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ronald j gamache jr on 03-05-2020
Cleaning and charging my phone at the same time

There are germs everywhere. One of the main culprits are my cellphone. People will touch it ir i would put it down in area that is dirty or where there is a bunch of sick people. The Marnanas UV sterilizer is nice and durable.
Parekh K on 04-05-2020
Dint know I needed this until I had it!!

NOTE: PLEASE READ THIS:The strange thing is that just like you're unable to see the germs on the surface, you're also unable to verify the effectiveness of the Sanitizer itself. It makes no noise, and there's no visible difference after it's done. The only indication that it's working is the UV light on side. So you just have to take it on faith that it's doing what it says it does.My experience:I've been using this UV-Clean phone sanitizer for several days now. It's such an interesting product and concept, because of the nature of its functionality. We all know and have heard the statistics about how nowadays our phones have more germs and are dirtier than a toilet seat. Nasty. But think about it, we take our phones everywhere. Admit it, you take it to the bathroom, too. We are super hygenic, washing our hands, using a towel to open the door, not touching handles or other people's hands, and on and on trying to avoid contact with germs. But when was the last time you washed your phone? Do you set it down on the table at the restaurant, on the desk at school, on the counter by the coffeepot at work? Yes, right? So we wash our hands and use sanitizer, and then pick up this disgusting petri dish of bacteria and germs, and our hands go back to being just as dirty as before.That's where UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer comes in. It's purse size; desk size; portable. It fits almost any phone, or anything roughly phone-sized that you want to sanitize- keys, that lipstick tube, your debit card that you swipe a million times a day. It only takes 30 seconds per side.I can see a broad application of this product in public restrooms right next to the sink area; picture it, as it becomes another step in the regular hand-washing routine: put your phone in the sanitizer, wash hands, dry, pick up phone. Voila! Clean hands, clean phone, fresh start!All said, I'm pleased with this product. It gives me a better feeling when I'm able to effectively clean the dirtiest surface I own; especially now with the news of scary viruses spreading in the world, it is just one more way to keep my family safe.I hope this review is helpful!
John Coxy on 05-05-2020
Disinfect and make your phone safe for use.

It was only during holiday get together I got informed and realized that we are always touching our phones, transferring bacteria to our devices. Using this product does make cell phone more clean for use else can be the most infected surfaces you come in contact with. Rarely do people clean or disinfect their phone, so germs and bacteria build up. I am glad they develop such kind of Screen Cleaner which can easily solve this growing problem. The best part is that it comes with charging plate so while my phone is getting charged, it's getting sanitized as well. Works well so far.
Nancy Taub on 06-05-2020
Save your time

I thought for a long time and was looking for a method to disinfect my phone. After all, the phone collects bacteria during the day. Since I always use it, the bacteria also threaten me.And I found a practical and safe method of disinfecting my phone. He placed the phone, pressed the button and after a short time the ultraviolet light disinfects the phone. I use it at night. It is very convenient that in the process the phone charges and saves time.
willisota on 07-05-2020
Easy to use, and very usefull

I wanted to make sure my phone is less infested with bacteria, and other transmittable germs. I saw a report that claimed my phone was dirtier than a toilet seat. YUCK!I looked online, and found this was true. Very disturbing.I looked into cleaning options and found that most chemicals for cleaning will also damage my screen.This clearly left me disconcerted, and I looked for an alternative.This sanitizer solved this issue.I love that it sanitizes the phone in 15 minutes. AND that it charges via QI while doing it.It is simple to use, which means I can actually expect my family to follow through and use it.Sanitizing your phone is even more important now, so I am glad I found this.
Mickey on 08-05-2020
Highly efficient sanitizing device.

This sits by our front door so we can use it when we get home. It works great on phones, cards and keys... It is a quick and safe method for disinfecting. This device us easy to use and easy to travel with.
Chris B on 09-05-2020
UV sanitizer for iPhone and wireless charger

It wirelessly charges iPhone 11 Pro MaxIt takes about 15 minutes for the UV sanitizerIt does not talk like the other types of UV sanitizerIt lights up and when the lights turn off; it’s done.It will not fit with a cover on. And I use one of the thinnest covers. It will not close. It fits without the cover.It works well overall.
Pablo De Sensi on 10-05-2020
Dos what it should do

I'm glad that I bought this sterilizer because such products is sold out everywhere, I use it for the night when I go to sleep, it can wireless charge my mobile phone at the same time, when I wake up in the morning I can use my clean and fully charged phone. I'd like to purchase it again to use at my office. With the Corona virus, it’s a must buy and I highly recommend it!
Martybeth on 11-05-2020
Cleans and charge

This in a a cool product that does two things. It sanitizes your phone, which is hugely important. It also is a wireless charger, so while it sanitizes it charges. I have an iphoneX and it fits nicely. I do have to remove the case to close the sanitizer, but removing and charging the case is not necessary to charge.
AJ M on 12-05-2020
Value for money untouched

In the current time of COVID19, everything that you touch and connect gives additional anxiety of being infected. Sanitizers and alcohol sprays are good but was looking for some better solution for my phone, keys, masks and other small things. I bought this at the right time and it came very quick. I guess it is considered as essentials and it is actually essential. Its little pricey but worth the peace of mind. I am not sure how much disinfection is done using this but at least leaving phone, keys and masks in it for hour or so. It does let you know when the sanitation is complete and the phone/key/mask is ready to use. I feel it more helpful then using alcohol on these things. At least, its giving me peace of mind along with protection.
Carl Wendell on 13-05-2020

A phone is dirtier than a toilet seat. Each time I come back home I will put my cellphone in this phone sterilizer and let it clean my phone. Both 2 of my phones don't support wireless charge, so the wireless charging is not useful for me, however, it has a charging port at the end, when I sanitize my phone, I can also plug the charging cable to charging port to charge my other phone.
Zhenxi Zhang on 14-05-2020
Great quality and price!

I had done a lot of research on phone sanitizer, and I learned that it sanitize your phone with UV lights and ozone it produced during sanitize process. When I received it and figured out it has 4 UV-C lights, it's a great way for us to keep our phones free of germs. it actually kills germs and doing it’s job! It's very helpful at current situation with COVID-19.
Kim Skyles on 15-05-2020
So far so Good

This product does exactly what you need it to, I use it every day to sanitize phones in my family case there has baby in the house, it is very easy to use and it really does all the work. Would consider buying more since there are other phones need to be sanitized, and I don't want to use a single sanitizer to clean cellphones one by one.
Robert Gasper on 16-05-2020
Good Buy

I purchased it because my phone often exposed in public places, according to the research, the germ on cellphone is 10-18 times than a public toiet, and I found it's a better way to sanitize my cellphone than use a alcoho wipe, it's a good idea to sanitize my phone in this way. Another I want to say is that it can charge my phone at the same time as it cleans it! It’s a must have for healthy care.
caotrungtin on 17-05-2020
Great deal for good earphones

This uv phone Santinizer is working invisibly so you wont notice it works or not after the treatment. The operation about 5-10 minutes but since there is wireless charge then you can keep it there for charing and keep your phone as clean as possible

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