Non-contact Infared Body Temperature Tool

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1. 1 second temperature measurement, with an error of ± 0.2 degrees Celsius, fast measurement speed and high accuracy.

2. Can measure both human body temperature and solid surface  temperature.

3. Long press for 6 seconds to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature display units.

4. Automatic data retention and automatic shutdown, buzzer alert function, setting alarm values, backlit LCD display.

 Infared Body temperature tool Non-contact Temperature Measuring Tool
Alfred A. Arvizu to 03-05-2020
As easy as it gets.

I'm blown away with how easy this thermometer is to use! The forehead mode is a complete game-changer. If you have small children you can't go wrong with this one.
Laurie R. Sanders to 04-05-2020
Accuarate, Easy and instant reading!

Everything I would have expected from a head/ear temperature scanner.We received the thermometer from Amazon securely packaged. It comes in a nice, sturdy, colorful box. It's immediately clear that the device is not cheaply made. Though it is in a plastic case there is some heft to the device. It's not heavy but isn't so light-weight as to be flimsy either. It's about what one would expect from a device of this type.The device comes with a nice little bag that is perfect for storing the device and the instructions. I found that particularly useful as there are some tricks to using the device. First...while click and drag seems intuitive to me, the forehead scanner uses more of a click, drag, click again methodology for forehead scanning. There's a trick to ear scanning as well (pull the ear up and away from the head and then aim the thermometer for the eardrum). Given we are rarely sick and use a thermometer infrequently, I was afraid that we might forget the tricks between uses. With the bag one can easily store the instructions with the device.With any thermometer, accuracy is key. We tested this thermometer when we were well and not suffering any fevers. The thermometer returned readings in the normal range for each method of measure we used.We are very pleased with the thermometer. It's everything that we would expect from a thermometer of this type.
Margarita Escalante to 05-05-2020
Simple and Reliable

Best thermometer I’ve ever had. Quick and easy to read results. Just press the head button and run it across the patients head from one side to the other and you get an accurate reading. To us the ear function remove the cap and insert the probe into the patients ear and press the ear button, and you get an instantaneous and accuarate reading.Great for use on children, the elderly and the rest of the family. Uses two AAA batteries which are easy to replace. Comes in a nice little drawstring pouch.
FosterFam51 to 06-05-2020
No more using the old thermometers

We were in desperate need of a new thermometer that would work for our whole family and purchased this one in hopes it would fit the bill - and it did not disappoint! We received it exactly when we expected to and were impressed with the packaging. The box was packaged to protect, and even had a small quality control sticker on the lid so it was easy to tell that this thermometer had never been tampered with or opened before. I also love that it came with batteries that are in place, but have a pull-tab that needs to be removed before use (as a busy mom, who never has the right side or amount of batteries needed on hand, it was so nice to have a product come with them and they aren't already 1/2 way dead)! The instructions are super simple to understand and follow and we had the thermometer up and running in a matter of seconds. We've tested both functions (forehead and ear) several times, and it's easy enough for our 6 year old to do it. We also used it on our crazy 2 year old and since it only takes a few seconds to get a reading, it was so much more enjoyable and easy taking his temp with this as opposed to trying to keep him from squirming around long enough for an underarm reading. The thermometer is well put together, yet it's not difficult to take off the forehead piece, which is nice when you are trying to quickly take a child's fever. We are super happy with our purchase and will be recommending this to other moms and dads for sure!
FAS to 07-05-2020
Easy to read

I love this thermometer. Our old one from when my 5 year old was an infant used button batteries and thus had a locked opening that was very difficult to open. It took 2-3 temps before needing a battery change. It was never ready when I needed it. This one uses standard AAA batteries, is super fast and we've used it dozens of times on the original batteries. The ear and forehead are accurate to each other within a reasonable amount and are accurate to a mouth thermometer. My kids (5 & 2) don't mind having their temp taken either way since it's so quick. I highly recommend if you're looking for a simple, infant & kid friendly thermometer that will reliably work in the middle of the night, which is the only time kids ever get sick.
Stargirl? to 08-05-2020
I love how easy it is to use!

This new iProvèn thermometer is the way to go to check your child's temperature. One quick glide across their forehead and you can have their temperature in no time. I am real impressed at how advanced this is, I have never seen any other thermometer like this be so accurate. If you have small children I suggest you save your child the discomfort of old thermometers and purchase this one of a kind.
PQ to 09-05-2020
It is well made and accurate

We love this thermometer! First off, it was simply packed in a small box versus the hard plastic package that so many things are. This creates less waste and the box can be recycled if you wish. It is very simple to use and can be used in the ear or on the forehead. With this feature you can use on all ages, from infant to adult! The readings are very accurate! I feel very comfortable in using this for the new grand baby that will arrive soon, I think the fever alert is an awesome feature and love the memory feature it has as it records up to 20 readings in its memory.. I highly recommend this to anyone!
Tamara Biddle to 10-05-2020
Forhead seems most accurate

This product is very nice. You can use it on the head or the ear, without having to use the disposable covers. It also comes with a cute little cloth cover.
Tamie Bartlett to 11-05-2020
Liking it this far!

This thermometer came in handy when right after getting it the flu swept through our house. It is easy to keep track of for me (i always lose the under the tounge ones) its easy to read. The screen displays large numbers and with fever turns red. I also felt it more sanitary getting the temp from the head or ear then sticking thermometers in everyones mouth. Also a great thing for those active babies. It takes temperature in seconds unlike the traditional ones.
Lili P.goodreading to 12-05-2020
I'm impressed!

I am very impressed with this product! Having bothe the ear and forehead options is perfect for children. As a registered nurse I recommend this product!
Corinn Miles to 13-05-2020
Great product, worth the investment.

Absolutely love this thermometer. When the flu is rampid and you have a 6 month old baby with a 103.8 fever you will appreciate the speed and accuracy of this device! P.s. She is better now!
Lindsay to 14-05-2020
Simple. Great for kids with sensory issues!

Super easy to use, it's lightweight, and it comes with a pouch to store it. The light up area is plenty bright and is colored green or red depending upon if there's a fever or not. The light is enough so I can see even in the dark what the temperature is. You can switch between head and ear temperature. and both are labeled very clearly with words saying ear and head. Takes 2 batteries to operate.The part that switches from head to ear is sturdy enough and doesn't just fall off so that is great! I do think if my 2 yr old got I she could take it off amd Los it. So that's good! But yet I can get it off no problem.The battery compartment part though could be a bit tighter. Don't want it to fall off.But overall this is a decent thermometer and no complaints from me yet.I've had some that freeze, or the buttons stick or readings aren't accurate, by I'm not seeing any of those issues here. So far the is holding up well. And I need a good product to hold up especially at this time in life. When I have 3 babies and when they get sick need a reliable temperature.
Allie L. to 15-05-2020

This was lost in the shipment process for 1.5 weeks but it was worth the wait! I bought this as a replacement for an old digital thermometer that went under the tongue. This new thermometer is such a great way to take temperatures quickly and painlessly for both children and adults. If you can aim, press a button, and wait 1 second, you've got your ACCURATE reading. It's a good size to hold comfortably and I really like that it takes standard AAA batteries not crazy specialty batteries. I never owned a thermometer like this so I appreciated that they included a quick-start guide (the one with the red and blue graphics) but the entire instruction booklet has more in-depth information (which by the way seems to have been written by native-English speakers, everything is clear and concise!)I would never have thought about the extra features like the fever alarm and color-coded indicators for temperatures, but it's a great idea to quickly tell you if you should seek medical help. The other bonuses are that the display and text is big/easy to read quickly (thanks to the backlighting) and the storage pouch keeps your thermometer nice and protected until you need it next. Upon reading the instruction booklet too, this is covered for 2 years but if you scan the QR code on the outside of the box, apparently you get another year added so essentially you've got a "3 year warranty".Definitely would recommend this for households with children who might not sit still and/or impatient adults who have things to do besides wait 30+ seconds for a reading.
Kimberly Beagle to 16-05-2020
What you need to know.

Excellent quality thermometer with all the important features: super easy to use, it's fast, 1-3 seconds, along with the digital temperature display it lights up red and beeps if a fever is detected or green within normal range, you can use it on the forehead or in the ear and it is highly accurate.It comes with batteries so literally it's ready to go as soon as you have it in your hands. You don't have to worry about the batteries because it automatically shuts off after 10 seconds. There are clear instructions how to use this product including pictures for visual learners. The pictures show the right and wrong way to take readings. This thermometer is so easy to use it would be good for seasoned parents, grandparents, first time parents, caregivers and even teen babysitters.There is even a table in the instruction book that tells you how to interpret the results using the digital display reading, color, what it indicates and what to do.It has a backlit display for easy temperature taking throughout the night so you don't have to fumble with a light and chance waking them up. The memory keeps 20 readings so it is easy to keep track, if needed, for several days.You choose either Fahrenheit or Celcius and the instructions to switch between the two are easy to understand.One surprising use for this thermometer is that you can use it to measure room temperature. This could be useful especially at bedtime to ensure the room is cooler to promote better sleep. When you are running a fever you can be really uncomfortable if the room is too warm.I actually put this thermometer to the test by checking my own temperature for 5 minutes straight, first across my forehead and then via my ear. Each and every time the reading was the same with .1 or .2 difference. Accuracy is very important when you are dealing with a sick child especially if they are running a fever and you are giving a fever reducer so that you can see it is working.There is also a money back guarantee that if after 100 days you are not satisfied just contact their customer service and they will make it right with you. They promise.
Lacey J. to 17-05-2020
Easy to Use

This is going to be my favorite ear thermometer for me and my kids. I love how fast it is. I also like that you do not have to buy replacement covers for the ear part like you do with some of the other popular ear thermometers. We’ll just clean the part that goes in your ear as needed and not have to worry about being out of covers for it. Seems to give an accurate temperature reading.

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