Non-contact Infared Body Temperature Tool Non-Contact Accurate Instant Measurement

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PremiumNon-contact Infrared Thermometer:Adopt with passive infrared temperaturemeasurement technology, the non-contact thermometer can detect a precisetemperature quickly within 1cm-5cm (0.4 in-2 in) distance. Do not need to touchhuman skin, effectively preventing cross-infection between multiple people,more healthy and convenient. Mothers do not worry about measuring thetemperature of a moving baby any more!

Accurate &Fast Measurement:Equipped with advanced probe sensor and intelligentchip, our infrared thermometer can obtain more accurate temperature instantlywithin 1 second, which makes it easy and convenient to diagnose if fever ornot. The top-quality probe sensor decides its higher accuracy, the temperaturemeasurement accuracy is up to ± 0.3 ℃.

Celsius &Fahrenheit Selectable:Designed with ℃ and ℉, two universal temperature unit, our foreheadthermometer can meet the needs of people in different districts with differentusage habits. You can easily set the temperature unit in either ℃ or ℉: Long press Modebutton to enter F1, press + to ℉, press - to ℃. The measurement temperature range is 32.0℃~42.9℃(89.6 ℉-109.2℉).

Easy &Convenient to Use:It is extremely simple to use the thermometer. Press thebutton to turn it on, and it would turn off automatically after 30 seconds. Nocomplex button, one key to measure the temperature, and it can automaticallystore 10 sets of historical data. And with LCD backlight, the results can beread clearly and quickly even in the dark. So, no matter the elderly or theyoung, everyone would know how to use it. The product is battery powered, 2*AAA(Battery Not Included).

How to Take ATemperature?

1. Push the back hair from the forehead;

2. Wipe away any perspiration from the forehead;

3. Aim at the FOREHEAD, over the right temporal region, adistance of 1cm~5cm (0.4in~ 2in) would be better, press the scan button todisplay temperature instantly.

Digital Infrared Thermometer, Non-Contact Thermometer for Baby Kids Child and Adults, Accurate Instant Measurement
Christy Fader on 30-06-2020
Great thermometer

Works wonderfully! I ordered this for my office as everyone is required to check their temperature before coming in, it is used over 30 times a day and works wonderfully and accurately!
Alex Vo on 01-07-2020
Exactly what I needed during this time of Covid-19.

I work in video production and screening our crew and talent has been a necessity during this time. This has worked flawlessly since we've purchased it and will most likely purchase another to have at home.
Joel Olvera on 02-07-2020
Nice Product

Just received this product and it was very easy to use. No need to read directions. I didnt realize this not only is for your forehead but also detects surface temperatures. Temperature matched what my thermostat said. Good value for the money!
Dahlee J on 03-07-2020
Easy to use

I love this thermometer. It’s so easy to use and very quick too. I tried it on my baby as well and it was a breeze. Definitely a must have especially with the cold season approaching.
Andrea Snyder on 04-07-2020
Easy to use

I really like this thermometer.. I previously had one you place in the ear and it always gave me different temperatures even when taken back to back. I have tested this on both people and surfaces and it gives me the same temperature back to back and its super easy to use.
Junia Candida dos Santos on 05-07-2020
Very good! ??????????

The thermometer is lightweight and easy to handle. It works very well and is very economical. Batteries accompany the product and the quality of the material is excellent. During this pandemic period, this thermometer is essential because we need to be alert to any signs of fever. We need a product that is easy to use and this thermometer is perfect because it fits in any bag. I really recommend this product!
Cool customer on 06-07-2020
A must have in every home with kids

Needed one to check temperature without touch, especially with a newborn in homr. This is compact and readings always matched with our old thermometer when tested. A must have in these pandemic conditions.
Lyn on 07-07-2020
Very easy to use

This is a very easy-to-use thermometer. I love that I can use it on multiple people without worrying about spreading germs. Also, I used my old mouth thermometer and compared temps- they were the same. This tells me that it works accurately and consistently. The price was pretty low compared to competitors. Im very happy with this purchase and would recommend.
Ahmad Ali Khan on 08-07-2020
Multipurpose and accurate

I use it to check temp of visitors and various other stuff such as hot liquids. It is impressively accurate. Has 2 modes for surface and body. Just adjust the mode and it will give you the temp. Has different indicators and stores last temp into memory. Over all i found it very useful and satisfied
Annie on 09-07-2020

I’m a hairstylist and we use it at work to check our temps before and after work. It’s easy to use and accurate. I checked my temp at work then went to the dentist, they checked my temp. It was the same!
Gustavo Severino on 10-07-2020
It works perfectly!

The no touch thermometer provides the result of the temperature measurement very quickly. It's easy to use, practical, hygienic and very accurate. In addition to using it to measure body temperature, I also used it to measure the objects and the environment temperature, it works perfectly. The display changes color according to the indicated temperature, making it easier to read. I'm very happy with this non contact infrared thermometer.
Rickie on 11-07-2020
We all should have this...

This is now a requirement for the way we are living at the moment. Great to know I could test myself and family daily. If anything arises we could take care of things earlier. Great product. I highly recommend it!
rim amari on 12-07-2020
Made my life's easy!

This is my first time owning one of these and i love it. it is super easy to use and very accurate. It makes it easy to spot fever by sound signal that it makes and the color of the screen. i love using it!
Tiffy on 13-07-2020
Great product, easy to use.

This thermometer is great, small, simple and easy to use. I like how you can track back to as many as 30 readings, I haven't done that yet but it's helpful to keep track. It reads fast and a plus is it's no contact and can read from a short distance. So far I really like it.
Gr8AuntLo on 14-07-2020
Exactly what I was looking for in a No-Touch Thermometer!

I like everything about this no-touch thermometer. Perfect size, user friendly and so far it has been accurate. Batteries came with it and that was a plus. I got it when it was on special pricing and that was great. Very pleased!

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