UV Lighter Sanitizer Mini Handheld Sanitizer Travel Wand UV Light

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Product Features:

Safe to use: when the UV lamp is facing up, the internal mechanism of the stick is automatically turned off.
Proven: scientists have passed sterilization, which kills 99.9% of bacteria.
Please Read: Indicators pointing at you or right, left or forward will never light up. Therefore, please do not assume that the product is faulty. 
Easy to use: Our UV disinfectant works with a USB connection (not chargeable) and also supports 4 AAA batteries.
Simple operation: Just press the switch button to sterilize. 
Easy to carry: Small size, light weight, battery power and USB power. Take it with you, enjoy your work, rest, and make sure you travel in a clean environment.
UV Lighter Sanitizer Mini Handheld Sanitizer Travel Wand UV Light
Toledoboy on 13-08-2020
Essential tool for travel now

I picked this up because I need to travel for my job. I use this when I am staying at hotels. It gives my a better piece of mind knowing I have personally disinfected the room. I like that it is rechargeable. It very easy to use and foldable making it compact. I use it to clean other items also.
Critical Eye Toward Design on 24-06-2020
Nice Design

I am impressed. We are using it on mail, packaging and surfaces in hopes of killing COVID-19. Nice packaging and construction. I am using polycarbonate safety glasses and thick dishwashing gloves to keep the UV-C out of my eyes and off my hands. I would buy it again.
Tony on 25-06-2020
Excellent Sanitizer Wand

During this Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene is very important. I bought this UV light wand to sanitize / clean items which are not easily cleaned by disinfecting wipes: cash, letters, paperwork, fabric / cloth car seats.I also use it to sanitize my jeans after I sit in bank’s or pharmacy chair, so I don’t have to wash the jeans each time coming back outside.This UV light is compact, light weight, easy to use, rechargeable by car charger. I will definitely bring it with me if I travel out of town, ready to sanitize things like bedding in a hotel room, so I can have peace of mind.
maggie?1688 on 26-06-2020
use it on bed and electronic product

It is a special period now, and we have started to work, because there are children in the family, so we need to take protective measures. Therefore, I bought a variety of disinfection supplies. This is more convenient to use. You can use it as long as you have a good electricity. You can scan it back and forth 5-10 times from 1 inch. I mainly use it on bed and electronic products. (I hope everyone is safe and healthy)
Kristine Brito on 27-06-2020
Happy with my purchase so far...!

I've only had this product for about two days & I'm not going to lie, ever since I've received this item I've been using it to sterilize things around the house nonstop! Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant to make the purchase- the price of the wand intimidated me a bit. $149+tax?! But judging from all of the positive reviews, and the fact that this same device was recommended on another website as one of the best wands to use recently, I made the decision to just go for it and buy this. From what I've experienced, it's really easy to use, and the charge also lasts for a very long time. I'm happy so far with my purchase. I'll update this review in a month or so to give more insight! Just sharing my thoughts as of right now. Thanks!
bambooQ on 28-06-2020
Nice design

Pros:1.It comes with nice box and even comes with goggles.2. It has child lock, confused me at first, but it's a safety feature to use.3. It will automatically stop if the light not face to the objectCons:A little pricey, my friend recommended this one, so I didn't search other products at all. I hope it works best.Overall, it's a nice design product, but I don't know how much germs/bacteria/virus are killed as I can't see. I will keep using it for a while and see if I can feel any difference.
Ed K on 29-06-2020
Well built and works great, I think

Easy to use, charges well, seems well built and designed. If it’s working, which I hope it is, I have no way of verifying the germs are being killed. A little pricey so we’ll see how long it lasts.
Connie C on 30-06-2020
This uvc led sterilization is so convenient

Now that the virus is so serious, before I buy this disinfection stick, I have to disinfect all the things I bought from the store and supermarket. The spray and the wipe are really tired ?? Now with this disinfection stick, as long as it is fully charged, you can disinfect it by sweeping back and forth 5 to 10 times from 3cm to 5cm to the thing you want to disinfect, which is very convenient and easy to use.
Yujuan Sun on 01-07-2020
Trustworthy product

When I received this disinfection stick, I was looking forward to using it. It was really easy to use, light and safe. Now every time I buy something from outside, I use this disinfection stick to sweep it back and forth a few times, and then it’s OK Open the outer packaging boldly and assuredly. The use of this product allows us to eliminate the source of infection of the new crown virus. The family is very worthwhile and will be recommended to friends and friends.
Otto Barrett on 02-07-2020
Better safe than sorry

I decided to purchase this UV Light sanitizer because I feel with all the viruses going around, a tool like this can become handy when traveling.In my line of work, I rent cars and commute to different cities, so this portable and light unit easily allows me to use it for the purpose of killing viruses while on the road.I use it on the seat, on the steering while and compartments. Basically anywhere my hands would touch.There are mixed reviews on this unit,I think it’s worth having in times like these.It’s very easy to use
Binh Phung on 03-07-2020
This device has a good value for its performances.

As shown in my video, my clothing was previously treated with sanitizer spray; its color was faded or changed due to chemical reactions. These reactions not only destroying the appearance, but also its texture as well. I started to search for an alternative and found it on Amazon with this UV light fixture; its price surprised me at first, but I decided to try it. I could returned it if its performance was not up to my expectations. Over the course of several weeks, I found it was super because it saved my clothing and my personal belongings such face mask, wallet, etc. This device made a low buzzing sound so I knew it was working; I used it to sterilized my N95 face mask as well so I could re-use it without disposing it after one use. This saving of face mask alone would pay off its price in a short period of time. Another saving was my wallet leather did not have to subject to chemical reactions such as alcohol or bleach; its texture was preserved and thanks to this UV technology. The manufacturer was quite thoughtful to include a pair of UV grade eye glass and a travel case; this set up allowed me to carry it during travelling. I would recommend it to future customers because its value was worth the price.
Monica on 04-07-2020
Convenient to carry

I was inspired to search for this product online is because I saw someone is using a phone sanitizing box and it's about $30. I was thinking why don't bought a UV lamp that can be used for anything.Pros: *Eco friendly. I tried my best to avoid using chemicals but at the same time, I need to stay safe so UV Light Sanitizing is a good substitute.*Small enough to fit in my purse. (Medium to large size), not the mini ones.*Can clean literally all the surfaces.*Receive free google to protect yourself and make sure you wear them.Cons:*I left it in my bedroom and the batteries died in 1-2 hours maybe? I wish the battery lasts longer.*The gravity sensor may be a good use for some people, but I wish it doesn't have this advanced feature, because I wouldn't be able to use horizontally like picture 2 that I posted.Overall, the flaws are acceptable and as long as the product does it sanitizing work then I'm okay with my purchase. So no doubt, 5/5 which is a fair score.
Bacon on 05-07-2020
Gives me peace of mind

This is truly a life saver, giving my family peace of mind during this difficult time. We are all struggling, but having this sanitizer truly helps to ease our stress. I use it on my shoes, handbags, things that cannot be washed regularly. My husband loves to use it on car seats. We will be taking this wand on our long overdue honeymoon once covid-19 is over. Just having it with me makes me feel safe and at ease. Thank you for making such great product!
Cryss on 06-07-2020
I love this wand and use it every chance i get!

My husband bought 2, one for me and one for his mom! I work at a bank and i use this everyday for our "high traffic areas"! I use it on our clipboards and pens in our busy drive through often! I sanitize my work area and my keyboard and work keys often. The battery life is amazing! At home i use it on all of my pkgs from Amazon before we open them. I'm so happy with this sanitizer wand!! We do our cat litter box and it keeps the litter from smelling up the room!! I KID YOU NOT!!!
Apple on 07-07-2020
Useful Tool

Bought this sanitizer wand because I can not find any lysol disinfectant spray to help me to prevent the virus. Researched online found the UV light works good to killing various bacteria and viruses. Then decided to try this sanitizer wand.This UV light sanitizer wand is very easy to use and convenient to take it to anywhere. It takes few hours to charge in full. This sanitizer wand can be used on almost everything. The most I use this sanitizer wand is to scan my incoming mail package and in side my car. It works good so far. I also like the double safe features of this sanitizer wand, child lock and automatically shut off when the UV light flipped . You can see how the feathers work from my video.Been using this sanitizer wand almost 3 weeks , I feel more safer.Just like wear face masks it can give me additional protection to prevent me getting sick.Before I bought this sanitizer wand, I read some reviews said this sanitizer wand stopped working in short period.I really hope this sanitizer could keep working longer. May come back to update review in next couple months. Also do not forget to wear the glass to protect your eye when use this UV light sanitizer wand!

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