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1.UV Sanitizer: With large bilateral ultraviolet lamp, crossultraviolet rays, 360 degree disinfection and sterilization without dead angle.

2. High Effective Sterilization: UV light killsgerms in a 8-minute cleaning cycle.

3.Designed with larger space: can completely sanitize yourentire phone.
4. Convenient to Carry: It's easy to take with your phonesanitizer. You can sanitize your cell phone with the phone sanitizer whether atwork home traveling or car wherever you go.
5. Easy to use: One button touch switch, easy to operate.
6. Excellent customer service: Any questions please feel freeto contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.
7. Best the gift for your families and friends.

Color: White
Product Dimensions:8.6*4.7*1.2inch
Product Weight:1.09LB

Package Include:
1*Multi-function sterilizer
1*Micro USB charging cable
1*User manual
1.*Wet rag

UV Phone Sanitizer, Universal Cell Phone Sterilizer, Phone Cleaner with Aromatherapy Function for iOS Android Mobile Phone Toothbrush Jewelry Watch

Madison Crenshaw to 03-05-2020
Cleaning and charging my phone at the same time

I got this product to get an extra bit of protection for my family from harmful germs and viruses going around. It works like a charm! Very easy to use. You push the sterilize button and a pleasant voice tells you that the process is starting. It also alerts you when the process ends. I have not used it for the essential oil part, but will soon! It is big enough to fit my iPhone XS Max in its battery case, so I’m very happy about that.
Julie to 04-05-2020
Dint know I needed this until I had it!!

Glad I have this, especially since the outbreak of COVID-19! I use it daily to sterilize the family’s cell phones, eye glasses, keys, credit cards, ear buds and even face masks! The size is perfect!
Ronnie Critzer II to 05-05-2020
Disinfect and make your phone safe for use.

So I decided to buy this product because of the pandemic. This is the best UV Sanitize Box to disinfect your keys, phone, Watch, face mask, wallet, and other things. Because it use UV light to kill germs, viruses, and bacterias. This sanitizer box is big enough and easy to use and portable to carry anywhere you want. Also, you can add your own essentials oil for fragrance. It alert you when the sterilization cycle is done. I have no issues at all with this devices as a now. I will recommend you to buy this to protect yourself.
Josue to 06-05-2020
Save your time

The product is very easy to use. It has an automated voice-over to let you know it's ready and when it is finished. It has a light up sequence of percentages to let you know where it is at in the process of sanitizing your items as well.The product is light and can be placed anywhere an outlet exists.
T. Dillon to 07-05-2020
Easy to use, and very usefull

Very easy to use and great size.
Katie CP to 08-05-2020
Highly efficient sanitizing device.

This item is really easy to use and it is quite roomy inside the box. I’ve used it for my keys, face masks, and phone so far. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!
Edward Alverson to 09-05-2020
UV sanitizer for iPhone and wireless charger

It will work very well, because its UV light is strong. The sanitizer box is opaque and the light is turned off when the lid is opened, which prevents people from seeing. Great design, I will disinfect my mobile phone every day, the invisible ones are the dirtiest.
Provedence Elaine Betterton to 10-05-2020
Dos what it should do

Definitely puts my mind at ease being a nurse and having this to sanitize my phone, keys, glasses, etc. I have a one year old who immediately what my phone when I get home! Super easy to work. Quick sanitization. I would recommend this product.
Techie to 11-05-2020
Cleans and charge

Product is very user friendly with voice prompts.
Jade Cro to 12-05-2020
Value for money untouched

This one is great! I had a different one before this one and I couldn’t tell if it was working or not. This one you can actually see the lights working once activated. I really like that there is an indicator that tells you how far along the sterilization is going. The best part is that it’s voice activated! Overall, grew product and would recommend to anyone during this crazy time!
George to 13-05-2020

Very easy to use
Blake G. to 14-05-2020
Great quality and price!

Got it fast and used it immediately. Makes me feel safer using my phone. Also have put my keys and remotes in.
Karin Masden to 15-05-2020
So far so Good

Came quickly and in great working order. I like that the compartment is big enough for keys, cellphone, masks, etc. and that it speaks to you to let you know when sterilizing is starting and ending. This will help give us piece of mind during the pandemic.
Krissi Crutchfield to 16-05-2020
Good Buy

Great product. Easy to use. Easy setup. Sits next to my chair to sterilize my phone then charge it. I will recommend to my friends and family
SEAN PETERS to 17-05-2020
Great deal for good earphones

You can never be to safe. I love using this, helps me cut back on wipes since those are hard to find. I can fit my iPhone Xs Max with a big case on it just fine, and I put different things in there as well! I've had no problems, plus the wireless charger is a nice add.

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