Pretty easy to use. We put a board behind the hardware so we could drill the holes for the screws anywhere and didn't have to line up the studs. That, mixed with our diy barn-style door, I love the look! I would highly recommend.
tim on 25-06-2020
Good price and easy install

Do what the others reccomend:1. Install the header board2. Go ahead and buy a seperate floor guide... you will buy it eventuallyA seperate handle is not necessary depending on how your door is designed. But, I expect you will also need to go ahead and buy it.Easy to install if you are used to using drills and measuring carefully. Follow the measurement guides that they include and you should be fine. My door was heavy and was not easy to weild around by myself... but still dooable.Good purchase and would do it again with no concerns.
Amazon Customer on 26-06-2020

I could have used these on 200lbs or heavier set of 4in thick solid wood barn doors if I wanted. Just that durable. Instead, I did have a 3 in. thick slightly smaller than reg. size door I built for a shed. I wanted to make it a "sliding" type door since the space of the shed faces adjacent neighbor's property, and a regular open/close type door just wouldn't work. Everything with this product is heavy duty. You can go to the hardware store and swap out wood screws that come with this product for bolts. Also, the rail bar comes with user set rubber "stoppers" so a floor stopper separate purchase is unnecessary. Instructions are a little "Chinese'ish" in English, but the diagrams are spot on pretty effortless in set up. Since these are so heavy duty, only advice I would have is seriously examine whether your product/door will hold up using wood screws (packaged w/product) or be on safe side and securely bolt the door metal hangars to the door instead. All wood screws come with a rated max. weight limit. Leave that to you and your own project. Very happy here w/the result. Only drawback is, as durable as the black paint coat is, if the metal does scratch and I mounted mine outdoors, the metal does quickly show signs of rust.
DCS on 27-06-2020
High quality barn door hanger

This is a high quality product and strong. The steel rails are heavy and the rollers are smooth as butter. I had to make my own door. It is 72” by 43 1/2” and it worked perfectly and it rolls with a slight touch. My package did not have the connector for connecting the rails to hang them. I found you do not need it. The rails are heavy so I just found where I wanted to put them and put a small line to mark the location. I then used a four foot level to mark along my header where I wanted them. I then put one of the rails up along my lines and marked the holes. I then drilled small holes and then used the lag screws to temporarily hold up one section, just putting the stew in the header to hold the rail securely . I was then able to put the other section up and lock them together. I did not realize that where the two rails lock together there is a hole for a lag screw that holds these 2 rails together, very good design. I then marked the holes for the second section and drilled the holes. Then I just took it down and put up each section with the spacers and made sure it was all level as I tightened everything down.I also ordered a handle and bottom door roller from Amazon. The one included would not work with my carpet and concrete floor, easier to order something better and with the price of this great product it is no problem and still a fantastic bargain.

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