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【 Sterilization Principle】According to the approved laboratory research, theultraviolet disinfection stick can kill 99.99% of germ. The ultravioletdisinfection lamp destroys the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleicacid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid)in bacterial viruses through ultraviolet rayswith a wavelength in the range of 240 ~ 280nm.
【 Convenient to Carry】The size of the UV Sanitizer lamp is small. It is perfectfor home, office, school, hotel and travel. It is a handy design to use forphones, IPads, toys, keyboards, laptops, toothbrushes, remote controls, doorknobs, toilet covers, mugs, steering wheel.
【 Disinfect Effectively and Quickly】UV sanitizer wand can make environment clean and safe ina short time. Simply sweep the UV disinfection stick across the surface.

【Easy to use】This germicidal lamp can be sterilized by simply pressingthe switch button.

【Warning Tip】Please don't use this Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp onpeople’s eyes and skin . Provide excellent after-sales service, if you have anyproblems with the purchase, you can leave a message, I will be very able toserve you




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Phoenix Storm to 22-04-2020
Cleaning and charging my phone at the same time

I built a new house in Arizona on "virgin land". Doing so typically stirs up the interest of all kinds of bugs, including scorpions. Though my house seems to be well-sealed, I've lived long enough to know that small creatures find a way into our homes. So, I bought a smaller black light to keep beside my bedside to I can quickly scan the floor and bedding before getting into or out of bed. Thankfully I have yet to encounter a scorpion!I bought the KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight to use outdoors, at night. It is more powerfully bright with a wider lens. So, I expect to find scorpions heading my way one of these nights. And "no", I will not "catch and release". I will poison and squish any such creature, scoop its remains into a bag. and throw it away (I have read that if you leave a dead scorpion in place, its scent will draw other scorpions).So, thank you KOBRA for producing this great tool!I also took it on a trip recently so I could check the cleanliness of bedding and carpeting (both of which were in surprisingly good condition). This is a good, solid black light.
Amazon Customer to 23-04-2020
Dint know I needed this until I had it!!

This thing is scary incredible!! I ordered a vansky brand and it was such a piece of junk I sent it back. This thing came packaged well and felt heavy and solid. It does require 6 batteries but I don’t even care with how well it works. My entire home lit up like a Christmas tree and I could spot the difference in colors really well. Green for urine, brown for blood, blue for cleaning agents, etc. I love this thing and can’t wait to get cleaning. I don’t think I’ll ever take it to a hotel. I might not sleep. If you have kids or pets or free time, you should definitely get this light.
DJunnila to 24-04-2020
Disinfect and make your phone safe for use.

The flashlight works great, but be forewarned you might not like what you see.We have numerous pets and accidents in the home do happen. In an effort to make sure we were cleaning it all up we got the light. To look at the carpet ( which is a dark color) you would think it was fine. It's unbelievable how wrong we were. Turned off the lights and turned on the flashlight and the carpet lit up like a Christmas tree. There were urine stains everywhere. The sad thing is, that after 2 days of scrubbing the carpet with everything under the sun. Turning on the flashlight shows the spots are still there. I think we were better off not knowing.
Rock Headed Red Head to 25-04-2020
Save your time

Very nice handheld light. I use it for finding rocks that are fluorescent when checking a group of rocks for making jewelry. Also for finding insects in amber under the microscope. I have a small Black Light but is gets lost in the Maham of a Fossil dig often. This one is large and easy to spot quickly.Having a Black Light is very helpful in identifying rocks, gems and fossil remains. I use this to help light my hand held Microscope from the side instead of using the white light of the microscope. Especially when it comes to fossils in the matrix. You can see the tiny fly in the photo that fell into the amber (tree pitch) thousands of years ago. The light has been very helpful to give a subtle light that lights the amber without over exposing it.
YankeeBoy to 26-04-2020
Easy to use, and very usefull

I don't know what to say other than the level of UV power this light displays is, in a word, stunning. Forget that a room must be pitch black as necessary with so many other and smaller units. The remarkable display of just so many things, even some with provenance, suggests that the 385-395 spectral range is well-covered. As the product listing says, I agree that this light is 'extremely powerful'. ;-)My particular need was to spot cat leavings, and there were my test cases in areas that I had well-cleaned spots on olefin carpet using borax vs H2O2 or an enzyme product as I would now. The KOBRA showed a distinct halo and hints of remains on both areas I had gone over quite well. These were odor-free to 'us', but both seem to get quite a bit of attention, if no mess yet, from a current feline resident. :-)I could not recommend this product more highly, and suggest that this KOBRA 100 LED UV light is 'as good as it gets'.
J. Boyer to 27-04-2020
Highly efficient sanitizing device.

Like the light. The internal battery cases are not tight enough which causes the light to flicker if you accidentally bump it. It was very interesting to look at your 'clean' carpet. Despite me steam cleaning it, it looks like a murder scene happened -- everywhere. I used this light to find cat urine from my two new kittens who went on a scenting rampage before they were fixed. I was expecting it to glow bright and found out that depending on the "freshness" will determine whether it glows bright or very dim. None-the-less, I was able to find spots I didn't realize they had scented that I wouldn't have normally caught. Good investment for sure. It also found all kinds of stains basically everywhere. Kids enjoyed cleaning up the glowing stains on walls and floors!
Olie to 28-04-2020
UV sanitizer for iPhone and wireless charger

love this black light flashlight. my 11 yr old son and I have a great time going out at night discovering a whole new world around us. We actually found a strand of old pearls that lit up so bright at night when we shown the light on them. I know we had walked over them a hundred times in the past and never saw them. We bought rechargeable batteries to use with this because we had read it uses batteries fast. But we have had no problem with that. Batteries seem to stay up for 4 to 5 outings and we stay out several hours with the light on continuously. We can't wait to take these lights to the beach with us. I have nothing bad to say about the light. It has exceeded our expectations.
Fred to 29-04-2020
Dos what it should do

I use these for night time dog ball. Never lose a fluorescent anymore. You can find dog pooh with it too. The Leupold Thermal tracker is more fun and flexible, fut costs mich more. You can make North Carolina night sights with this too,mfor rat hunting. Put plain printer paper behind rat treats. This lights up the paper, and you can shoot rats bin the dark. They don't know you're there.
The 3-color Major to 30-04-2020
Cleans and charge

Works great. Super bright. Makes you realize no matter how much you clean your house, this thing will always point out how dirty it really is.I purchased this to hunt down dangerous little insects that are UV-reactive. Photo is this product shining down on one before it was... terminated.This is probably the 2nd best tool to use for backyard Anti-Scorpion warfare.The 1st is a flamethrower.
Jmiah22 to 01-05-2020
Value for money untouched

Great light! With the 6 AA batteries it feels solid and lights up pet urine perfectly! As you can see here, I found where the dog peed on the carpet!
Chris Taylor to 02-05-2020

Bought this for our scorpion issue. This light is awesome for locating on scorpion hunts and killing the bastards! Went through numerous pest companies and still got stung until I went on the hunt and kill for myself. Would recommend this light to everyone with the same problem. And you will also need a good stick for destroying them as you find them. They freeze when you point the light at them as if they know ...
David Davis to 03-05-2020
Great quality and price!

I purchased this to help find a troublesome vehicle A/C system leak that I was unable to find after days of searching with one of those junk penlight-style U/V lights you find in the box auto-parts stores with a single bulb in them. I was able to find leak almost immediately with this due to how much area it lit up with such a strong intensity. The penlight had to be held within a few inches and directly on the leak (during evening time so it was almost dark outside) to light up the U/V leak dye, but with this I just opened the hood and scanned back and forth a few times with it from several feet away to find leak, and was able to do it in the middle of the day with nothing but the hood blocking the sun. This made isolating the leak so simple I was kicking myself for not purchasing it days earlier. One strong suggestion - do NOT let your wife use it! Mine had just finished vacuuming when this arrived, and she wanted to play around with it a little bit after I explained all that it can be used for. Now, she wants me to rip up carpet in entire house and install hardwood floors due to all the dirty spots she found on her freshly "clean and vacuumed" floor!
ralechner to 04-05-2020
So far so Good

I repair and sell vintage hifi gear and mark it internally to prevent tampering and part harvesting by unscrupulous buyers. This Kobra UV light reveals my UV ink marks readily. It’s much stronger as a black light than other small fluorescent tube handheld lights. Also tried it on pet stains, mineral specimens, psychedelic posters—simply a great light and very nicely made. Even in a bright room it showed items at 4 or more feet distance.
nancy to 05-05-2020
Good Buy

We’ve had this light for only a few hours, and, already, my son is enthralled with it. He says it is way better than the last one we had (ESCO LITE UV flashlight) from another seller. That one didn’t hold the batteries snuggly, causing it to flicker; it died after 6 mo. This KOBRa works great. Holds 6 AA batteries snuggly. Very strong beam. Sturdy. Cool light! My 8-yr-old is having trouble keeping it away from his younger brother and sister. Also, the seller is great and personally stands behind his products! I’m really pleased.
Suzie_q49 to 06-05-2020
Great deal for good earphones

We have a semi-potty trained puppy so obviously, this black light has been a very handy gadget to have. I have had black lights in the past but none were as revealing as this one! It is by far the best one I've ever had! In addition to working hard for me, I also plan to have fun with it. I have an annual Halloween Party for my 4-H group and am planning some fun/scary activities with it. As far as hotels motels go, I'd rather live in ignorance!!!

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