UV Light Sanitizer, Universal Cell Phone Sterilizer, Phone Cleaner with Aromatherapy Function for iOS Android Mobile Phone Toothbrush Jewelry Watch(Green)

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Why Choose Our Smartphone Sanitizer?

UV Sanitizer: With large bilateral ultraviolet lamp, crossultraviolet rays, 360 degree disinfection and sterilization without dead angle.

High Effective Sterilization: UV light killsgerms in a 8-minute cleaning cycle.

Designed with larger space: can completely sanitize yourentire phone.

Convenient to Carry: It's easy to take with your phonesanitizer. You can sanitize your cell phone with the phone sanitizer whether atwork home traveling or car wherever you go.

Easy to use: One button touch switch, easy to operate.

Excellent customer service: Any questions please feel freeto contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Best the gift for your families and friends.


Color: White
Product Dimensions:8.6*4.7*1.2inch
Product Weight:1.09LB
Package Include:

1*Multi-function sterilizer
1*Micro USB charging cable
1*User manual
1.*Wet rag
UV Phone Sanitizer, Universal Cell Phone Sterilizer, Phone Cleaner with Aromatherapy Function for iOS Android Mobile Phone Toothbrush Jewelry Watch

UV Light Sanitizer, Universal Cell Phone Sterilizer, Phone Cleaner with Aromatherapy Function for iOS Android Mobile Phone Toothbrush Jewelry Watch(Green)
Polo on 03-08-2020
Worked great with a different charger

I rated it one star and gave this product a poor review because it didn’t work as soon as I tried it upon receiving it. Then I used a different charger, the one that came with my iPhone and it worked perfectly right away. I have used it several times since then. After the first exposure, i turn over what I am disinfecting so that all surfaces gets ultrviolet exposre just to be sure I do I through job.By the way, the manufacturer responded right away and offered to send me a new one and told me to just keep the original unit. I declined because there really was no problem, just a change in charger to plug in the USB cord. Thanks to them though for excellent customer service.
Luyao S. on 04-08-2020
Thank you and Love it!!

This product gives me a sense of safe, and I use it every night to disinfect my mobile phone and watch. I use it to charge my phone when I sleep. What I really like is the inside mirror that can be used to reflect the uv light and make sure it can sanitize 360 degree. I also like the gift they provide me and the packing is very thoughtful. Thank you and love it.
Tien Chang on 05-08-2020
Great product with multi-function!!

I love this product has wireless charging and UV Sanitizer. On the bottom side of the box is a mirror, and it comes with a stand. The UV light can reflect through the mirror and sanitize all around your phone or other stuff. On top of that, the lid is a wireless charger with 10W fast charging. I sanitize my phone while charging my girl friend's phone after we get home. Love this product and keep our phones clean without using alcohol or water to clean every time we get home from the grocery.
Danielle on 06-08-2020
compact and useful

Due to the ongoing pandemic I decided to protect my family better so I bought it. We carry phones everywhere so it’s important to sanitize it. It has a short cleaning cycle so only 5 mins after I get back home I put my phone and keys in the box to sanitize. It worked great and the box itself is compact so it doesn’t take a lot of space. I think this is the product everyone should have at home
Yu Su on 07-08-2020
Great UV Box

There are a lot to like about this little UV box. It's compact, so it doesn't take much space on my computer desk. I use it to sanitize all kinds of little stuff - face mask, cell phones, keys, glasses, etc. Just be sure to flip whatever item you put in there to make sure all surfaces get UV. I also have used this box to cure epoxy for some home art projects. It works! And an added bonus, the wireless charging works great with my iphone.
Kevin on 08-08-2020
It’s totally worth it!

During time like this, sanitizing accessories is the new normal. I was able to sanitizing almost all my tech accessories like AirPod, Fitbit even my mouse. The design is sleek and high end looking. I haven’t found wireless charging much useful but it’s cool to have. It’s affordable!!
beth on 09-08-2020
great device

great device - charging feature does not work for some reason but seller refunded me entirely - unnecessary but wonderful. one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had with a vendor. I use this device to charge practically everything. very comforting during this pandemic.
Kevin Liang on 10-08-2020
Pretty well built, gets the job done

Build quality was very good. Doesn't have the usual cheap plastic feeling that I was expecting.Fits my OnePlus 7 Pro perfectly with room to spare. The reflective bottom as well as the metal crate definitely instilled confidence that the UV light would cover the whole phone.As far as sterilization goes, it doesn't give out any smell of ozone, and since I don't have access to a lab, I can only trust that it did its job. Certainly made me feel better though.The wireless charging on top is pretty neat and worked great on an iPhone X.
Tati on 11-08-2020
Highly recommend

Honestly in live it’s look much better then on the pictures. I am more then happy with my purchase. First it’s so stylish and beautiful. I love that you need just 3 min to sanitize your tools. It’s so fast. I am using it to sanitize my tweezers and it’s work great.
Mae nino on 12-08-2020
Get sanitized!

I keep this wireless charger UV Light Sterilizer on my office desk. When my cell battery gets low, I just sit my phone on the charger and I can even talk using the speaker while it's charging.When I come in from outdoors, I stick my mask and keys inside it and set it to sterilize for 30 minutes. One thing to keep in mind when sterilizing your phone is that as far as I know it only sterilizes surfaces it can reach with the light. So you need to turn over any surfaces which were on the bottom to get them sterilized. I think I'll ask that as a question to see what they say.
TINA on 13-08-2020
Cahot UV LED Sterilizer

Very nice product design and seems to work properly. Fast delivery, and seems to have good customer service. Very responsive to query. The proof of the pudding for customer service will be if one has to return the product for whatever reason. Hopefully, I would never have to do that.
NoraZ on 24-06-2020
Love it&recommend it!

I bought this little sanitizer box to surprise my brother and my parents, who are super germ conscious. Especially for this period. I compare lots of store and realize this one is the best. shipping is fast. The product has 8 UV light so I can use to sanitize whatever fits in the box. Love it and will recommend it~
Queena on 25-06-2020
Compatible Size & Light Weight

Firstly it is a comfortable product design, two-function gadget. I like its compatible size and light weight. Put it in my room is really saving my time to sterilize devices.
Debra Robinson-Berry on 26-06-2020
Love it!

We are very happy with the sanitizer!
LucyW on 27-06-2020
Great product for sterilizing small items

Works great. Good for sterilizing small stuffs. Especially helpful during this time.

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