Air Purifier with Hepa Filter 4-in-1 Composite Ionic

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This is the HEPA negative-Ion air purifier which has high performance and can meet your required totally. With 4 positions of timing adjustment and 4 positions of fan speed adjustment, you can change the air purifier to your favorite mode. Premium negative-ion technology and 4-layer filtration can not only eliminate the bacteria, dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, household odors and formaldehyde but also benefit to our health.

Key Features

Four Positions: With 4 positions of timing adjustment and 4 positions of fan speed adjustment, you can change the air purifier to your favorite mode.

Environmentally Friendly Air Cleaner: Our desktop air purifier has a complete air purification system. HEPA filter and activated carbon structure can purify the air and improve the room environment. Negative ions bring high efficiency air filtration, Negative ions help oxygen to be more easily absorbed into the body, help people feel more at ease , elevate moods and promote good healthy.

Almost Silent for Better Experience: Our air purifier is in low noise when used, even lower than a whisper. So it won’t affect your life at all. The quiet sound and soft night light will create a comfortable atmosphere for your study and work. Both adults and children can easily fall asleep in this quiet and clean environment.


Material: ABS
Color: White
Overall dimensions: 14"l x 7" w x 18.5" h
Net weight: 12.1 lbs 
Voltage: 110v/50hz
Power: 64 w
Amount of negative ions: 2 x 10 ^ 7/ cm3
Power cord length: 67"
Package includes:

1 x Air purifier
1 x User manual
1 x Filter (in the air purifier)
Air Purifier with Hepa Filter 4-in-1 Composite Ionic HEPA Filter Air Purifier,Air Cleaner For Car Home Office Removes pollens, smoke and other pollutants
Mustapha on 07-07-2020
Works beautifully

Was working
Plant Lover !!!! on 08-07-2020
pleasantly impressed

So happy with this !!!!! Quiet efficient n a nice size !Would def purchase again ;)
Amazon Customer on 09-07-2020
Holy Buckets!

This product is inside our pharmacy in our break room. It somewhat reduces the smell of the food we heat up and such. So far so good.
Jessica on 10-07-2020
Highly recommended on all levels.

Love the night mode option with no led lights on!
Amazon Customer on 11-07-2020
Great for removing smoke.

Fantastic. Super quiet and efficient.
Lisa G. on 12-07-2020
Very quiet and works well

This works even better than I had expected. I use this in a room that doesn't get much ventilation and I have noticed the large difference in the air within an hour of turning this on.
Veronika on 13-07-2020
Noticeably improved air quality

I am in love with this product so far! I tried coyoleair purifiers this is by far the best one.Big apartment
Kristin on 14-07-2020
Pet and kid tested

Noticed a change in my congestion the first night they were used. These are great purifiers and the perfect white noise while sleeping
BritePenny on 15-07-2020
Very clean air, quiet.

I use this Levoit HEPA air filter in my home/office and I am very pleased with it.
Amazon Customer on 16-07-2020
Got my deposit back on a condo after smoking in it constantly! :)

I live in Oregon where the fire from the smoke was horrible this summer this air purifiers really helped us get through it.
Kid Jingo on 17-07-2020
Noticeable difference in air quality

Noticed an immediate improvement in smell and dust levels. We have 5 cats. We have 3 dogs. This thing is a miracle worker so far.
Natalie Olson on 18-07-2020

We use this for smoking and it takes everything out of the air almost immediately. Definitely a lifesaver
jackercrackbox on 19-07-2020
So far- amazing!

Great at cleaning the air
Charles F Fowler on 20-07-2020

Well made. Easy to activate. Clear documentation. All that one may want in an air purifier. An additional year warranty for registering the unit. Very impressed. Very satisfied.
YP on 21-07-2020
Works When Your Neighbors Smoke Pot

Using in the cat room....set on auto, it kicks onto gear when I clean the litterbox...greatly reduced the odors from 2 cats ??

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