66LB Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Sets for Bodybuilding Training

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Workout at home, Get good strengthbut don't have much space, Our Dumbbells are an ideal solution.

Dumbbells set can be used as dumbbells and as a barbell. The weight of dumbbells can be adjusted at will to meet daily exercises needs.

Reinforced nuts: The material is thickened, the safety protection is more stable.

Deepen thread Steel Bars: Spiral anti-skid thread, not easy to fall off

Matte texture Weights Plats With Strenthering Bras: Full weight dumbbells, sturdy, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, won't hurt the floor.


Color: black

Material: cement, HDPE

Package weight: 66 lbs

Weight Range: 5.5 to 40 lbs for each dumbbell

Weight plate size (Dia):

5.5 lbs: 8.1 inch

4.4 lbs: 7.5 inch

3.3 lbs: 7.1 inch

2.75 lbs: 6.7 inch

Dumbbell Bar Size: 18.5 inch

Package Quantity:

4 x 5.5 lbs Weight Plates
4 x 4.4 lbs Weight Plates
4 x 3.3 lbs Weight Plates
4 x 2.75 lbs Weight Plates
2 x Extension Bars
4 x Nuts
1x Connecting Rod
66LB Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Sets for Bodybuilding Training
Rich G. on 30-09-2020
Kettle bell handle is an incredible workout investment

I ordered the kettle bell handle and have been using it with 35 to 50 lbs of plates for a few days. It's sturdy, maintain's a real kettle-like center of gravity when stacking 5- or 10-pound plates, and it allows all the movements of a standard kettle bell. I'd guess you can safely go from 5 to 60 pounds with this handle and feel completely safe. I've been getting great full body/core workouts in limited time, which is really what kettle bells are great for. I'd say the best workout investment I've ever made are Bowflex dumbells, but this handle is a close second, especially if you already have 1-inch plates laying around (and so cost effective). Thinking about buying a second handle to expand an already long list of exercises I can do. Highly recommended!
Amazon Customer on 02-10-2020
They weigh a lot

Got the 200lb set of dumbbells. They're heavy, as desired, and don't seem cheap.Delivered to my apartments without issue, in spite of package weight.For the love of God, take a dolly to pick them up, if you live in an apartment. Moving them in the box is... unpleasant.
Trenchgold on 04-10-2020
Solid purchase

For the price you can’t beat these. I’ve been using them a few weeks and they’re great. As others have said, the boxes they were shipped in were torn to hell with multiple holes, but I got lucky and everything was inside.
Laurel on 06-10-2020
Love in a time of COVID

So far I love it. I like how has multiple uses. It can go from 2 dumbbells to a heavier bar (44lbs). I love that I don't have to go to a gym and can work out at home.
Daniel richardson on 08-10-2020
Supreme Value, high quality

I bought the 105lb pair, 52.5 lb each set about 2 years ago and it's still serving me well today. The screw type stops take a few seconds longer than the spring type to change weight but you'll never have to worry about the plates slipping. I have never had any issues with these, wear and tear related or otherwise. Ive never seen the stops walk themselves out while working out. excelent buy.
kim on 10-10-2020

It's beautiful!
Sherry Nelson on 18-10-2020
Great value!

You need these in your home gym! The price is unbeatable and the plates are easy to switch out! I’m so glad I decided to get these instead of spending hundreds of dollars on various sizes of dumbbells.
Michael R on 20-10-2020
88lb bargain

Shanchar made me an offer I could not refuse by selling me their 88lb adjustable dumbbell for the price of the 44lb set. I very much appreciate the bargain.
ethan conner on 21-10-2020
time saver

I used to log on to amazon and look for adjustable dumbells, the ones with the knob that you turn, but they are ALWAYS so damn expensive! After getting a second full time job, my gym time got cut drasticall so I had to find a way to comensate. I bought these dumbells and leave them right a work so I can knockout my Biceps, triceps and shoulders at work and hit my chest back an legs at the gym, saves me so much time and makes my shift go by like nothing. At first I was concerned about having to take the times to change out all of the small plates constantly, but then I compared it to the bench press which requires you to place weighs on the bar just as you would these dumbells. Great Buy, well worth the price and aside from the paint shipping off the plates easily, I expect these things to last as long as I do. I recommend 100 times over
Langston Menezes on 07-08-2020
Excellent Dumbells!

These dumbbells are perfect for your home workout. Very easy to use and assemble. No issues with shipping and what not. The package arrived sooner than expected. Overall, a good buy!
Amazon Customer on 08-08-2020
Works really well for the price

It works pretty good, starting to see the gains after 2 weeks of using.
Ron Tinnin on 13-08-2020
Excellent Product.

I read every review about these dumbbells before I spent $200.. One reviewer stated that the postal service will not ship these to your house.. you have to pick them up at the post office. Mine all came and the postal worker dropped them off in my garage. It comes in 3 boxes. One box was delivered Saturday..the other 2 on Monday. They were well packaged and not damaged whatsoever..so well packaged, in fact. It was very hard to open..a box within a box.. all sealed up..paint scratched on dumbbells?? Meh.. a little.. who cares?? They're freaking dumbbells.. If you want "pretty" gym equipment go join Planet Fitness.. that's probably more your type of gym. I got the 200 pound set meaning all weights fit on both dumbbells to equal 100 pounds in each hand. I have an adjustable bench and went as high as 90 pounds so far.. no problems.. the star clamps didn't come lose.. but people complaining about that need to understand you have to apply at least a little bit of pressure when putting them on..don't just spin them around until they touch the plates and check them every set just in case and there's simply no way you will have any problems. These dumbbells are fantastic and I'm glad I purchased them. There's even a few sheets of papers they included for any beginners out there.. showing different exercises and explaining how to do them. But I recommend searching "Dumbbell exercises" on YouTube. Hope this helps. 5 stars on all categories from me.
Bernardo on 15-08-2020
Quality durable weights.

They're solid, secure, and just about the most bang you could get for your buck. I didn't get any weird oils or smells, the package was split in 2 boxes and safely package, and it arrived on time.This is where you should start, not with a gym membership. If you can get your workout done 10ft from your laptop and xbox then you're training your discipline, which will save you wasted gym money in the long run.
Joby J. on 16-08-2020
Just what I needed..

I have been working out at home for a while now and I have been using two dumbells with adustable weights, but I wanted to workout with an even method where both my hands could pick up one object.This adjustable kettlebell did just that. I used the adjustable weights I already had and put them on and away I went. It feels so much better being able to do excercises. I do this interesting excercise where I make a underhand throwing motion and repeat that.The grip on it is rubberize which is very good if you are wearing workout gloves, but if your hands are sweaty you're going to habe to dust them or get gloves.Overall it is easy to use and highly adaptable to your needs. I recommend this!
George Huffman on 17-08-2020
Heavy. A little rough.

These are basic dumbbells. They are a little sharp on some edges, but it's just from the casting. If I'd wanted super sleek I'd have paid more. A little sanding and retouching the paint would fix it, but I haven't bothered yet. Didn't use the rubber bands and I tighten once before each lifting session and haven't noticed any movement during exercises.

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