1100 W Foldable Electric Support Motorized Power Running Treadmill

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Multi-function LED display and Handrails: LED Mode: Heart rate, scan, speed, distance, time and calories. Handrails have speed +/-, start/stop and heart rate test functions.
Heavy-duty Construction: Frame is made of high quality steel, has 220Lbs weight capacity, 39"L x14"W ruuning belt provides you more comfortable and more sturdy workout experience.
Space Save Design & IPAD/mobile Phone Holder: The treadmill can be easy folded, with wheels it is easy for moving and storage.Put your mobile phone or Ipad on the holder,you can talk with your friends or watch movies when you work out on this    treadmill.
Safety Guaranteed Design: Safety Key connect you and the machine, emergency stop button on the handrail, which double protect you while working out.

1. Simple assembly of the portable treadmill is required

2. Please refer to the included instruction of the treadmill carefully before use or fold

3. It is not a gymnasium product. The size is only designed for home workout

4. There is a small bottle of silicone oil included in the package, which needs to be used on the runway to avoid friction and noise every three months

5. It is designed for domestic use only. The treadmill size is smaller than the general size in gymnasium



Frame: Heavy-duty steel

Control panel: ABS 

Running belt: PVC

Color: Black & grey

Rated power: 1100 W 

LED display screen: Heart rate / speed / distance / time/ calories/ scan

Modes: P1-P12

Rated voltage: 110 V

Rated frequency: 60 Hz

Speed: 0.8-6.0 Mph

Runway size: 39" x 14" (L x W)

Overall assembly size: 49.5" x 24" x 46.5" (L x W x H)

Folding size: 22.3" x 24" x 48" (L x W x H)

Weight: 59 lbs

Weight capacity: 220 lbs

Plug type: US standard

Package includes: 

1 x Treadmill

1100 W Foldable Electric Support Motorized Power Running Treadmill
Kimi B on 28-09-2020
Great quality, very versatile

I bought this treadmill in place of a gym membership because I find it extra hard to leave the house in the winter to make it to the gym. This has been a great solution for our family- even my husband likes to get on and go for a walk before work which makes it all worth it. The ifit program is awesome. You can work with a trainer in a gym doing high impact cardio or go for a hike through alps; love the versatility and variety of programs. Much more motivating to have an instructor guiding you through a workout than a traditional walk/run on a treadmill. The touch screen is great, sound is ample and I love the Bluetooth function to stream my own music. Easy to use and has everything you need to keep your work out comfortable. It is like having a nice gym caliber treadmill at home. The machine is not too loud and belt runs smooth. Cannot say enough about the quality. I will say this - setting it up was a workout in itself - have a good set of pliers as the bolts are a bit tricky. So worth the investment.
Rickyg1974 on 30-09-2020
Great machine 3 weeks in

Per the headline, I've had my machine for 3 weeks now and am loving every minute of it. The only reason I had a gym membership was to use their treadmill. I canceled that after only 2 workouts on this machine. Below are the details of my experience from purchase to assembly:Purchase: As some reviewers have stated the treadmill is a bear to assemble by yourself (which is what I did). However, if you have a competent friend/family member willing to give you an hour of their time I would bypass the professional assembly. However, DEFINITELY pay the extra $20 for in-house/desired room delivery (even if you live in a one-story house). The box the treadmill comes in weighs about 200 lbs. You do not want to try maneuvering it around your house/apartment without help.Delivery: As stated above, I use the desired room delivery. The Amazon delivery service was on-time, professional and capable (although I did have to help the guys get the box around a tricky corner in my building's staircase). They called once when they were on their way to my location, and again as they were pulling. I've always been gun-shy about purchasing large items on Amazon, but if this is the level of service one can expect from their delivery service I may do so more often.Assembly: Again, assembly can be done with one person (it's in no way easy, and you should be able to lift at least 50 lbs by yourself), but I don't recommend it. However, having gone through the steps there wasn't anything that I thought would warrant paying an extra $70 for a professional to come do. Just make sure you have a Phillips-head screwdriver, and either a socket wrench (with plenty of socket heads) or an adjustable wrench. All other tools needed come with the treadmill. As others have stated some of the bolts are in hard to reach spots. Take your time, follow the instructions and assembly shouldn't take more than an hour. Pro Tip: there's no need to purchase a mat for the bottom of the treadmill (to protect your floor) if you're strapped for cash. When you take the top off the box, simply cut off the side pieces, put the belt/motor component on the top and use it as your floor protection. The cardboard doesn't slide/slip at all when you're on the treadmill.Usage: Unlike some others I actually bought this machine FOR the iFit functionality. I have an iFit account and absolutely love the service. From what I read you can cancel the membership (almost immediately) after the machine has been activated. Personally I love just being able to focus on my run/walks and let the machine self-adjust speed and incline on its own. Full disclosure though...you really don't need an iFit membership to take advantage of this function. While you can manually adjust settings like any gym treadmill, this machine comes with (I think) 20 preset workouts that also self-adjust. I haven't used any of them yet, but from scrolling through the menus they look pretty varied in terms of challenge level. The machine is quieter than any gym treadmill I've ever used. I workout watching TV and routinely run at 6 mph without having to adjust the TV's volume. Transitions between incline and speed levels is smooth and natural. I also love that you can adjust the cushyness/firmness of the belt.Storage: The treadmill doesn't take up that much space. It's a little shorter than a child's twin bed (probably about the same width). While it can be folded you really don't save that much space with the belt/bed up (since it rests at a angle that's only slight shorter than the length when fully deployed). I generally leave it down and ready to use.Overall I'm extremely happy with this purchase. I haven't any issues or complaints 3 weeks in, but appreciate the length of the warranties that come standard with the treadmill (I did however buy the 3-year maintenance plan ). I would definitely recommend this machine without reservation!
BookBlogger on 02-10-2020
So far so good

I ordered this treadmill a few weeks ago and it was delivered last week. I paid $20 extra to have Amazon delivery (subcontracted) move it to the room of my choice which was the best $20 I have ever spent. Why? This thing is sturdy and not the short average online order treadmill. This is full length gym size. Not sure what the description review says but it weighed about 250 pounds and was in a 7 foot box.I assembled it in about 2 hours (should have been one but I was distracted by Game of Thrones re-runs). There were some steps that were a bit hard to see on the instructions but in general it was not tough at all. Early feedback:- The treadmill is sturdy, doesnt bounce around and fairly quiet for a treadmill- The handles and design are good and well made- The screen is a tad small but works fine- The iFit login is a bit annoying every time but maybe I can figure out how to bypass that- The incline and acceleration buttons and features are easy to use and slick- Love the built in fan and bluetooth- Some of the plastic molding is a bit wonky to snap into place as you build it so if it doesnt look right just keep at it, they eventually will pop into placeAll in all we are really happy with this. The alternative was a $3500 gym treadmill and I think we made a great purchase. Will amend if something pops off tonight, besides my knee.
Robert Merriman on 04-10-2020
Finally a Treadmill at Home (During a Pandemic)

I am an avid runner (65+ yrs) and my wife is an avid treadmill walker at the YMCA. We both have been considering getting a treadmill back into the home as an alternative to the Y and, yes, I will run on it when the weather is bad outside. We wanted to keep the price point to below $1K and after a bit of research decided on this model. It arrived on time and after I gently got the heavy device down to the basement I assembled it within 2 hours. Thanks to some prior Amazon posts, I knew to press and hold the iFit button to activate without having to enroll in the iFit subscription. The product registration is separate. The treadmill is great. Purchased the floor pad as well. We don't need all the iFit extras. This is simple to operate and nice to have now that we are all locked down. Happy Trails!!
A Rich Diet on 06-10-2020
For the Price, you can't beat it

Without question, there are better and more advance treadmills out there but for the price of this one, you can't beat it. I'm a runner, regularly training for marathons and I feel content saying this treadmill is everything you could need unless you are a competitive sub-6 minute mile runner. I've been using this treadmill for about a month and a half, mostly so I could get runs in with a newborn at home and I haven't been disappointed in any way. I've seen a lot of home treadmills that look very fragile but this one is solid; i'm 180 lbs and run hard and even at various inclines, this thing is a rock. I'm not scared that its going to break or fall apart. I haven't really played with the various training programs built in since I've been following my own running plan but there are quite a few and they do auto-adjust pace and incline which is nice.I elected to put it together myself and it's rather simple, I had the whole thing together and running in maybe an hour? With it being such a sturdy treadmill, it is very heavy. I had it delivered directly into my garage and took everything out of the box there and then moved it piece by piece down to my basement. Most individual pieces are very light except for the running deck/track. I actually did it on my own using a handtruck but I DO NOT recommend doing it with out at least one other person. I was inpatient and couldn't wait for a friend to come and slowly moved the deck down step by step...My only complaint, which is hardly a complaint since I didn't order it for this feature, is the "speakers." There is a 3mm input for your phone or tablet but the speakers are a joke... If you don't care about sound quality, then maybe they're ok but I'd recommend your own headphones. I did mount a TV to the wall in front of the treadmill (with FireTV) which when running at a fast pace, needs to have the volume turned up because the motor is a bit loud (but I don't feel any louder than an average treadmill).If you're in the market for a treadmill and don't want to spend thousands, this is the one.. especially since Amazon offersfree shipping.. which for something over 200lbs, I feel is a deal.
kpraxor on 08-10-2020
Great value!

We bought this treadmill to get cardio in during COVID-19 lockdown, and are very happy with it. For the price paid, it is very high quality and a great value. The machine was packed very well for shipping. I recommend registering the product as soon as you get it built.My wife is pretty happy with it. It does appear to move faster than the treadmills on a similar speed setting at the health club. The belt was slightly misaligned to the right, but I found an online support article showing how to make a few turns with the allen wrench to center, super easy! The stride length is very good for us both, so we never feel like we're going to fall off the back. The electronics are attractive and simple to operate. Belt operation is smooth and relatively quiet.The treadmill releases very easily to fold up if you need to move it out of the way. We have dedicated a space in our media room for it, so this is less important to us. Assembly took maybe an hour, and the instructions were very easy to follow.The only complaint I have about the workouts is I wish the arm support bars extended a bit further back. I find that when resting my hands on them, I have to orient my body a bit too far forward, and the tips of my shoes will sometimes tap on the kick panel covering the front of the belt. Also, there are some rough edges to the plastic where they were removed from the mold right at the end of the hand rests so I need to file those down - very minor annoyance.I don't use the ifit.com subscription - you can disable this as others have noted on first use by holding down the iFIT button and letting the machine reset itself, maybe 30 seconds. I prefer to watch movies or listen to music while using so this was not a feature that mattered to me.Overall I'm very happy with this purchase and with the support from NordicTrack!Pros:+ Quality/sturdy construction+ Ease of assembly+ Fluid motion/incline+ Excellent support+ Attractive design+ Great value/price+ Well packaged!+ Easy to fold up/move (wheels are great)Cons- iFIT unnecessary IMO- wish arm rests were a bit longerI would not hesitate to buy this treadmill if you're considering one in this price range.
JonQ York on 10-10-2020
Better than the $2,000 machine!

In the early 90s - about 25 years ago, I bought a NordicTrack treadmill - for around $2,000. Recently, I decided we needed one with a shorter ramp because we're running out of space and spot where I wanted to put it - was about 2 inches too short. And one day while running on the old machine, I looked back at how much ramp space there was behind my feet that I wasn't using and wondered if anyone made a shorter treadmill now. The ramp on the old machine was like 6 feet long and I really only used the first 3-4 feet of it.I went on Amazon and looked them up and sure enough, to my delight, they make shorter ones now!Since my old one had lasted so long (even though it didn't really get much use!), I decided to go with another NordicTrack despite several negative and disturbing reviews.I was very happily surprised to see these things selling for around $600 now! But I figured the quality will be worse or it will have fewer features. When we received it and got it all set up - I was amazed that the quality was as high as it was on the $2,000 machine and happy to see it had all the same features. The funny thing is - it literally has exactly the same features. They're just laid out and displayed in a different way. The buttons for speed and incline are easier to press and far more attractive to look at.The center screen that supposedly has workout programs that you can follow - I find to be totally useless. I just use it to monitor my progress... how many minutes, how much distance I've done, etc. But if it has some workout programs in it - it's not instantly obvious how to access them, so I haven't bothered. I don't care enough about that feature to worry about it.The really nice thing about this newer version is that when you want to put the ramp up (Do they call it a ramp? Anyway, the thing your feet touch when you're running on it), when you put it up - you can literally do it with the touch of a finger. You just barely lift it - it's like lifting a 5 pound weight... and the hydraulics take care of the rest.When you put it down, you unlock it and then just let go of it and it will settle down to the floor very gently on its own. You don't have to lift or hold any weight at all when you put it back down. On the 25-year-old machine - that thing was seriously heavy and you had to have some real strength to lift it up and down. Which was fine except it was a little scary - what if you drop it? And over the intervening 25 years, my back isn't exactly what it used to be! So it was actually a bit of a problem for my back. So, this new model is really awesome in this respect.We also bought the $95 assembly package. The guy who came out was awesome. He put it together in about 45 minutes. The thing was a big complicated mess right out of the box. If I had attempted it - I'm not even sure if I could have finished it. But if I could have, I am sure it would have taken at least a week! So, the $95 was well worth it. Oh and by the way, keep in mind Amazon doesn't really pay these guys all that well. Amazon takes 40% of that fee. Why? I don't know... because they're not doing any of the work or incurring any of the travel expenses. They really should give these guys 90% of it. So we left him a good tip. We knew it had taken him an hour to get to us from the last place he was. So, for Amazon to pay him just $57 for what amounted to 2 hours of work we didn't really think was fair.All in all I'm very happy with it. It's not only every bit as good - but it's even better - than the old machine that cost 3x more 25 years ago.
Kathy Mc on 18-10-2020
Perfect Physical Therapy Addition to my Gym !

I purchased this treadmill to replace a ProForm elliptical that replaced my ProForm treadmill...because I suffer from Arthofibrosis (AF) and my knee is frozen in place. I had to pass my previous equipment to my daughter. I need to do rehab from my home, so I do not want to cheat myself on quality! I selected this NordiTrack and I am so impressed with it! It came with a 30 day free trial of IFit An interactive workout with instructors, better than Peloton, but I have no chance of ever keeping up with them, So I do not utilize it, but I did enjoy the world tour!! I see people have made comments about it, but they obviously did not read the instructions!! ( no credit card info is required, and they send an email at the end of the 30 days if you want to purchase it monthly) I photographed the ledge where I store my IPad, because it is wide enough, I do not have to remove the keyboard! BONUS! And the ‘cup holder’ is way larger than others. Feel free to place your 1/2 gallon water bottle ??. (Someone really thought this out). Look at the large operation area! It looks like it belongs in a Commercial gym, yet it fits perfectly in my small gym, which is the size of my smallest bedroom. I can not go outside to walk, so this is a life saver for me. I treated myself without emptying my bank account. The shock absorbers under the platform are easy on my sore legs and the rails are long enough that I do not have to purchase separate medical safety rails! (They did not miss a thing on this model). The more expensive models are great too, with huge screens, but with the space for the iPad, I can still enjoy the large screen without the large price! My therapy room is complete and I am on my way to a healthier body!
Steve T on 20-10-2020
A nice treadmill, works great

We received this machine this morning. I was curious to see what type of delivery we were going to get as it was free with my prime membership, but the delivery guys even brought it downstairs for us (It weighs over 200 lbs), so I wouldn't hesistate to use Amazon again. I still need to figure out how the iFit works on this machine as it was included in the elliptical we have along with wifi connectivity, but as far as a treadmill goes, it works great. Assembly did take a while, but we were being very cautious throughout the process. Make sure you have a good ratchet set because the provided hex key would have been brutal to do manually. Using my ratchet set, I was able to make sure everything was nice and tight. Also, follow the directions carefully. There is a reason they tell you not to tighten the screws all the way sometimes. Oh and don't forget, like any workout equipment, the machine won't turn on until you put the magnetic key in (with the safety strap). I quickly realized that after I plugged it in and the screen turned on and then turned off. We gave it a quick test run so far and the incline works, speeds seem good, it tracks all of the information you expect from a treadmill. We haven't tried the MP3 input jack yet for music, but we have a TV in front of the unit, so I'm not sure how much we will utilize the speakers anyway. The cup/bottle holders on each side are nice. It folds up nicely and the provided pump ensures that it unfolds smoothly and won't come crashing down on your feet if it slips out of your hands. We plan to get the extended service plan just in case any of the parts go within the first few years (its included in the directions), but it seems pretty solid and I don't anticipate any issues. If I do, I will be sure to update my review.
N.T, on 21-10-2020
Sturdy, quiet, and a good price.

I use my NT treadmill every other day for approximately the past 4 months. Sturdy, quiet. I would definitely buy it again. You can't beat the price for quality, and the payment option is appreciated. Caution - you definitely want to have an experienced technician assemble it unless you have the time and some 'handyman' skill. A second person might also be a benefit. Instructions are fairly clear.Criticisms: adjusting the belt tension is an aggravation and necessary. There needs to be a guide tube to enable easy insertion of the allen wrench (provided) into the two hidden sockets. Especially considering the need to lubricate (by loosening) the belt on the platform every 3 months. A smaller criticism, the platform on each side could be a couple inches wider to comfortably put your feet. I appreciate that the design is to be as narrow as possible. It's a great machine overall.
Runnergirl014 on 07-08-2020
Worth every penny

After years of contemplating buying a treadmill but always deciding it wasn't worth the money since I'd rather run outside and had access to them at the gym, I started looking seriously a few weeks ago. The weather in DC is atrocious right now and at 17 weeks pregnant with 3 other little ones, I wasn't able to find the time to run. I saw this deal and HAD to take the chance. The cost was less than 4 months of gym membership when you factor in child care and would allow me to run at home anytime I wanted. I could run or walk during naptime, while the kids played, etc.I've had it a week and I've used it almost every day. I love it! I can't believe I waited so long to get it! As an avid runner, an athlete and half marathoner this treadmill is perfect. I haven't even used any of the settings yet but the basic machine itself is wonderful (Incline and speed, comfort, etc). Spacious enough to not fall off the back, a wonderful ridge to hold an iPad but still able to see the information display, etc. It's awesome! I see a lot of time spent with it this pregnancy and even in the future once baby #4 is here (running during naps, walking if he won't sleep with him in the ergo, etc). Such a great machine at a great, affordable price.
RachelleN on 08-08-2020
Best purchase

We researched treadmills for weeks, then I read every negative review and almost didn’t buy this treadmill, but my gut kept telling me this was the right one. It arrived securely boxed with no damage. We added expert assembly (initially thought we could do it ourselves but many of the negative reviews started with “I assembled it EXACTLY like the instructions said, but......................”, so we decided to let a professional do it.). It was assembled in 2.5 hours when we were quoted 3-4 hours. The delivery company and the assembly company were very professional and organized, familiar with the equipment and knew exactly what they were doing. We opted out of iFit (when you first turn it on, just press and hold the iFit button down for 10-30 seconds and it’ll jump to the home screen) and have used it several times since receiving it. It’s on wheels but is still pretty heavy, so we set it up behind our couch. My family can sit in the living room and watch TV or a movie with me on the treadmill behind them. It’s not any noisier than treadmills at a gym, so the TV volume just needs to be bumped up a smidge. I’ll edit this review if anything goes wrong, but so far so great!
Julie D. on 13-08-2020
Pull the trigger!

SIMPLY PUT - THIS IS A FANTASTIC MACHINE! I’m an avid runner… who has run on many treadmills over the years, and this machine is awesome. It has all the features and feel of a gym machine just not as bulky or expensive. It’s got a lot of bells and whistles, some of which we are still discovering but probably our favorite are the touch screen display and the bluetooth. Also, it’s nice to have a built in speaker and THE FAN! .... This will be GOLD in the summer! Our last treadmill didn’t have this and we had to have a ghetto fan rigged up to the machine.We have a pretty small workout space in our garage where this will live and it fits nicely there and can be more compact using the nice hydraulic fold option. Even our 8 year old daughter can lower and raise the machine by herself. Our whole family is really pleased with this treadmill.A word about delivery and set-up. Because it’s an oversized product, it’s not handled by regular amazon delivery. I am always a little leery about the reliability of getting assigned a delivery window, but I will say delivery was prompt and the treadmill arrived within the delivery window as promised. I was not prepared for the size- the box was HUGE! It is a treadmill though so it makes sense. Ha! We chose to assemble ourselves which was a job I passed off to my husband. Self assembly is doable. My husband said the instructions were extremely detailed and there was no problem with assembly as long as you read and follow each step. You’d better give yourself a few hours for set up and an assistant to help hold pieces in place, etc.I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this treadmill. So far, it’s a great machine!
Dadimus Max on 15-08-2020
Perfect if what you want is a treadmill

The Mrs. and I were wanting "just a treadmill". We didn't want, nor need the wifi enabled, networked, ifit instructors on the screen yelling at you to run faster, 1080p 64" TV screen so you can watch your movies while running "running experience" . . . . we just wanted a solid treadmill that we can get on for 20 minutes a day and get a workout on. And this is the PERFECT machine for what we were looking for.It's solid, so don't expect a 1 person lift . . . . this thing is heavy, and you'll need a dolley to move it around to where you want it in the house. It's also not super easy to assemble. It took my teenage son and I about 2 hours to get it all unpacked, assembled, and remove all the packing boxes and material. There are several pieces that you really should assemble with 2 people . . . one person holding the part/s and the other one screwing bolts together. Now, that being said, the assembly was not complicated, and the instructions were easy to understand and follow. I would just strongly recommend that you move it around and assemble with 2 people.And so far, this machine is working awesome, and is used just about every day. It's also very intuitive to get it going.1) turn on the power2) step on the treadmill3) push the big green "start" button4) push the big "+" or "-" buttons until you get it to the speed you like5) push the big "" buttons to incline to the ramp to the slope you want6) enjoy until you want to stop, and then you just hit the big red "stop" button.That's it . . . too easy.Now, it does have programmable settings, and a heart rate monitor, etc. etc. etc. . . . but we've not even looked at those. The Mrs. gets on and puts the speed to 3.5 at slope 1, and goes for 12-15 minutes. I get on and put the speed at 5.0 at slope 1.5 and go 20 minutes; and we're both happy.Would highly recommend this product.OH, and FYI . . . if you want to turn it on without having to register with IFIT online . . . just hold the little blue ifit button that's just below the LED screen for 30 seconds . . . and you can bypass all the online registration for ifit. That's one we had to figure out the hard way. We had to register online for an ifit subscription for them to tell us that all we have to do it hold the button for 30 seconds to not have to register. of course, they tell you that after you register.
Kami on 16-08-2020
AMAZING - Makes in-home fitness easy!

I usually don't write reviews, but this treadmill absolutely deserves one!I have had this for a little over a month and I am in love. A few things I think worth noting:-I have bad knees and the belt on this treadmill doesn't hurt them at all.-I love the fact that you get an ifit membership free for a year. Having all of those personal trainers and different workouts available in my home makes morning exercising enjoyable (as enjoyable as morning runs can be;)). They really make the runs go by much quicker.-The sound system on this thing is amazing, my roommates and I actually had a little dance party in the workout room because it sounds so good and connects easily to bluetooth.- It is beautiful. The screen is a great size and is very high quality. It's honestly a better treadmill than the treadmills at most gyms.- FANS. ugh having the fans is a game changer for me.-It has a great range of incline and speed.I'm 5'5" and it's the perfect size for me. HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you want a great way to get in shape in your own home. It's very high-quality for an amazing price. It honestly makes me want a NordicTrack Elliptical and whatever else they offer too!

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