1.0 HP Folding Fitness Electric Treadmill Electric Running Fitness Machine

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Low Noise Electric Treadmill: 1 HP electric treadmill features with a high-quality motor drive system, which guarantees the stable operation of the machine with 220 lbs weight capacity. Don't worry it will make a big noise, it will absolutely not disturb your downstairs while you running on it.
Safety Guaranteed Design: Safety Key connect you and the machine, the machine will stop working in case of an emergency.
100% Warranty: We offer you a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence. We are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with durability, portability and high quality of our treadmill.
Space-Saving Design: The whole size of the treadmill is 46" x 20" x 43"(L x W x H), the folded size is 9" x 23" x 51"(L x W x H). This small treadmill is ideal for anyone of your rooms. The folded machine can be stored near the shelf or under the bed.
Operation Display: There is a round display on the panel stop/start, speed, distance, calories and time, and you can choose the different modes (Auto mode and manual mode) or workout programs (12 built-in workout programs)as you need.

Color: Black

Main material: Premium steel

Overall dimensions: 46" x 20" x 43" (L x W x H)

Folded dimensions: 9" x 23" x 51" (L x W x H)

Weight capacity: 220 lbs

Weight: 51 lbs

Voltage: 110 V

Frequency: 60 Hz

Speed: 0.6 - 6.5 MPH

Package include:

1 x Treadmill

1 x Instruction

1.0 HP Folding  Fitness Electric Treadmill Electric Running Fitness Machine
Daniel on 24-09-2020
Everything I Hoped It Would Be

I was worried about the negative reviews, where the product arrived damaged. Mine arrived fine, although I'm slightly unhappy that Amazon lets you "choose" a drop-off time window and UPS unilaterally changed it. I chose 0600-0900 on Saturday and UPS said 1400-1800. However, UPS delivered it in the original Amazon time window (at approximately 7 a.m.), and not during the UPS updated window.As for the product, I don't plan to use the fitness app, and I was able to disable the prompts immediately by pressing the iFit app button for several seconds, as another reviewer noted.As for the treadmill, I was able to set it up by myself, with a bit of difficulty. It is probably far easier to set it up with two people. As another reviewer noted, it is probably better to set it up in the room in which you intend to use it. It is fairly heavy, but the track lifts easily for storage. The cup holders kinda suck for most things other than cups, but there is a ledge you can use for phones/TV remotes.The functions are suitable for my purposes. I mostly intend to walk with it to increase my exercise while I watch TV. I tried the faster speeds, and this thing is FAST! I find walking to be most comfortable between 2.5 and 3.0. You can increase speeds and incline incrementally by 0.1 of a unit. I do not really use the incline, but it's a neat feature I might explore if I advance in skill. I disabled the sound beeps, and it is now fairly quiet to operate. I can walk (at a fast clip) and watch my shows without disturbing my housemates one room over. I'm happy I went with this model over the cheaper budget units. Although I'm not ready to use all the features of this model, I'm glad I have that option for the future.Solid device, and about the only model at this price point with the features I wanted.
Amazon Customer on 28-09-2020
This is the one

Hey all,I brought this treadmill because all of my gyms closed down on the post I work for in the military. I have to stay ready at all times. There were a lot of treadmills I researched to get to my final destination. I wanted the high-end ones but this works fantastically. I have no complaints. The screen works clearly and the touch configurations work great even when you're covered in sweat. I can see and touch my buttons even with my glasses off. I had to build this alone because I brought some new shoes with this purchase, and my spouse was at work. I was too excited to start back running. It took me a couple of hours (I was watching law and order and eating lunch). The delivery team brought it to right to my doorstep that helped a lot. This treadmill is worth the money especially the IFIT that comes with. The coaches keep me engaged and ready to go. The stats are saved by my wifi too. Overall dreams come true.
Julie Hunter on 30-09-2020
An awesome treadmill for home use.

I am completely satisfied with my NordicTrack T Series Treadmill. It is very substantial, making me feel perfectly comfortable walking or running. (I weigh around 195 lbs.) It was easy to assemble and easily fits in the smallest bedroom in our house. It makes a little bit more noise than I anticipated, but my family swears they can't hear a thing from other places in the house. It is extremely easy to program/use. There are short sidebars for steadying if you need that. I feel like I have more than enough room and almost never use the sidebars. There are 2 areas (pockets) for holding your water bottle, mobile phone, or whatnot. The emergency stop feature is there if you need extra assurance in the event of stumbling or falling. I especially like the incline feature; I sometimes want to be able to raise my heart rate without having to run, so I set the incline to 2-4% for additional intensity.
Ashley F. on 02-10-2020
This thing saved me

I was going crazy, being locked in the house during COVID. I have two children, the youngest still being a bit of a loose cannon and we live on a busy road. I didn't feel like I could safely go for a walk with her and even my oldest isn't old enough by legal standards to stay at home with her. I'm working from home, sitting all day. At least at the office, I'd walk the building, around the building; but at home. . . it was just sitting. This machine gives has been a God-Send, best 700 bucks I've spent in a while. I use it daily to get my exercise, burn off steam and get the endorphins going. So far so good, it gives me a good quality work-out every time. I will say assembly was a challenge at times, as was moving the package. I had to open the box in my foyer where they left it and carry the pieces to the living room for assembly. It says you need two people and you're probably better off - it is heavy and cumbersome. I didn't have that option though, so me and my 11 dollar tool kit that I keep around the house got this thing assembled in about 6 hours. I did follow the instructions, but I also followed a video on Youtube and I had no issues with having to disassemble or redo anything. Even managed to adjust the belt and felt very accomplished afterwards. I love it, best thing I could have done for myself. The only thing I did not like was IFit- so I couldn't bypass it and it sounded cool. I did the trial, I signed up for a bunch of classes that sounded awesome- walk through the pyramids of Egypt, yes please. I started the first, only to have my treadmill literally take off under neath me. I had to pull th cord and shut it down, the instructor wasn't even moving yet. IFit would have been great if it didn't control my machine, I need to control my pace and incline. I cancelled it that night.
Angela Day on 04-10-2020
Outstanding treadmill

The assembly of this treadmill is easy and straight forward while following the directions. Once I finished assembly and turned it on I was immediately impressed with how solid it was when I ran on it. I haven't used the iFit programs yet, but I have used the basic run program. It's great to see the run time, speed, and distance all at the same time on the display. It's easy to connect to my wireless gateway, the bluetooth is great to connect to my phone, the speakers and display are awesome, and the fan works great. I love the space saving option by locking the treadmill in the upward position. I can't think of any negative things, this is simply an outstanding treadmill.
kim on 06-10-2020
This is a pretty great treadmill

I've been using this machine for a little under a month. So far, I have no complaints, except for some intermittent connectivity issues. You don't have to sign up for ifit; there are instructions in the reviews and q & a section for activating without it. However, I'm using ifit just to test out the different workouts, and I'm enjoying it so far. I only did a little bit of research to find a treadmill. It can get overwhelming, but this brand and model seemed to meet all of my requirements and reliability. My husband moved and assembled it for me. It fits well into the corner of our fitness room, and it folds up conveniently so my husband can pull his bench out. There haven't been any noise issues, and I haven't used the speakers, since I normally use my headphones. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.
Jeff on 08-10-2020
Great foldable treadmill

This was very easy to assemble. Instructions were straight forward. It folds very easy and fits well to take up as little space as possible. It's still a good size for running with lenght and width. If you're a hardcore runner running at 8mph for 30 minutes or longer might want the next level up. But for any average running pace with sprints and walking intervals it's perfect. Has a nice incline, but might not be as steep as some people want. But when you can't run outside or are short on time this is a great treadmill to cover you. Controls are easy to use and see while running.Down side is it's a little loud like most treadmills and there isn't anything to really see on the small display screen. It'll show calorie counts and laps but isn't that accurate as you can't put in your weight. But for just a nice work out it works out well
Andrew on 10-10-2020
A good deal but...

I purchased the NordicTrack NTL17915 T 6.5 S Treadmill for $599. So far very pleased with it, but there are a few issues to be aware of when ordering and setting it up.I had it delivered to work and used a dolly, a medium size SUV, and then carried it in pieces with my son to an upstairs room where it was set up. The box is about 32"x74"x10" and weighs 375 lb - not light for two people to move. Even in pieces, the largest, main unit is well over 200 lb and requires a strap (not included) to keep the folding base from opening, to carry. The set-up instructions are sufficient but not IKEA level of hand holding. Also, in addition to the tools listed on the instruction manual, it is useful to have a 9/16" socket wrench, and based on other reviews and my experience, you will likely need to open up a hole with a ~7/16" drill bit, which usually requires a drill with the larger, 1/2" chuck. I used a drill press.I am very impressed with the engineering of this machine. It was designed to be at the upper weight limit of what can be handled in a home. Took me about an hour to assemble, but most of the time spent was reading the instructions ahead to understand how it all comes together and drilling out that one undersized hole. I give an A to the engineering and value, C to manufacturing because it is unforgivable to have an important structural bolt hole too small, B- to the assembly instructions and F to some genius business executive who decided to plaster all over the box and the manual that it cannot be turned on before activating iFit - with your credit card of course. !!! IGNORE ALL THOSE WARNINGS !!! As many other reviewers have pointed out, after it is assembled and powered, you just have to hold down the blue iFit logo on the panel for about 20 sec to get past the initial registration block. Our unit is quiet and so far works great.
Natalia Picano on 18-10-2020
Great Affordable Treadmill

I had my eye on this treadmill for a while and I’m happy I pulled the trigger! My treadmill did arrive damaged, but Nordic’s customer service was excellent and they had a replacement piece sent out to my house as soon as possible. I did see a few reviews say that the ifit membership was required in order to use the treadmill, but that’s definitely not the case. Once the treadmill is powered on, hold down the ifit button for 30 seconds and then your treadmill is ready to be used without having to pay for the membership fee.
Amazon Customer on 20-10-2020
Great Treadmill!

I received the treadmill with 2 broken parts and after a quick phone call to NordicTrack, they quickly sent me the new parts. The parts took 4 days (business days) to arrive and the assembly began. The hardest part for me was getting my daughter to hold the rails correctly so I could put the 4 bolts into them. It was the hardest part due to her not wanting to put her cell phone down and pay attention to what she was doing, lol. It took me about 3 hours to assemble, but that included replacing a broken foot rail and several trips to the basement for more tools. Overall we are very happy with the product and bypassed the Ifit registration by pressing the Ifit button for a few seconds and it turns on, just remember to put the "safety key" on the machine first. We forgot that part and it took a few tries to bypass it, until we had the "ah haa" moment and put the key on the treadmill. It then quickly turned on. I'm very happy with the treadmill. I was going to buy a much cheaper one, but I am very happy and pleased that I decided to buy a brand that I've heard of and one that offers more features.
Rocky The Dog on 21-10-2020
Nice Treadmill for the price!

Very glad I picked this one after studying so many of them. For $599 you get a quality treadmill with a very basic information screen. Treadmill section is high quality. However that basic 5" screen will display everything you'll need to know during your workout. And believe me when I say "you DO NOT have to register for, and pay extra for iFit to use this treadmill. Once I first held the iFit button down for about 20 seconds I never had to do that again. Everytime I power it up I get on it, set my speed and start walking.
KimStewart21 on 07-08-2020
This thing is a beast!

First off, pay for professional installation. It took me three hours by myself and they don’t even give you tools to screw in the bolts. Luckily, I had a mini wrench that I found but it wasn’t strong enough to make the bolts flush. I will have to go out and get a socket wrench. I researched many treadmills with the iFit model. I definitely need motivation and I get bored on machines. This was the cheapest one, brand-name, with iFit. I wear a Fitbit So I wasn’t concerned at all about the machines heart rate monitor which was completely inaccurate. Additionally, the calories burned on these preset programs on iFit was also inaccurate. Do yourself a favor, get a Fitbit watch or something similar to track these yourself. This treadmill is very flippin heavy. There is absolutely no way one person can move it by themselves. It is well-built. It is quite it has the same quality of the treadmills at the gym. I have not tried the speakers yet so I cannot review them at this time. You do not have to get the iFit as others have stated, but again, nowhere does it say that. At $15 a month, if you need the motivation and you like to see the world, get the iFit. You can cancel at any time. The trainers that take you around the world are immersive, and takes your mind off of what you are doing at the time - working out. Overall, I think this was a great buy considering I was looking at other treadmills from $500-$1000 more. This thing Works. I was sore for a couple of days after my very first workout with I fit which was a simple 32 minute walking tour through London. The last couple of minutes had me going up a hill. The incline and speed adjusts automatically. I did not have to press any buttons myself. I was quite shocked that I was even sore as I walk at least 10,000 steps a day and walk all day long for 10 hours at my job. I do not regret this purchase.
Mitchell Q. on 08-08-2020
Great Support

Purchased this treadmill a few months ago on Amazon. Arrived within the expected time frame and wasn’t damaged. We decided on a lighter treadmill since we would be placing it in an upstairs bonus room. Glad we did after we got it upstairs. Assembly was easy, only needed an extra hand for a couple steps. Had no issues with the instructions. Treadmill started out working great. After about a week, we had some issues. The incline no longer worked and the unit would just stop running after approximately one-quarter mile. I reached out to Amazon for assistance and was only told it could be replaced AFTER I disassembled, repackaged, re-palletized, and shipped the old unit back. At least they offered to replace but this was out of the question. So I reached out to the manufacturer. I used the on-line chat option. Was able to identify the issue and a replacement part was immediately shipped out to me. I replaced (I offered to replace the part, wasn’t asked) the part and the treadmill works great. Typically I would be upset, but after receiving such prompt service as I did from the manufacturer with the issue. Any purchase you make may have issues, but not every provider will stand behind their product. NT did and they’ve earned my future business.
M. Crossman on 13-08-2020
Great quarantine treadmill

Like a lot of people who were used to using the cardio in the gym, this virus lockdown was problematic. We bought this early into the stay at home orders in CA. Given the relatively low price I was concerned about it being stable-but it is plenty solid for us. We use it primarily for fast walking but I put 6-7 miles on it a day (sometimes more). Don't expect what you can get for 3-5 thousand (it isn't like a gym model-but functions similarly). Nice incline, good read out. If you are fairly handy-can use simple hand tools and carefully follow instructions, you can do the build yourself. There are a couple of places a second set of hands helps. It is a process-I think it took me a couple hours (and I build things a fair amount). The reviews that tell you not to fall for the attempt at selling the on line trainer crap are accurate. After you get it set up just hit the blue ifit button and it will bypass the screen that has you enter the code to sign up. Once you do this the machine stays in manual mode and you wont have to mess with it again. If you want the ifit thing you get more functionality out of the preset controls-but all I want to do is walk, jog and incline sometimes. There is also a pair of speakers that you can aux cord connect to (would be nice if it was blue tooth). There is a small shelf on the monitor that you can put your iPad on. Overall, super happy with this for the price.
Derik on 15-08-2020
I am loving this machine! I love I-Fit!

First off this thing is big. Two men carried it from the truck. It stayed right where it was until the assembly team showed up a few days later. The thing I love the most is the I-fit integration. This takes my workouts to a entire different level. The trainers really push me. When the workout is over I am really sweating....something that seldom happens when I simply spend 20-30 minutes on a treadmill. The I-Fit combo is what takes everything about this to the next level. It seems there is a workout for wherever you are on your fitness journey. I am a 61 year old man....and they have a lot for me to choose from. Buy the machine....sign up for the I-Fit...it will take you where you want to go. A great value. Rock solid machine. My only negatives.....heart rate monitor is wildly inaccurate....it sure deserves a fan. Note to all treadmill designers.....why is the on off switch always in an awkward place typically at the floor....come on.

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