Portable UV Light Cell Phone Sterilizer Box with USB charge,Fast Wireless Charger

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Wide Application: This disinfection box can be widely used to sterilize mobile phone, masks, watches, jewelry, keys, toothbrushes, eyeglasses, earphones and other small objects. It fits most phone's including the iPhone 11 pro max. Compact size and lightweight, easy to carry. Perfect gift for your friends and family.

Aromatherapy Function: Designed with aromatherapy inlet allows you to have an aromatherapy SPA. Just drop a few drops of essential oil (not included) to make your objects full of pleasant smell after disinfecting.

Anti-radiation Safe Design: Our UV light phone sanitizer is designed with magnet switch, convenient to use. When the lid is opened during the disinfection process, the magnetic induction will auto shut down UV light to avoid damage to your eyes and body. And when the lid is closed, it will auto turn on UV light to disinfect your items.

10W Fast Wireless Charging: This phone sanitizer allows for wireless charging up to 10W, you can charge your Qi-enabled devices while disinfecting.


Color: White
Input voltage: 5V/2A   9V/2A
Output: 10W(Max)
Working frequency: 100-205khz
Product Dimensions:40*100*182MM
Net weight: 360g
Packing List: 

1 Avera Group UV Phone Sanitizer Box
1 Type-c cable (1m)
1 Instruction Manual
1 High speed plug
Portable UV Light Cell Phone Sterilizer Box with USB charge,Fast Wireless Charger
Ahson R. on 01-07-2020
Must have during these trying times

Bought this to sanitize all our loose belongings when entering the house. With covid we have been very cautious so we thrown in our keys, wallet, phones, glasses etc. Anything that we may use during the day and does not get sanitized or cleaned. I took a wire hanger cut and bent it into small hooks that I hang from the wire wrack, I use those to hang my masks so they get sanitized all the way around. You could probably buy some S hooks but with this being as expensive as it is I didn't want to spend anymore. For your families safety, it's worth every penny.
Brandon on 02-07-2020
The performance of the sterilizer is very good.

The UV sterilizer is very similar to the equipment specially designed for CPAP machines, and there is no expensive cost. Similar to the lumen function, its price is only one-third of its price, and the performance of the sterilizer is very good.It is equipped with a Philips UVC bulb, which has the correct wavelength rating and low replacement cost.When using the dryer function, the operation is very simple and quiet. When the device is running, a small light will appear above the mode selection wheel, and it will go out after completion, although the small window helps to confirm whether the bulb is on/off. In addition to using CPAP, the sterilizer can also be used to sterilize everything from toothbrushes to remote controls. It is recommended to manually run the lemon slice several times.I agree that this method can eliminate any odor, so it is definitely worth the effort. One complaint about this device is that the power cord is a bit short, but it should be long enough for most people.
Richard Kissick on 03-07-2020
Pro quality sterilizer, large size, room to steralize all my items where dryer is good too.

I have been using small sterilizers that just hold a cell phone or a filter from a mask, however, I found this one when browsing around and had good reviews, where I figured this would work a whole lot better. This large size, anything I take out of the house, comes back and is sterilized. A whole lot of room, everyone in my family uses it, where it has room for cell phones, water bottles, keys, gloves and glasses. The controls are very easy to understand, where I figure if it sanitizes baby bottles, it will do a good job of sterilizing everything else. I have also used the drying function with my water bottles and it does a fantastic job of that too. Easy to clean, has a filter where no bad contaminated air can get in while is it drying the items. The high intensity UV runs for about five minutes and its done. Where anything that runs less, would not be worth buying. It does take a while for UV to kill viruses on items. No cons, I can't find a single one, this is the most perfect sterilize, I found, on the market that has enough power to get the job done where I am very happy with the purchase.
DEYU on 04-07-2020
Great buy

During the months of the pandemic, I have been using isopropyl alcohol spray for disinfection, but I was really fed up with the pungent smell, and it was often out of stock. My friend recommended this UV disinfection box to me. It is more advanced than the picture and has a perfect appearance. It has a capacity of about 10 baby bottles, which is absolutely sufficient for my family. What I like is that it can disinfect many, many things, as long as you want to put it in. I don't know if it can eliminate the pandemic virus, but at least it can give me peace of mind after using it.
CATHERINE on 05-07-2020
Good quality

Just set up and used this UV Sterilizer and Dryer, it was easy to set up and operate. It is very roomy and can fit multiple items , I used it on my phone, masks and a few baby bottles. I am excited to use this for everything over and over again especially in these COVID 19 days
Sara on 06-07-2020
Where has this thing been??!??! LOVE IT!

this UV sanitizer is literally a pumping Mama's dream. I am on my third child and I'm wondering where this machine has been all of my life. Sterilizing bottles and pump parts is such a hassle and tedious job yet this machine makes it so much less fuss, stress, and time. It has multiple functions on it: it can sterilize in about 16 minutes, it can dry items that you have washed and are damp such as bottles, it has an auto mode for sterilizing and drying and then it also has a storage mode for 72 hours.I love that with all the germs floating around right now this sterilizer kills 99.99 10% of all germs off of whatever item you put in it. The shape of the sterilizer gives it an extra large capacity, Dimensions : 9.84 x 9.84 x 9.84 in .It also has a little metal shelf that can fit inside to fit smaller items and give you a multi-level option. It has a HEPA filter and it also comes with extra HEPA filters. I like the way the inside is mirrored to reflect the UV LED lights all the way around the box. It really gives me peace of mind having the ability to sterilize my kiddos toys and bottles, my cell phone , wallet, keys, toothbrushes, masks and whatever else I can fit into this sanitizer. I also really liked that I am able to kill germs without using any harsh or toxic chemicals making this a safe and smart option for my family and my home.
sabina wang on 07-07-2020
Life saver during this crazy time!!

After I got this for a while I think I am very comfortable to give a fair review and really want to suggest science teacher to have it in your classroom during this time. WE have to go back to school in person and of course as a science we need to perform some experiments in class and students have to wear safety equipment like goggles. Regular UV sanitize machine is very bulky and expensive, since we have to buy it out of pocket I looked for alternative product through amazon and I found this Gem. It is very easy to use, after students use the googles they will just place it inside, this product has surprisely big volume that fits more goggles than I thought. I am super happy about this. I was worried that this might have too high of temp that will break my goggles but it was fine with all my safety googles. I am thinking buying another one for my house if needed. Overall thumbs up for this product especially during this crazy time and really true recommended for some science teacher out there if you do not have budge to buy a regular UV sanitize equipment.
Taylor on 08-07-2020

The is a AWESOME product for our family during COVID19 CRISIS!! It sterilizers face mask, ID, stuff animals, cups, bottles and so much more !!! My son is 6yrs old so we used product for other items and not just bottles. I used to have the bottle steamer and had to clean it from getting rusty but with this I just have to wipe with clean cloth after use very ease to clean! Definitely worth the price & worth the investment!!! Especially now I think everyone need one. A must have!!
colin on 09-07-2020

This is a great sterilizer. I purchased this for my 4 months old son. I have been using it for about a week now, so far it is working great. I like how it is quiet and easy to navigate at the touch of a button. It is the perfect size and doesn’t take much space yet has enough room to sterilize a couple of bottles and toys at the same time. However, the only draw back I found is that it takes about 40 mins to dry up the bottles completely; other then that it is an amazing sterilizer. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.
Joe Giuliano on 10-07-2020
More Than a Bottle Sterilizer

I am not a big fan of hand washing baby bottles and all the pieces that go along with them. I am, however, a big fan of items that can be used for more than one function. Considering the importance now a days of disinfecting everything and with another baby on the way, we thought it best to purchase a sterilizer for the baby bottles and toddler sippy cups.The Good:There is A LOT of room within the sterilizer. I was able to fit 3 sippy cups along with the additional pieces, 2 snack cups, 3 bowls, 3 spoons, 3 forks, 6 pacifiers, and still had plenty of room left.It can be used for more than just a sterilizer for baby items. We have used ours to sterilize cell phones and sports mouth guards. I'm sure we will find other things to use it for the longer we have it.It's extremely easy to use.The Bad:For some, but not us, the sterilizer is quite large and could take up a decent amount of counter space depending on where you might place.The sterilizer might seem to be a bit on the pricier side, but it's well worth the money. The convenience of not having to wash so many bottles, cups, and overall kiddie things is a wonderful thing! We also now make it a point to wash all the pacifiers and other toys that we find our son biting on or putting in his mouth. I don't know that I would have ever considered purchasing this type of thing prior to the pandemic, but with how things are right now I can't think of a reason not to.
JL on 11-07-2020

I love this sterilizer. We are using our UV sterilizer a few times a day. All our babies have grown up but recently purchased the sterilizer to sanitize small household objects during the pandemic. I try not to use chemicals and expose my family to such. Before baby comes, we’ve been sanitizing other things (keys, key fabs, pens, debit cards, sunglasses, hand sanitizer container, face masks, etc). It’s very simple to use.We've placed it at the front door, so the moment we enter the house, our items go in, and we go on our merry way.Overall I HIGHLY recommend this product and it’s a must have for us mommas!
mehmet berat huyuk on 12-07-2020
Great UV sanitizer

I normally don’t write reviews unless it is awesome product. I really want to recommend this to parents who are looking for a UV sterilizer. I have been using Dr. Brown sterilizer for baby bottles. But it doesn't have drying option Which makes extra work after each sterilizering cause i have to put on the drying rack for natural dry. My Friend recommended this Application to me and i checked the product details and reviews, i decided to give a try and it doesn't let me down, even more out of my expectations. it is great that it uses UV lights and keeps everything tidy and DRY, Especially its holding time which go up to 72 hours and you can grab anytime you want to within the time, very convenient. Beside the baby stuff, i also can put own stuff in it as well to be sterilized, which is a big plus as well.Overall it is a great UV sterilizer for household use!Big capacity, easy to use! Very useful!
O.G on 13-07-2020
easy to use

Sterilize, dry and sterilize, and one that will keep it sterilized for three days. It does baby cups, pacifier, phones, remotes, literally everything. It’s light weight but big enough to fit a ton of stuff. It has a shelf for nipples too. I use it so much. The day I got it, I went around the house sterilizing everything??
Douglas C. Meeks on 14-07-2020
In The Days Of COVID-19 This Is Almost A Requirement For Small Children And Small Business

In the video I made I only talked about doing the bottles but this device will do so much more. It will dry/sterilize almost anything. It says you can do your electronic devices but I am a bit scared of that but I will let you know if my daughter tries it. You can wash and after letting it dray to a point that it is not dripping wet you can clean those stuff animals that would have had to have been thrown away in the past (beware of very thin plastics) you can dry and sterilize ANYTHING that would not be hurt by UV light or heat up to 167 degrees. This can not only be used around the house but can be used in small business where sterilization is a must these days. I am sure I could go on giving examples for pages but everybody has different needs from cloth to dinnerware and everything in between so this is beyond 5 Stars and should be in every household until we are sure the danger has passed and even then this is such an easy way to ensure high levels of hygiene that you still should use it.
Rudy on 15-07-2020
Perfect sterilizer box

A very easy to use baby bottle sterilizer. It uses UV light to sterilize. I compared many other baby bottle sterilizers. First of all, it has complete functions. It has its own drying function. This is what we need because our baby bottles need to be used a lot .It has a drying function which is very good. Secondly, it is uv light disinfection. We don't need to add water and steam to disinfect like traditional disinfectors. And it is not only sterilizing baby bottles, you can sterilize toothbrushes, toys, phones, and other things you need to sterilize. We compared the prices of other different brands, which cost around $200. So I recommend you to buy this because it has the same function and quality but is cheap

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