Antimicrobial Keychain Tool with Bottle Opener Brass Hygiene Door Opener (2 Pack)

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Hands free door opener  Contactless  Key hook

Material: Brass
Thickness: 4mm
Weight: 30g/pc
Packing: 2pc/oppbag
Touchless Hands Free Tool Brass Keyring Key Edc Brass Keychain Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Door Opener (2 Pack)
bbz on 29-06-2020
Love the stylus tip!

Great that this has a stylus tip - don't have to use the pen when signing a credit card purchase. Lost a star for the shaft being a tad too short for some door handles. Bottle opener is irrelevant - a screwdriver tip would be more useful.
Lior Hartenstein on 30-06-2020
Comes with massive duty key ring

Each one wrapped separate - I like itWe gave those as a gift to friends and familyThey're all remarkably enjoyed the product
Ravenette on 01-07-2020
No more touching!

So far so good - I mostly have been using it to punch elevator buttons at work. The hook part is a little small to pull the door handles down, so that's the one star off. I have only been going to work so I don't know how it works on other doors. But for me the ability to use this to touch buttons & screens is enough - there are really so many surfaces to use it on- elevator buttons, card screens at registers, ATMs, gas station buttons. Definitely worth it!
Winnie Shi on 02-07-2020
Very well made and useful during these uncertain times.

Great price for three of these no touch keychains. Quality is pretty good too. I've been searching for something like this on Amazon for the past week and I finally went with this one. Comes in three different colors - rose gold, silver, and black. I kept the rose gold one cause it matches my car's keyfob cover and gave the other two to my family. We all love it. The tip is so useful in many places - elevator buttons, atm, signing your signature when purchasing stuff, and much more. The hook is so helpful to open flat door knobs. Just wish there's something that can grab rounded knobs. Overall, I highly recommend this item to everyone I know. It's so easily to keep with you and clean after each use by spraying or wiping it down with alcohol.
David Heck on 03-07-2020
Three is just what we needed. Solid material & good quality

I wish I had known about this sooner. When we travel, I hate to touch doors at rest stops on the road. This fits on your keychain or in your pocket. Since it comes in a package of three, I keep one in my glove compartment. no need to worry about forgetting it The stylus tip is ideal to use the keypad at the grocery store, gas station or ATM.Solid material with a good weight to it. Great product for the price.
xmarc999 on 04-07-2020
Great for maneuvering in a COVID world

This tool offers a hook that easily open any door with a lever handle. (It can also turn on water). The stylus tip lets you write on touch screens (like signing for a credit card payment) or to press buttons on a key pad (like at an ATM). I can't say I've used the bottle opener (which will also work for pull tabs on a can), but I suppose that could come in handy. In any case, just the first two functions are well worth the price. This is well made and I expect it to last a long time. You definitely want to put it on your keychain (though it is much larger than a key), or you are likely to get to the ATM/payment terminal/bank door/pharmacy, and realize you left it in the car. The three-pack means you have a great start on arming your family -- or leave the extra in the car.
LKN G-Man on 05-07-2020
Pick of the Litter!

I have looked at a number of these virus safety tools. This design looks the best to me. It appears to be of a more sturdy material or thickness. The round end is large enough to slip a finger through easily without being unnecessarily large. The hook on the other end is larger than some others and should be able to connect with doors and their handles more easily. It also is longer than many allowing the user to open a door without inadvertently coming in contact with it. This extra length is not wasted space either; it is home to a bottle opener. Topping it all off is a beautiful, durable finish. This one was the only choice for me!
esther on 06-07-2020
Great product. Works well in most cases

The touch screen feature works very well on all devices I've tried it on. The hook for opening doors, however, is not large enough to fit around the standard round door handles that are used on most business doors. I still have to use my hand to open these doors, which kind of defeats the purpose of that feature. I have not tried the can opener part of the item, but it looks like it would work well.
Affiron Pittman on 07-07-2020

This is possibly one of the best things I’ve purchased. I bought the three pack for me and my mom and my gramma. They love it!!!! It’s sturdy, the stylus is great on touch-pads. It’s great with everything that’s going on now.
Martha Martinez on 08-07-2020

Absolutely love it, I go to work everyday and have been since this pandemic started. This is perfect for me since I have to drop off the daily deposit to the third floor and have to open doors, push buttons on the elevator and maintain 6 feet from other employees. Although more than 1/2 the staff works from home, there is a handful of employees who report to the office. I know we are all being careful but it does not hurt to have that extra added protection and security when I have to leave my work station. Thank you very much.....
M K on 09-07-2020
Nice idea

I just got these a couple days ago. First of all, they are better quality than I expected. They are heavy and more durable than I thought they would be. The biggest problem is that I keep forgetting to bring it with me when I go somewhere. I will get better at it I am sure, and then I know these will come in handy. Recommend these for helping to keep our hands and fingers away from germy objects like door handles, public toilets, public doors, and touch screens.
Yitz on 10-07-2020
Stylish & well made

Great tool, fits comfortably in my hand & stylish. Does what it is supposed to do really well. Price is spot on, what I would have paid for one I got three, got for the whole family.
Herbal Girl on 11-07-2020

This is very nice to use but... the hook only opens certain doors. if the handle of the door isn't flat-ish, it won't open it. If the handle is a rolled metal, like at some department stores, the hook part isn't 'open' enough to get a hold of the handle. I really like this, though and it's not too heavy but heavy enough that I'm not concerned about duability. I'll try to update with photos of the type of door handles.
Debbie Butz on 12-07-2020
Pleased with my purchase

I was very pleased with my purchase. Delivery was on time. I like the quality of this anti touch door opener tool. Exactly as described. Been using it at the gas station and stores. I feel better having this as an added protection tool in these times we all find ourselves in. I’m in the habit of cleaning it with an alcohol based sanitizer after using it as well as sanitizing my hands. Gives me a bit more confidence not touching with my fingers!
LeDon Young on 13-07-2020
Prudent and wise to have

I have touch screens and numerous elevators to navigate each morning on the way to the office. I use this on all of them. Given the hundreds that use those buttons, I feel this is a very necessary precaution. And I will not be putting them away when this plague is over. Colds, flu, and numerous other germs hang out on those surfaces. While I am not obsessive, I do think limiting the risk is wise.

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