PS4 Controller Wireless Game Controller Bluetooth Gamepad,Touch Panel Joypad and Anti-Slip Design

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Price: $36.95

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Application: For PS4/PS3/Windows PC

Connection for PS4: Wireless or wired way

Connection for PC/PS3: Only wired way

Connect this controller to a PS3 console or a PC via the USB cable as a wired controller to be used. A PS4 driver is required to be installed when it's connected to PC.
6-axis motion sensing function and vibration function isn't supported when the controller is connected to a PS3 console or a PC.
Input power: DC 5V/800mA

Battery: 600mAh

Time to use: About 5 hours

Package include: 

1 * Wireless controller 
1 * USB cable
1* user manual
Wired Game Controller USB Handle Gamepad
Heather Patterson on 10-08-2020
Great lighting. Easily get tangled though. So keep it in roll.

Great lighting. Just be careful not to tangle it up.
L D on 11-08-2020
Good purchase

Ive seen reviews about the lights not working but mine have been up since the summer and are still working its November!
Amazon Customer on 12-08-2020
Great buy. I bought two sets

I bought a set of these for Christmas 2019 and ended up buying another set after the holidays. One is likely more than enough, but I am going for a classy Griswolds look. I’ve been really happy with the lights. My only two critiques are that they could be a bit brighter and they cannot be attached to other lights.
Amazon Customer on 13-08-2020
Must buy!

These do not disappoint! Beautiful and so compact! Our roof line is about 320ft long and we had enough to wrap the whole house and then some!
Pspears on 24-06-2020
Definitely awesome!!!

Definitely pleased with this product!! Great quality!! And great price! Longest lights I have ever seen! They worked great!!! They ran the whole month of December without being turned off and are still going.
Stacey on 25-06-2020
Oh Christmas tree

Love the lights. We made a tree on our flag pole with two boxes. The only drawback is when they go on you have to set the function each time or else the lights rotate through all 8 functions. We have them on a timer so at 5 we just go to the door and adjust the function to twinkle!
Cee P on 26-06-2020
Lights up

Long string of lights.
Adam on 27-06-2020

I like the led lights and function of the lights with the remote or switchVery long set of lights
Amazon Customer on 28-06-2020
Lots of subtle warm lights and LED !

I ordered another spool for next May Wedding to use outdoors. The price is right and it’s a continuous string of light. I tested it out and am very happy with the features
lovinbnsingle on 29-06-2020
They are beautiful

I put these omg new patio on my new house, so far, they are perfect! Thank you!
penipoo on 30-06-2020
Absolutely gorgeous!

These are the best!! Not only are the a true "warm" white - but one roll covered my real 12 foot Christmas tree! The roll just kept going and going!! The functions are great (although I just use steady) but its fabulous when you only have to use one roll. The are smaller so I use a lot but I just love them! I purchased two!
Stevec316 on 01-07-2020
The coverage is amazing

This is by far the best set of lights I have ever used. What you see in the video is 2 sets. They framed my house and covered both roofs. I plan on one more set and throw out all of my other lights.
Aadhi on 02-07-2020
Beautiful bright lights.

I ordered these for celebrations and it totally worth. These lights are very bright and beautiful. These are 330ft long . Perfect for decorations.
Maria Gloria Sanchez Diaz on 03-07-2020

Looks beautiful!!
erick reyes on 04-07-2020
Very good

Very conveniant, I liked the dimmer function. Of course in my pic, I used 3 rolls to give me the right amount of light. Overall well worth

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