Wireless Earbuds Headset Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

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TWS Realize wireless stereo, separate left and right channels, Both the left and right ears have full Bluetooth functionality and can be used individually or in pairs.

Bluetooth 5.0. Support HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP/SPP/PBAP. Compatible with Apple or Android phones ensures ultra-fast pairing.

One-Step Pairing. Our wireless headphones instantly turn on and connect to your Bluetooth device when you take them out of the charging case (earphones must be paired with your device first).

Touch control interface. Easy to control with tap or press touch panel of wireless headphones.

Sweat-water resistance. IPX6 sweat-water resistance protects splash proof when you're a workout.

 Lightweight Comfort and Stability. With adjustable, secure-fit earbuds for lightweight comfort and stability.

Products specification

Model : X Y -7
Bluetooth Version: V5.0
Battery capacity: 40mAh
Charging battery: 400mAh
Working time: 3-5 hours
Charging Time: about 2 hours
Standby time: 120 hours
Support Agreement: SBC, AAC FHSS Do no support APTX audio code
Package list

Wireless earphones
Charging case
Charging cable for case
Ear cap
Packaging box
Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones IPX5 Waterproof in-Ear Sport Earphones with Mic for Running Gym Workout Black
Amazon Customer to 03-05-2020
Great sound and staying power (never fall out)!

Excellent choice.Apple Pods simply won’t stay in my ears while exercising, so I decided to give these a try.I was hesitant because the headsets looked like they might be a bit chunky/awkward. They are actually compact and comfortable.That being said, the major benefit for me is the fact that they come with four different cap sizes. No more scrambling in the middle of a jog to grab pods falling out of my ears! I used the smallest size and, not only are the silicone caps noise cancelling, they fit so well in my ear that I can run, jump, bend, shake like crazy and they stay put the entire time without missing a beat!The sound quality (with notable bass) definitely contends with that of higher priced pods.They were ready to go as soon as I pulled them out of the box and came with a 1-year warranty that was easy to register.Only con: changing out the caps is a bit of a chore but I think that is because of the waterproof factor. The caps fit TIGHTLY over the tubes from the headsets, so you have to work to get them back on.
Sara to 04-05-2020
Comfortable & Secure-great for my run!

I used these at work all day with several calls-excellent sound quality and then went for a 2.5 mile jog. They pair immediately and work well with one or both in. They are so comfortable and I didn’t have to readjust them even once on my run. Wish I could say the same about my shoelaces! I will never go back to corded ear buds again.
Amazon Customer to 05-05-2020
They’re amazing!

I don’t get excited about electronics much, but this product is amazing!!! The noise cancelation is beyond great, music/bass sounds amazing, they don’t fall off... and let’s be honest their way less then AirPods lol :)
David Coblitz to 06-05-2020
A great buy!

Overall best earphones I’ve tried. Case is nice & compact with rounded corners for easy carry in any pants or jacket pocket. Doubles as a charger so no worries about battery life. Sound quality is outstanding with phone in flat EQ mode. Quality level makes you want to listen to music on it. Phone calls work. Not always the best sound on phone, but people can usually hear me well enough to make usable, which isn’t the case for many earphones. No active noise cancelling, but good isolation despite that. Good, comfortable fit with little risk of falling out. Overall, a joy to have & great price for the quality. UPDATE: I've been using these to fall asleep. Put one in on the side away from the pillow (stick out to far to use on the pillow side). Battery usually lasts all night at the sound level I use. If not, can readily switch to the other one. Super easy connection since they connect automatically when you remove them from the case ((after the first time) & shut off when you put them back in the case, which automatically charges them when their put in. No switches to work with. Light turns blue to indicate that earphone is fully charged or red if still charging. Case has 4 white lights to indicate it's charge level & it recharges itself very fast when plugged in. I can get a couple of recharges out of the case & have never had it run out of ability to recharge the earphones during the day. Super happy with these!
Audrey Lynn McIntyre to 07-05-2020
Great quality for a reasonable price!

I ordered for work and the noise cancellation works very well as I work close to machines in a small enclosed area.I reviewed the ratings of other ear buds before I chose to purchase the TOZO T6.They paired to my phone easily as I removed from charger case.The case is small and fits well into my pocket! The sound is very good as well for a reasonable price!
Andy U to 08-05-2020
Value for money untouched

Value for price is crazy with all the $200+ options out there. I tried the Jabra 65s and found the fit clunky (I have small ears) and sound just ok. The Tozos surprised me from the moment I opened them. The total reviews seem suspicious (40000+ for the T10s?) but all are positive and now I know why. Sound quality is exceptional for the price, pairing is seamless, light touch controls blow Jabra out of the water. If you want true noise canceling these aren't it, but for $50 who cares! They block out enough noise for a great sound experience. I use them for taking work calls and the mic is solid. Truly surprised how happy I am with these. Shows how overpriced Apple, Jabra and Samsung buds are just going on brand.
GILDO to 09-05-2020

I'm coming from wired AKG buds that came stock with my Samsung S10. These are awesome for the gym! the battery life is impressive and the sound quality is top notch. I stream spotify through my phone and I find these to be absolutely perfect. The fit inside the ears is awesome...i've installed foam tips on mine for a better fit and they stay in no matter what the activity. The range is impressive to me. I can leave my phone on the machines and not have to worry about them falling out during sets. I haven't experienced any skipping whatsoever. Once the charging pod is dead I drop them on a charging mat and after a few hours i'm ready to go for another week. So far this is my best gym purchase of 2019/2020.
sbradley to 10-05-2020
Great quality and price!

I just received my ear buds and I’m very impressed with them! The packaging is really nice. I love all the sizes and shapes you get to fit your ear perfect! It’s super easy to pair and charge!
Galo to 11-05-2020
So far so Good

Bought for my wife. Only used them once so far but so far so good. She liked that it comes with 6 ear pieces for better fit and comfort. Paired very quick and easily. I purchased these based on reviews.
Chris Austin to 12-05-2020
Good Buy

I am very happy with these headphones.- The sound quality is excellent. It does not quite measure up to the Sony over-ear headphones that I use when not moving around but for earbuds, the sound quality is impressive.- They are quite unobtrusive.- They don't accidentally fall out, which is obviously a big plus if you want to use them while doing sports. (You should expect this much, but I have used other earbuds before, and they did not even meet this basic requirement).- I also like the charging case they come in.- I have used them for several hours before recharging them without problem.Overall, an excellent buy.Finally, a modest plea. If you found this review helpful, please click the helpful button below.
CloudD901 to 13-05-2020
Great deal for good earphones

I've been using these for about a month now and haven't had any issues yet. I had a choice between these or a pair of Enact earphones. So I ended up getting the Tozo T6. I'm overall happy with the decision. Still no way to compare with the others though. If I had to make the decision again I'd probably stick with these.I've listed below my pro and con list for these earbuds. The only con that really gets me is the touch sensor activating in the shower. The others aren't bad. The most useful feature may be the volume control!Pros:- Haven't had any charging or battery death issues.- Waterproof makes for easy cleaning.- Showering is fine.- Very clear music.- Volume controls.- Mic works good for calls.- Either bud works. Both work best.- No issues with pairing either or both buds.- No force required to tap.Cons:- I have to be careful not to turn my ears towards the shower or it will pause or skip the music easily.- The bass could be stronger.- There is little/no mic noise cancellation during calls.- - (My old car sounds like a lot of wind to the caller.)- Can't tap too quickly or it counts as one.
Arkanjel to 14-05-2020
Excellent!!! Cannot believe the sound quality!!

This is an updated review because I am actually HUGELY impressed with TOZO! My first review wasn't good and I believe I received a bad fluke set of these earbuds. I had returned them and was refunded. The company reached out to me and offered me to try a new pair so i accepted. Let me tell you...I am SO GLAD i accepted. i received my new set and they are FANTASTIC. Sound is phenomenal and the pair very easily. I have had zero issues with this set. I want to personally thank the customer service i received. I buy on Amazon quite a bit and this situation was not only rectified but to a point that my review changed from 1 star to 5. These are just perfect. I would highly recommend them and the company which made me so happy and surprised by helping me to know these really are just as good if not BETTER than ANY other brand I've had in my ears. They stay put no matter what I'm doing and the sound...just wow! Thank you Thank you!!!!!??????
Parrot momX4 to 15-05-2020
Nice durable product

I purchased these to wear at the gym and at work. I have a cleaning business so I am constantly moving. They really worked well. I have small ears and have a hard time finding anything that will fit not hurt or fall out. These worked. I actually left them in my pocket the first time I used them and I washed them. I figured they were gone. But to my surprise they worked and are still working two months later. Wow. The touch controls are a little quirky to get the hang of I had to refer to the manual but I got use to it. So I am impressed with this product it serves my needs and I wear them 4 to 5 days a week for 4 to 6 hours at a time. They were also easy to pare with my phone (Samsung Galaxy s9+). So overall a nice product I recommend them.
Gee Love to 16-05-2020
Don’t Sleep On These…

I’m going be completely honest with you all here as I am with the majority of products that I purchase that are worthy of writing a review on, you feel me? Some are so bad and I’m so pissed I don’t leave a review. Okay, here it is. I have a pair of JVC ear pods that I paid $100.00 for not too long ago and they do not sound better than these. Unbelievable sound, especially that damn bass, and when you have them equalized to your liking it is all cream. You know what they say about CREAM? Besides “Cash Ruling Everything Around Me” it also as a it has unique quality. It’s Cream.Sugar falls to the bottom and dissolves, but the cream always rises to the top? These are CREAM family. I am a straight up House Music and Free Style fiend. It is imperative that I have great sound and at least somewhat of a good battery life. The battery life on the TOZO’s puts my JVC’s and the three other pair that I have to shame. I said to myself “ Dude, you used these bad boys all day long. You watched YouTube, listened to Spotify, and watched movies and they’re still going strong.You know what? You had better snatch up another pair before people get hip to how good these ear pods are and they’ll be gone so I recently ordered another pair. Oh! One more Wisdom drop. If you have black pods and drop one on a dark carpet at home or work you’ve just put yourself in a world of hurt. They are hard to find in a dark background. These are the best ear pods I’ve had yet and that’s my word. Love it, leave it, but you can’t ignore it. My “Word” or my integrity I hold and I keep it tight. type. Later!
Beth to 17-05-2020
Life is more beautiful with a touch of song! Music, Calls, Siri access, stylishly accessible!!

Product works great... it’s easy to use... look is sharp, not big and bulky and looks good in the ear, I have the white ones which look distinguishing; whereas, my fiancée has the rose gold and those blend in with the tone of her ears and I can’t tell when she has one of them in... which brings me to my last and favorite point, they work great as a pair; however, I find myself wearing only one throughout the day and the music/phone call/Siri access is a most excellent touch without coming across as off putting!

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