Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill Portable Walking Running Cardio Exercise Fitness Home Gym Black

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You are viewing our Murtisol Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill Machine 1100W Portable LCD Displayer Walking Running Cardio Exercise Fitness Home Gym Black.Give your cardio more variety by switching amongst three different workout presets or manually adjusting the speed anywhere from 0.8 to 10 mph. Make the most out of your workouts and mix things up by alternating time and speed intensity. Multi-grip ergonomic handlebar designed for many types of hand and grip positions for maximum comfort.Excellent deck provides good cushioning for ankle, back and knee joints which helping your muscles recover faster from workout.Built-in storage conveniently holds loose items. Store up to two water bottles in the provided cup holders.Keep tablets, books, phones, and other accessories out of the way but close enough in proximity so that you can still reach them when you need them.This treadmill can be stored in closets, under beds,or against a wall to utilize minimal space.

Protect the knees and ankles
LCD Displayer display: Heart rate, scan, speed, distance, time and calories.
Multi-grip ergonomic handlebar
Three modes:Time Decrease, Distance Decrease, Calories Decrease
Adjustable Speed: 0.8KM/H - 10.0KM/H.
Emergency stop button
2 Items holders.Convenient for books, phones,cups
Material: Heavy-duty steel (frame); ABS (control panel); PVC (running belt)
Max Capacity: 220LBS
Foldable,Easy to store
Product Size: 53.15“ * 45.87” * 24.4“
Folded Size :24.4“ * 24.4” * 48.22“
Runway Size:39.4"x 13.4"
Rated Voltage: 110V
Rated Frequency: 60HZ
Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill Portable Walking Running Cardio Exercise Fitness Home Gym Black

Genie Mergard on 21-09-2020
Really consider paying for that installation...

This is a GREAT treadmill! I am really enjoying it. I have recommended this treadmill to many friends and family. With my recommendation I suggest paying for the installation. The packaging is extremely heavy. As other's said, the box was beat up upon arrival and it was not the shipper's fault. I thoroughly inspected each piece and found everything to be in good and safe condition. I am generally able to assemble big items together on my own and move heavy furniture on my own. Getting this down into my basement and assembling it on my own really made me question my life choices. I should have had another adult around for safety reasons. If you have to guide it up or down stairs, or cannot lift items 50lbs or heavier on your own you should really pay someone to help you put this together - even if it is friend, pay them some how because this thing is a job. Very worth the hassle because it works great!
Yvonne on 24-09-2020
Everything Works Great

It took a little while (almost 3 hours) to get it set up but it was worth the effort. The feature I like most about it is; I can see the trainers walking ahead of me and if they go too fast, I can adjust the speed to my convenience. What I also like is the volume, I can turn the sound off or on. While off, I can watch TV without getting distracted. The areas which the trainers show around the world are very exciting and interesting to view. They show me places where I have never been but would like to visit. The free IFIT membership does wonders for me because they have training programs that suit every need, even live. Especially for me to lose weight while walking, jogging or running which is much healthier than going outside to do the same.
KCReader on 28-09-2020
Great treadmill! (Bypass monthly subscription)

Bought this about six months ago and LOVE it! I assembled it myself and it probably took a few hours, but it can be done with one person, although it would be easier with two. Also, the instructions claim that the treadmill is "locked" and must be "registered" and when you go to register it, they'll insist that you sign up for a monthly subscription program with various workouts, etc, for an additional monthly cost. I didn't want this, so I contacted them and learned that if you turn on the treadmill and hold down on the ifit button for 20 seconds, it'll unlock your treadmill and you can use freely. Enjoy!
Ryan Nunez on 30-09-2020
Great Purchase! Exceeded My Expectations!

I purchased this treadmill because I'm not comfortable going to the gym anymore due to the pandemic. As a Type 1 diabetic with other health conditions that place me in the "high risk" category, I just can't risk it. So, I turned my third bedroom into an in-home gym with an elliptical, treadmill, and weights. This particular NordikTrack model (around $800) was steeply discounted as the newer version (around $1,200) recently came out. This is a substantial machine. Not the least bit flimsy or cheap feeling. I can't speak to the ease or difficulty of assembly as I hired someone to put it together for me, but the treadmill arrived in perfect condition (no cracks, dents, or scratches) and functions like a dream. Thanks to the reviews I read before making my purchase, I was able to bypass the iFit registration frustration others warned about. It's true; if you hold the iFit button for 30 seconds, you can bypass the iFit registration trap and immediately begin using your treadmill. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase! This treadmill is well worth the money.
Matt on 02-10-2020
A solid piece of equipment

I’ve been using this machine for a while now, and so far - no complaints. It does what it’s supposed to do, and while it is relatively new, it seems to function as a reliable piece of equipment. I’ve not owned any other treadmill before this one, but I’ve used a few in the gym. The comfort level on this one is pretty similar to the gym ones. It has enough room for a tall person no to feel confined. The only comment that I’d have for the manufacturer is that the heart rate monitor is located not on the side bars that you’d use to put your hands on, but on the bar that’s right under the control panel, and, at least, for a tall person they aren’t located conveniently, but rather too low. I don’t really use it for this reason, although I would if they were located on side bars. Other than that - it seems like a very solid piece of exercising equipment, and I do enjoy using it so far!
Charlene D. Burroughs on 04-10-2020
Nordic Track Treadmill works great!

I am lucky to have a husband who is very handy and savvy about putting things together. In reviews we read, someone mentioned putting the treadmill together in half an hour. I would say that was pretty optimistic. We spent the better part of the day on assembly.Once the Nordic Track was working, it was squeaking very loudly. We contacted the service number and received timely help from a representative. Within a few days we had received a replacement roller and silicon lubricant. The annoying squeaking has all but disappeared.I use the the treadmill for a walking program and it is perfect for the days when outside weather is inclement (all winter in Idaho). No excuses for not keeping on track! I enjoy being able to raise the incline to increase the benefit of the walk. I use the Nordic Track for an hour and twenty minutes every day to accomplish four miles of walking.As a supplement to the Nordic Track, I joined Prime Unlimited music and have dowloaded my favorites into an awesome workout playlist. I am very pleased with Amazon Prime Unlimited and recommend it highly.I am also very pleased that I can lift the treadmill into the storage position to open up the space where it sits. For anyone like me who has to deal with weather problems that keep you indoors, I highly recommend the Nordic Track treadmill.
Niche H. on 06-10-2020
A gem!

We’d been searching for an affordable treadmill since the pandemic began, but things continued to be pretty much sold out everywhere. So happy we were able to finally land this one! Assembly is VERY tricky. Not gonna lie - it took my fiancé and I about 4 days to get it up and running. It comes in a VERY large, VERY heavy box. But the delivery guys were great. They were on-time and brought the box inside for us. I like to do inclines and was skeptical about what this machine could handle, but let me tell you - I get just as good or better of a workout on this treadmill than I did on the machines at our local gym. Thank you to all the reviewers who posted the cheat code on bypassing the iFit activation. Once we got it assembled, we held the iFit button down for about 30 seconds and everything was good to go! Highly recommend.
Cat dad on 08-10-2020
Perfect for my use

Bought this after comparing quite a few different models. It's got a few ato workouts programmed into it, and the part which I am enjoying most? No having to stop every hour. I usually walk 2 hours after work since I sit and drive all day, and was getting annoyed with the machines at the gym forcing you to cool down and stop every hour.Ifit bypass. Held the blue ifit button for around 30 seconds, and it unlocks to use. No submitting the credit card to sign up for anything.Treadmill was easy enough to set up, only had to borrow a second set of hands for assembling the folding mechanism, and the control panel.The control panel has 2 item bins with flat bases which can hold a decent sized water bottle, amongst other things. There is also a ledge for a cellphone or mp3 player to be placed for music. Ledge can also hold an e-reader too since I saw that bit on the questions asked.Noise level is pretty equivalent to one at the gym, so it's not excessive and shouldn't bother anyone around.
jimmy nevarez on 10-10-2020
Meets more than my expectations. Zero problem

I think I looked online for days and hours. But I took a risk on this bad boy. And so glad I did. I've had it for thee weeks now ( during this quarantine thing). The instructions were a tad bit confusing to me (personally). It is a lot better with two ppl and a lot lighter but doable with only one. I read in the reviews to hold down the ifit button for 30 sec (otherwise you would have to go online and register for the iFit....The machine says it won't work unless you register it)... So I definitely cross my fingers and hoped it was accurate.....IT WAS... I STILL HAVE YET TO REGISTER THE...OOOPS. runs great (just like they do in the gyms) I got the 5in screen. The bigger screens (in my opinion) would be great if your getting the membership, but I just want it for a good run. Unfortunately I'm a little bit on the heavier side, and this does not kill my joints it feels good. And the incline works, everything I looked at online was Manuel and this one has the touch of a button, just like the ones in the gym. Also, speed goes fast. Again I am slower so it takes me about 12 minutes to run a mile... And that's on speed 5 almost... This bad boy goes up to 10.Only thing I wish it had was a cool down button. But again personal preference.The screen stays on 24/7 sonif you want it off you have to flip the off switch at the bottom of the tredmil. Again, that's a personal preference.
Jon Todd on 18-10-2020
I love this machine!

Besides the assembly, let’s face it , anything this large is difficult to put together. This has been an amazing experience. Deliver showed up on time. Box was well put together to be able to find parts. I wish putting the tread to it’s up position was more assisted. Meaning that I wished it wasn’t so heavy.The iFit is absolutely awesome. Trainer talk to you all the way through your workout. There are also 30 day programs as well. Much different than my last machine that would only turn on and off. Great product and customer service as well.
Chanseok Oh on 20-10-2020
Decent treadmill at a great price, no subscription required

Disclaimer: I have never worked out at home or at gym for any meaningful period. I can't remember in my whole life if I had an occasion of outside jogging.Bought this while it's on sale at $599. Great price! Couldn't be more happier. Mine has a small display with the monotone blue background color that I don't think has the capability to cast movies, but I don't care. The front panel has a small stand area where I can put a laptop.Before purchasing, I did my research and figured out that you can activate (or I should say unlock) and use the treadmill without buying the ifit subscription. As others said, I just pressed the blue ifit button for ~10 seconds (some people say 30 seconds), and it unlocked itself.Installation: I had a little issue with running a wire during assembling (made a mistake to run a wire below a metal bar whereas I should have run the wire over the bar), so I had to disassemble almost everything after I completed assembling! I'm pretty infirm, so having to disassemble all the way back felt like a total disaster. The manual could have been improved to stress how the wire should run. But once I've done installation, that's it! I am very satisfied with the product.
Sorr1982 on 21-10-2020
Great treadmill!

Love this treadmill. Had some issues with the belt when I first used the treadmill but after a couple annoying phone calls they sent someone out. I will say they have a great video app so you can show them exactly what's going on instead of trying to explain it. Belt is great now, very comfortable walk/jog, decent incline. SmEven with the belt issue I still give it 5 stars. The ifit is awesome. It came with a free year and it was very simple to set up. I read in another review it was difficult but that is not my experience. They send a gift card with a promo code that you enter when setting it up. Also read in a review the treadmill doesn't work without an ifit membership, this is not true. I feel this is a great treadmill for the price. I would definitely buy this treadmill again and will probably only buy nordictrack because of the ifit. It just changes the whole treadmill experience. Love it!!!
greystroke on 07-08-2020
Great Treadmill

Easy to assemble. Even though instructions call for two people I was able to assemble it myself. The treadmill is very stable and well built. The main thing I dislike is the mobility. To move the instructions tell you to grab the handles and use your foot to secure the leg and then tilt the treadmill back on the wheels. I feel this is dangerous. My old Proform had the wheels in front so that all you had to do was lift the handles and move it into position. Hopefully they will improve follow on models. There is no fan so I purchased a clip-on from Amazon. Bypassed IFIT. If they had offered it free for 2-3 months I would have signed up and tried it out. Could not find data in IFIT and how it would help me on the treadmill.. Maybe later they will offer it free for 3 months to see if it works for you before since you have to give them a credit card. One assembly problem. The silver ground screw would not work per instructions so I had to use a substitute. I have a case number but response is very slow. Consider this a minor problem. Bottom line is I love the treadmill and happy with my purchase.
Lynn on 08-08-2020
Great exercise!

I waited to write a review until I had some time to get used to my new NordicTrack. I had a treadmill previously but after two weeks of walking a dog in the hills of Oakland, CA I decided I wanted a treadmill with an incline and greater speed. This has both. I am 72 years old and the treadmill gives me a great workout and the incline is great for losing weight and building nice glutes! It came with a free month of iFit, which you are required to sign up for to get the thing to work. I didn't like that but I did enjoy the free month. I was able to map the walk I had taken in Oakland and walk it again. I could see the path and the treadmill would automatically incline where it should on the walk. I didn't continue the iFit due to the price but I do love the treadmill. I have it in front of my TV, put on a series and go for an hour with entertainment. This was a great investment for me!
AStew on 13-08-2020
Great product!

We love our new treadmill! I like that you can adjust the cushion and that you can link your Bluetooth to it to listen to music with the speaker of the treadmill. Sound is really good. It’s more narrow than our old one but is nice to not take as much space. I’m actually for once excited to start training for a race on this treadmill. Happy with our purchase.

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