UV Flashlight 51 LED 395 Nm Ultraviolet Blacklight Pet Urine Detector Dry Stains and Bed Bugs Detector

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Versatile use: authenticate currency and official documents like drivers licenses, passports, official IDENTIFICATION cards, also perfect for finding animals and minerals

Ultra-compact design: The pocket-size UV flashlight can be carried along to detect stains in your car or illuminate minerals.


Color: Black
Material: Aluminum Alloy
LED QTY: 51 pcs
Lifetime: 100,000 Hours
UV Wavelength: 395nm
Diameter: 55mm
Length: 146mm
Package Weight: 0.46lb
Battery Require: 3×AA Battery (Batteries not inclouded)
Package includes:

1 X UV flashlight
1 X Use manual

Please do not shine directly into eyes
Do keep away from children and kids should use it only when adults are around.
Keep away from liquid or moisture in case of damaging the batteries.
When the flashlight can not be on, please check the batteries and battery case to see if they are installed correctly.
UV Flashlight 51 LED 395 Nm Ultraviolet Blacklight Pet Urine Detector Dry Stains and Bed Bugs Detector
PASSTHEAMMO on 09-08-2020

Been house hunting and bought this to check potential homes for pet urine stains around the house and carpet. WOW!!! It works well for WAY more than I thought it would!! Perhaps too good - some things I cant even explain. Like stains that I can't get out around my house. Some things will just glow - like the grout in one of the bathroom floors I think they used a swiffer mop or floor wax on ?? If you want proof it works - go pee in the toilet and turn the light out - point this LED at the toilet and it glows like you poured those kids neon green glow sticks into the toilet. I turned the lights out and used the flashlight while I was peeing - of course I did - I am a guy. You will swear your kidneys are radioactive. Here is the scary part - turn the lights off in the house and walk around looking at everything. I have been looking at houses and even though they look clean = hardly anything is. Stains you can't really see if at all with regular lighting will glow like a crime scene with this Black Light LED. Clean your kitchen then point this thing around your stove, vent hood, microwave, refrigerator door, floor, around the sink, back-splashes, bottoms of the cupboards, etc. Clean your bathroom and then use this to check around your toilet, walls, the floor..... YIKES!!! Your own house will horrify you. I run a clean ship - at least I thought I did. Now this is my Quality Control checking device.
SocDiesel on 10-08-2020

This UV Flashlight may be one of my greatest "worst-purchases" of my life. First off, let me say that this thing is AMAZING! Now let me explain about the first sentence. I am a neat-freak with OCD. I am very clean and can't stand dirty things. Well, before owning this device I thought my bathrooms were some of the cleanest rooms in my home. To my surprise and as a result of this UV flashlight, they were not. When I shut out the lights and turned on this flashlight, it exposed all the areas that I had missed cleaning. It is literally impossible to see the soiled areas unless you use this UV light. Everyone should own one of these flashlights. If you don't have one, be sure to make this purchase. It will be the best $9.95 you'll ever spend. Now let me go, I have A LOT OF cleaning to do! From now on, it looks like I'll be doing most of my cleaning in dark rooms with this UV flashing in my hand!
blp on 11-08-2020
Turbo UV flashlight!

What do I like about this UV flashlight? The handle is just the right size for an adult hand. The amount of UV light and broadcast pattern is perfect for my needs (scorpion hunting around my house). The price also perfect.I live in Arizona, and get numerous scorpions around my property. The flashlight arrived on time. Took it out for a scorpion hunt tonight, and found a big juicy scorpion that I quickly pulverized. Previous UV flashlight purchased from a "big box" store had about 1/4 the LEDs as this one, and some of those LEDs had burned out. This one throws out so much UV that I was able to spot the scorpion from about 25-30 feet away. In fact, I feel like I need to be a bit more careful with this and where I shine it because the UV is so intense. If I point it at my arm I can feel the heat from a few inches away.I can't speak about the battery life because I've only used it for about 1 hour, but it didn't run out or show signs of dimming. My only concern is the push-button switch. It is working just fine, but has a similar look and feel to other push button flashlights that I've had that didn't last very long. Again, no problems yet after one day of use and probably 20+ on/off cycles. We'll see how the button lasts. I'd be willing to pay an additional $10 to have the same flashlight but with a more robust on/off button. But for the price, if this one wears out, I'll just order the exact same flashlight again.I definitely recommend this flashlight for hunting scorpions. Just be careful and don't shine the flashlight at people or pets!
KB on 12-08-2020
Shows everything

If you want to know how dirty your house is, buy this. My pets sometimes have accidents and I thought I was cleaning them up all the way. I bought this light to check. Only do this if you REALLY want to know. After I checked, I spent two days deep cleaning and I threw away a small rug that was beyond saving.If you want to check if your kids are fully cleaning their bathroom, it is good for that too. Only I use my bathroom and clean it. Fortunately, no horrible shockers there.You could also use this to check your kids rooms, but maybe ignorance is bliss in that situation. You do you. This light will show you everything.
Jeffrey on 13-08-2020
Some things can't be unseen.

This product works well. But I do not recommend it. Some things can't be unseen. Also, it will ruin your relationship with your 8 year old Pug.They say that pugs were bred to sit on the laps of Chinese Emperors. I think mine knows this and is thoroughly disappointed that I'm neither an emperor nor Chinese. She takes this out on me by leaving little urine markings all over the carpet...which I never knew until using this flashlight. It's the typical passive-aggressive move I should have expected. Maybe this is where the term "b!t@h" got its ethos. Pugs can never be aggressive. No one would take them serious... mainly because they can't bite anything that's not smaller than a marble due to their flat faces. They can't really do any kind of fierce barking...after 5 seconds they run out of breath and need to slow down while they do their snort-breaths. What I'm trying to say is that this item shed a lot of light on our relationship and now things will never be the same again.
WDM on 24-06-2020
Works as expected

I bought this light because the property on which I'm building my house in central Oklahoma has a constant supply of scorpions. I wanted this light so I could find them and get rid of them.The flashlight itself seems to be built quite well. It doesn't feel light (no pun intended) and cheap, and the ON/OFF button feels solid and responsive.Well, does it work? See for yourself in the picture. I spotted a little scorpion on the wall in the house, and sure enough, it lit up like a neon light. I have also been able to spot pet stains on rugs and carpet. So, the flashlight works great.My only complaint with this purchase has nothing to do with the flashlight, but with the company selling these on Amazon. When I bought the light, I received MANY emails from their customer service department asking me an array of questions from what I thought of the light, if I had any problems with the light, if there's anything else they can do for me, if I would review the light, if I would rate them as a seller, etc. One email would have sufficed.If you are looking for a light to find scorpions, pet stains, or even human stains, then this light will do the job. I recommend it.
Splagg on 25-06-2020
Found a Load of Scorpions

My friend and I both looked through a ton of Amazon reviews in search of a high quality UV flashlight with the intention of hunting scorpions. There are tons of choices on Amazon and we've both seen plenty of garbage gimmicky UV flashlights. After looking at a few different price ranges without any significant difference between the specs and reviews, we decided it would be a much better idea to spend <$15 on a decent quality highly reviewed light rather than $90+ on "professional" ones. Primary considerations were light quality, durability, longevity, battery usage, battery type. Honestly I couldn't find anything describing the difference between lights with a single LED and a boatload of LEDs. There's a great, detailed user review from a guy that bought this light and another brand's almost identical light (in both price and style). That review and the low cost were the major deciding factors in going with this light.I can't attest to the longevity and durability of this model as I've only used it for a couple hours. I can say that it appears to be a quality item. 3 AA batteries aren't difficult to come by. The light is very powerful, bringing out a brilliant fluorescence from a good distance (10-15ft, but keep in mind some of these scorpions were tiny).Definitely not disappointed!
Danielle on 26-06-2020
Proceed at your own risk

It's simultaneously the best and worst decision I've made. I smelled dog/cat urine in my dining room last week, but couldn't find the source. I purchased this to find the stains. It was a scene from a horror movie. It turns out it was probably one of the stains on the carpet or THE WALLS (the previous tenants must have had a cat who was territorial) that existed before I got here and the summer humidity has resurrected some things that weren't actually my dog's fault. I'm ready to leave and go live in my car now. Bottom line, if you want to see things you can't unsee, this little thing can do that for you.
Christy on 27-06-2020
I’m giddy with excitement

Squeeee to the 10th power. I have two dogs that apparently are doing a sneak move in the potty area. In my house ???? so I actually was shopping for effective urine remover and many reviews mentioned a black light. So I researched up a storm and ended up with this one. Omg! Seriously. It works in dark and light. This is what I did. Last night I went through the house in the dark and found the spots so I knew what I was looking at. All spots confirmed to be urine. Then today I got my steam cleaner out and in the light I found the spots again, spot treated then steam cleaned. The light only detected dry, so here is where the best thing happened. Once I identified the spots, I sprayed my spot cleaner on it. Since the light doesn’t detect wet, you can see where you still need to spot clean
Elizabeth Hosier on 28-06-2020
Works appropriately.

Dear god, I am almost regretful for buy this seeing how horrible having a house of boys leaves the bathroom! Lol. However grossness aside I wanted it so I could see how well our cleaners were working.Secondly my beautiful cat has been battling a tumor which led to some accidents and this as allowed us to find them and properly treat the spots. Some of the reviews were negative but it honestly works well.My kids enjoy using it while cleaning the bathrooms. It’s weird I guess but at least I’m instilling in them to learn to aim better because they are gross beings and to be a clean freak.
Angela on 29-06-2020
This light is amazing & will save me money on carpet shampooing

Being a fur baby mamma of three dogs who have gone through a lot of changes in only four months, accidents occur due to stress. Before buying this light, I was using my carpet shampooer weekly because I didn’t know the exact location of the accidents. The shampooer (Bissell) helped some, but even the spots cleaned by that machine showed up as a much lighter yellow stain under this light). Fresh spots (Even dried ones from prior to turning in for the night) showed as a very bright yellow stain.To clean them, for the first time, I used Nature Miracle Advanced. I used the light to identify the spots, then the nozzle on the Natures Miracle bottle to saturated the stain, then used my shoe to act like a brush to work the solution into the carpet fibers. The next day the older (lighter spearing spots still showed), but the fresh bright yellow stains were either gone, or also showed as a lighter shade of yellow. For the cleaner I used, I expected them all to be gone. Anyway, with new stains and even the lighter older stains, this time I used a 50% white vinegar/50% water solution. I went back to each stain (that still shows up with this light) and saturated it with this mixture. I will update the results tomorrow.However, this light IS AMAZING! It will save me so much money now that I can see exactly where the spots are to treat. It also helps me to see what cleaners work/don’t work because old or treated yet not resolved stains show up as a lighter yellow.
Arvid Iver on 30-06-2020
What is that stain?!

With this flashlight you can see so much more than you wanted to. Be ready with a bottle of bleach and some serious cleaning tools when you go walking around your house. You never knew the dog peed there, or how much dust glows. Here's a trick, shine it on yourself. I had a water burn on my foot that is perfectly healed but shows a different color under the black light. Shine this light all over your house and out in your yard. Shine this on your face as you walk around your house in the dark, and smile widely at your house-mate. Tape this to your ceiling fan and have a wild party of 1, or just set it on your coffee table as a great conversation piece. The uses for this are limitless.
DisneyDenizen on 01-07-2020

We got this when we were trying to figure out why our house smelled like urine. I supposed it could have been because our household had grown to include six rescue cats. I was a woman on a mission! I was not going to stop until my house was odor free.* We feared that at least one of the cats had been using a location other than one of the many litter boxes. Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised. The only urine we spotted was remnants from an incident with the dog.We used this again when we discovered that one of our foster kittens had ringworm. My daughter took the kitten to her foster kitten mentor, who shown one of these lights on the suspicious spot and confirmed the ringworm. With this bit of training, my daughter was able to screen all of our permanent residents for ringworm, which fortunately none of them had contracted.This is one seriously useful tool! It is easy to use. It's best used in the dark, but we found you can also use it effectively if there's some light. We have had it for a couple of years. Still works perfectly with the original battery, although in all fairness it's not like we have to use it all that often.*I have definitely solved the odor problem. Try TIDY CAT FREE AND CLEAN and then come back and give me a helpful vote!** I promise you will never use anything else ever again. In ten years, you'll still be saying, "Some woman on Amazon changed my life!" The beauty of this particular litter is that (1) the litter itself has no smell whatsoever and (2) there is charcoal in the litter which absorbs 100% of that nasty ammonia smell.**I don't usually troll for helpful votes, but this advice really is super helpful! :) lol
Stephanie Scott on 02-07-2020
Originally purchase 06-2017 updated review

I originally purchased this light June 2017. I love it so much, it's great for cleaning up after pets and even your self. I use it to see what I can't see with out it. Especially cleaning the bathroom. The light recently started having a connection problem (early February 2019) and flickering then stopped working. I took very good care of the light but this could of happened for who knows the reason. (But) The company shocking and amazingly sent me a new light. I had also purchased one in between this time that didnt compare and cost more which left me wishing I still had this one. To see it show up in the mail today without me even asking (figured it'd been too long to ask) is astonishing. It shows they do read our reviews and definitely take care of customers. I couldn't be happier. Many of us can be entitled sometimes, I hope to never take advantage after being taken care of so well. I've had a bunny since January that's being littered trained so having this light back now matters more than it ever did-I beleive in this company and can't see any reason not to use their handheld blacklight exclusively!
Sonja Begonia on 03-07-2020
It works!

My 9 year old dog has been struggling with pottying in potty places for a week or so, and finally yesterday she showed appreciable signs of a UTI and we took her in and now we’ve got her on antibiotics. But there’s been a not-so-mysterious smell in the hallway and bathroom and I haven’t been able to find the spot, so I bought this gizmo. The battery container is a little confusing, but I remembered it was + - - on the top when I opened it so I made sure to put it back that way (+ + - down in the hole). And once it was on it was like magic. It caught the spot in the hallway. And a couple in the living room and one ring in front of the door where apparently I failed to clean the whole stain the last go round... but now everything is soaking in Nature’s Miracle, and my pup is on her meds, and we will be back to a ship shape clean home again! Yay! Thank you little flashlight for finding the yucky so it could be cleaned!

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