UV Light Sanitizer, Portable Travel Ultraviolet Disinfection lamp Without Chemicals for Hotel Household Wardrobe Toilet Car Pet Area,Germ-Killing, Golden Pink

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【 Sterilization Principle】According to the approved laboratory research, the ultraviolet disinfection stick can kill 99.99% of germ. The ultraviolet disinfection 
lamp destroys the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid)in bacterial viruses through ultraviolet rays with a wavelength in 
the range of 240 ~ 280nm.UV Light Sanitizer, Portable Travel Ultraviolet Disinfection lamp Without Chemicals for Hotel Household Wardrobe Toilet Car Pet Area,Germ-Killing
Sophie Wang on 02-07-2020
Suit to everything!

Very nice design !Anything can be disinfected and sterilized. Now that the plague is popular, this thing is too convenient. After disinfection, I feel more at ease.
Susan S. on 03-07-2020
Ideal sanitizer for cell phones.

I love that there is something out there to sanitize not only cell phones but keys glasses remotes without harsh products. This machine is the perfect size to do all of this. Plus to add a scent is like icing on a cake!! This machine won’t disappoint. Definitely keep in mind to charge an iPhone that it has to be at least 8 or above but this sanitizer won’t disappoint you.
Keelonpee on 04-07-2020

Works well
Amazon Customer on 05-07-2020
Handy disinfector

Love this product and how easy it is to use. It came with a goggle and a pouch. So I can easily carry it with me when I travel or just for daily usage. It’s easy to charge with the cable that came with it, when it’s fully charged, the light will go from red to blue or green. There’s also child lock on the side for safety if you have young children in the house. Very good purchase especially handy in today’s pandemic world.
Benson Liu on 06-07-2020

Since I have this FDA-approved disinfection stick, I am really relieved that it can disinfect many places in the house. It is easy to clean every time the package arrives. I don’t have to worry about the presence of viruses. It is convenient and simple. Really worth having
Yuxin Liu on 07-07-2020
Smaller than I expected, but works great!

It’s a bit smaller than I expected, but I love it. It could easily fit in my bag and sanitize as I go! I live the portable feature!
Jolie on 08-07-2020
Nice product

Got this at home to sterilize my phone, glasses, apple watch and small items. Quick and easy with just one button. I can charge up my phone at the same time. Seems great though I have no way of proving it actually cleans the germs...
Paul on 09-07-2020

The size and it is rechargeable.
Amazon Customer on 10-07-2020
Very fast operation,easy to use.

this wand really does the trick, especially during travels to hotels. It is very easy to use.
Jessie on 11-07-2020
Totally worth

I think it's a must have tool in this pandemic period. The item is pretty lightweight and it's convenient to carry it around in your bags or in the offices. Getting it for almost 3 weeks now, I am using it to scan everything like my mails , packages, and cash. It becomes part of my life now , just like wearing a mask. I am feeling much safer by adding the item as the 2nd level of protection with the masks in this special period. Totally worth.
EZ on 12-07-2020
Recommend it to everyone!

Work great! Very portable and easy to use. I use it everyday after I come back home to sanitize my clothes. It’s also very safe to use since it will stop working when you flip the light towards yourself. I am very satisfied with my purchase!
M. Mertz on 13-07-2020
Above and Beyond

It's a pandemic, so I expected serious delays with this product. Not only did the product arrive within a week, but they PACKED IT FULL OF STICKERS. Wonderful, positive stickers. I can't say whether it works super well (no black lights to check), but they do make sure you can't accidentally blind yourself with the lights. I'm very happy with it, all told. I actually needed some stickers for a notebook, so I'm just over the moon.
William Eakins Keil on 14-07-2020

Jessie on 15-07-2020
The most convenient way!

I have been tired of sanitizing since my baby was born. There are endless toys, some are unwashable, and some can't stand high temperatures. I have been recommended by many friends for one SUV sanitizer which is useful but so expensive. More than 400 bucks... I won't spend that much because I don't want sanitizer every day since germ is also important for my baby to build the immune system. I'm happy that I find this one, which is super convenient and exactly what I was looking for. I think it is safe to use but please keep your kids from touch it. Also a plus for this pandemic.
Ckun on 16-07-2020
Verified UVC LEDs

Verified that the LEDs from this wand actually does emit UVC light and that the goggles blocks UVC light using UVC Dosimeter cards in my video. I also have UVC wands from Purple Glow and Sanibeam, and this unit is much nicer than both units. I mean, it better be nicer considering the 59S its 2x the price of the other wands. To be fair though, the 59s is actually better priced when looking at the cost per UVC LED:59S: 20 UVC LEDs/$120Purple Glow: 4 UVC LEDs/$60Sanibeam: 1 UVC LED/$60The rose gold polish on the bottom is a classy touch, and the clamshell design is perfect to protect those precious UVC LEDs. The tilt safety off is kind of convenient too; I use it to turn off the lights briefly while moving about without turning off the unit so I don't have to double-click the button to turn it back on. I got this wand to disinfect the larger packages that I get and its perfect for that purpose

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