Air Purifier with Hepa Filter 4-in-1 Composite Ionic

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This is the HEPA negative-Ion air purifier which has high performance and can meet your required totally. With 4 positions of timing adjustment and 4 positions of fan speed adjustment, you can change the air purifier to your favorite mode. Premium negative-ion technology and 4-layer filtration can not only eliminate the bacteria, dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, household odors and formaldehyde but also benefit to our health.

Key Features

Four Positions: With 4 positions of timing adjustment and 4 positions of fan speed adjustment, you can change the air purifier to your favorite mode.

Environmentally Friendly Air Cleaner: Our desktop air purifier has a complete air purification system. HEPA filter and activated carbon structure can purify the air and improve the room environment. Negative ions bring high efficiency air filtration, Negative ions help oxygen to be more easily absorbed into the body, help people feel more at ease , elevate moods and promote good healthy.

Almost Silent for Better Experience: Our air purifier is in low noise when used, even lower than a whisper. So it won’t affect your life at all. The quiet sound and soft night light will create a comfortable atmosphere for your study and work. Both adults and children can easily fall asleep in this quiet and clean environment.


Material: ABS
Color: White
Overall dimensions: 14"l x 7" w x 18.5" h
Net weight: 12.1 lbs 
Voltage: 110v/50hz
Power: 64 w
Amount of negative ions: 2 x 10 ^ 7/ cm3
Power cord length: 67"
Package includes:

1 x Air purifier
1 x User manual
1 x Filter (in the air purifier)
Air Purifier with Hepa Filter 4-in-1 Composite Ionic HEPA Filter Air Purifier,Air Cleaner For Car Home Office Removes pollens, smoke and other pollutants
michael divine to 06-02-2020

This is a quiet unit which is effective. The auto mode works great and the filters last awhile. I have a Honeywell unit and the filters last longer than that Honeywell.
joseph smith to 06-02-2020
So far- amazing!

Within 30 min of Use my bedroom air is double breathable. Less dust , pet dander allowing deeper breaths
Hthomas to 06-02-2020

There’s been a noticeable decrease of dust in our bedroom sincepurchasing this purifier. It’s quiet and low maintenance. It does take up some room though due to its size but overall it’s well worth the investment.
Mariana to 06-02-2020
Works beautifully

So far, great!!! It was very easy to install, and it eliminated pet odors from the room within one hour.The machine is quiet in the highest setting. and it has a timer, but it is in one hour increaments. No minutes.
K to 06-02-2020
pleasantly impressed

Great air cleaner. Only had it for 2 days, but seems very well made. Super easy to change the filters. On low it’s extremely quiet. Thinking about buying another for upstairs. Lots of features including an Auto mode, sleep timer, etc.
Stevie Korrell to 07-02-2020
Holy Buckets!

I noticed a big difference from other air purifiers I’ve once used. It visually shows if the air quality is poor. The wireless and scheduled options are great! Definitely recommend. Bought two (one upstairs and one downstairs) because they work so well.
Josh nutall to 07-02-2020
Highly recommended on all levels.

currently dealing with a mold issue in my apartment, and it is seriously messing with my asthma. An this little guy, IS. AMAZING. Granted, my room is about 10'x12'. Been using for over two weeks at time of this posting, an virtually no more asthma issues. Its not loud at all, i only notice it when it turns off. If you suffer from asthma, or allergies, GET THIS ONE!!!
ripple.Song to 07-02-2020
Great for removing smoke.

Good purifier with nice look and multiple fuctions. I particularly like its sleep mode since it is so quiet and won't affect my sleep at all.
Margie Bougeois to 07-02-2020
I fell in love with this on day one.

It works great! I have it on auto settings, I do have a smoker so helps a little.
Jp to 07-02-2020
Great for smokers

I was a little hesitant when i 1st bought this but wow you will notice a differnce after 2 hours of running it.. this is a great machine
Judith Clark to 07-02-2020
An Excellent Air Purifier In Every Way

The Levoit Air Purifier helps create a gentle , quiet atmosphere. The difference in the room it occupies is amazing. I’m going to purchase 2 nite for other rooms.
KLM to 08-02-2020
Too noisy - not because of the filter though!

Removes orders very wellRemoves dust, hair, pollen very wellIt is quiet.It is sleek in design so it fits snuggly against the wall.I can find nothing negative to say about this air purifier, what a relief to breathe well without a stuffy nose and itchy watery eyes.
sw to 08-02-2020
Works great for cat owner!

This filter is great. I put one in my bedroom and saw an immediate improvement in my allergy symptoms. I now have one in the living room as well. Runs quietly, we keep it on low all the time. If you put it on auto pilot it is even quieter as it only comes on occasionally.
J. Spotted Eagle Horse to 08-02-2020
Great portable unit. Looks nice in the room.

The filter has worked great for me so far! Easy to operate, relatively quiet, and easy to clean!
Amazon Customer to 08-02-2020
I received my machine, followed the set up directions …

I love this so much and it gives me piece of mind that me and my family are breathing in cleaner air than we otherwise would. I bought 2 and I'm very happy with them

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