66ft LED String Lights Dimmable with Remote Control, Waterproof Decorative Lights for Bedroom,Patio,Garden,Gate,Yard,Parties,Wedding(Copper Wire Lights, Warm White)

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Gorgeous Looking Design: 200 brilliant LED glow a warm white light,as soon as you light up your string lights, the leds strings creates a warm, joyful, and festive ambience to delight your Christmas,holiday or wedding.

Energy Efficient & Durable:Updated version with timing function,brightness adjustable,8 light modes (steadyinking/flash/smooth/strobe,etc).Long life of LED bulbs and low energy costs.The insulated copper wire keeps the lights at a low temperature so they are safe to touch after many hours of use.

Waterproof & Safe:The safety of the light is guaranteed by a UL certification and a waterproof rating of IP65.Can even use in the rain weather,it can withstand different kinds of whether including sunlight,rainy,and snow.

Easy to Shape and Mold: 66ft flexible ultra thin copper wire can easily bend to whatever shape you want ,wrap around items you wish.Can be wound around furniture,bed,window, staircase,bar,tree,balcony or garden.We recommend not submerging it into water.

66ft LED String Lights Waterproof Decorative Lights for Bedroom,Patio,Garden,Gate,Yard,Parties,Wedding(Warm White)
haggis on 11-08-2020
Extremely long strand of nice LEDs

This is a lot of lights. We bought them to string across our ceiling, kind of like mini bistro lights. We were able to cover about a 10ft x 14ft area, spacing the strands every 12 in. We had strung up regular christmas lights previously but they kept falling down because they were too heavy for the Command hooks. I figured these would be a lot lighter due to them being LED, and because the strand is so long we don't have the ugly look of the plug connectors anymore. They came on a spool which was handy and made it easy to unravel them with no tangles. They look fantastic. The color looks like a true "warm white" which is great since LEDs tend to be on the cool side. They are definitely lighter in weight than regular christmas lights and we haven't had any problems with Command hooks falling down anymore. The 2 cons I can think of: First, they are not as bright as regular christmas lights. I thought we would make up the difference because of the sheer number of lights, but that didn't end up being the case. They are just not as bright as regular lights. They get the job done for our use, but it seems to me like they would almost be too dim to use outdoors if you are looking for a dazzling light display. The other gripe is that the default light setting is not "constant on" but instead is some crazy flashing thing. I intended to plug these into a switched lamp outlet so they could be controlled by the wall light switch, but that doesnt work because every time the outlet is switched off/on, they default to the crazy flashing setting. It would be better if the default were just "on". Overall though, I am very happy for the price. They look great and are lightweight enough that Command hooks can hold them up.
Jessica on 12-08-2020
Would recommend

Remote has to point directly at the sensor, so most likely you’ll still have to get up to turn them on. Brightness is excellent for indoors and great outdoors at night, but not as bright as standard Christmas lights. Really is 300+ ft of lighting which is impressive. Would recommend
Amazon Customer on 13-08-2020
We loved ‘em

We decided to put all white lights on our Christmas tree this year. Finding 800 lights for under $40 seemed like a real bargain. They looked great, and there’s the added bonus of the remote with 8 different display functions, plus the dimmer. Only down side is lining up on the floor a single 300’ strand, but it wasn’t really a big deal.Would recommend.
Matthew on 24-06-2020
Great value

The lights are of great value. and they are long enough to decorate my entire place! They are easy to set up, and they look beautiful!
WaterskiGuy on 25-06-2020
Well worth the price

Look amazing for decorating the inside and outside of your house or apartment
Ann Shafer on 26-06-2020
Very bright!

Little glitchy with streaming lights but looks beautiful.
Eric on 27-06-2020
Good quality

First I have to say the delivery was really fast,even during the Christmas season.and this Christmas lights is really good .it long enough to surround my big Christmas tree.The lights were bright lit up our Christmas tree.
Scott Rice on 28-06-2020
Beautiful lights

These are excellent! It covered all the front and our tree. One more roll would cover the whole house. They are great and look wonderful
User on 29-06-2020
Bright and very long extention

Arrive just in time for Christmas. The light extend long enough to cover my christMas tree from top to bottom. Very bright to my surprise. It has 4 settings to flash the lights. I just kept it on steady eith no flash at all times.
Melissa Strutz on 30-06-2020
Great set of lights!

I love these lights. We got lazy and didn't decorate the outside of our house this year, but my husband decided to use them inside instead and they are so pretty. They are strung in 4 rooms and the hallway and make a great addition for the holidays. The lighting is perfect and we love all the different settings for the lights.
Mark bawling on 01-07-2020
Lights for party

This light has many mode, I used to decorate the trees it looks really nice and it is water proof.
Momma Z on 02-07-2020
Nice fairy lights

Good value. fast delivery,Remote is not user friendly.
Wendy on 03-07-2020

Mallory Hudson on 04-07-2020

Perfect for my front yard. They looked so amazing and did exactly what I needed them to do. I was able to use one outlet and cover a very large area. They were bright and easy to hang.
mlin on 05-07-2020
Super good product!

I got this to decorate my front door Christmas, actually That’s exactly what I need, waterproof for outdoors, also have timer functions and remote control. Love it, highly recommend!

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