LED Light Strip, 16.4ft RGB LED Light Strip

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Length of led light strip: 16.4FT/5M

LED Quantity: 300 LEDs (60LEDs/m)

LED type: SMD5050 LED

Basic Color: RGB

Beam angle: 120 degrees

Input voltage: 12V DC

Lifespan: over 50,000hrs

Power: 0.2w/led; 60w/300leds

Working Current/5Meter: 5A

Working Temperature: -20° to 50°

Protection Rate: Waterproof (DO NOT submerse itinto water) 

Optimum Working Temperature: -25° to 50°

Neraon Package Kit included:

- 1 x 16.4ft 300 led light strip

- 1 x IR Controller

- 1 x 44 Key Remote Controller

- 1 x 12V 2A Power Supply

- 1 x 5M Double Tape

- 1 x 4 Pins Connector

- 5 x Fixed tape

- 5 x Mounting Clip

-10 x Mounting Screws

Warm Tips

★1.The connections must be in towards to thearrows.

★2.Don't left them on the spool when you testingthem more than 2 mins. They need to dissipating heat.

★3.Clean the surface before stick on thestrip.If it is not sticky enough, you can add some double sided tape.

★4.Please don't stick the lights to metalsurface that conductive. It may cause a short-circuit on the strip light.

★5.DIY function: Click DIY 1. and then longpress the up or down key(down first as it start at white) untill your desiredcolor appear, then release the button.

★6.Please insure there is no obstacle betweenthe IR controller and the receiver when operating; Take off the plastic sheetof remotes battery before using.

LED Strip Lights, 16.4ft RGB LED Light Strip 5050 LED Tape Lights, Color Changing LED Rope Lights with Remote for Home
Britany Kaoir to 18-03-2020
Mood setter

With the whole COVID 19 pandemic this literally turned my house into a movie thearter. They are super easy to install and are really cool. They set a great vibe. It is def a mood setter. You can set the lights to your phone so you will be able to turn them on or off from your phone. You can also set them so they go to the beat with whatever music your playing. There is so many settings where you can dim them if they are to bright or make them change. I highly recommend if you want to upgrade your house.
Sarah Seaberg to 19-03-2020
Great product with easy installation!

We ordered this for my 15 year olds room, he wanted to put lights all along his room next to the molding. The installation went very smoothly and the lights are sticking perfectly to the surface. He enjoys the option of using his phone with the app or the remote to control the lights. There are a broad range of colors and effects he can chose from as well. I highly recommend this product for all lighting needs. We will most likely end up ordering more for the other kids rooms in our house.
BoujieBeauxty to 20-03-2020
Vibrant and easy to Install

Love love love it!! Easy to install and perfect for my quarantine clubbing lol
C. Suter to 21-03-2020
Awesome LED lights with multiple options

My son bought these for his bedroom and absolutely loves them. There's an app to control it by phone, they synchronize to music and even as you talk. The colors are vibrant with so many choices.
Chris to 22-03-2020
Lights Music Mode

you’ll see the light will change color with the music beats. Wow, such wonderful and stunning scene.* If the phone system is Android, this app will automatically syncthe songs that have been downloaded in your mobile phone.* If the phone system is iOS, you need to connect your mobilephone to the computer and import the songs from the computerto your mobile phone. Then the app will automatically syncs thesongs you have imported.
Chris Z. to 23-03-2020
KIKO Led Strip Lights are great set that is easy to install

KIKO Led lights all in one a kit, comes with an AC adapter, a remote control receiver, 4 reels of 16.4ft light strip; no need for any other expensive devices; KIKO is engineered to provide a simple way to start designing your connected home,it is download HappyLighting App to use it.
cmcglothlen to 24-03-2020
KIKO Lights Have Timing Mode

You can use the timer functions for waking up and setting a more ambient mood at bedtime; Set a schedule for the lights to you.
KindleCustomer to 25-03-2020
Multi- Mode, Easy to install

KIKO strips are ideal for bedroom, kitchen, under cabinets, living rooms, TV backlighting, garden, balconies, patios, parties, holidays, or family events.Step1: Please download APP “ HappyLighting”Step2: Please make sure your phone is Bluetooth enabledStep3: Then strip lights automatically connect to the APP
jamie to 26-03-2020
These lights are so fun!

This is a affordable lighting system that could be used in a wide variety of situations. The app provides 16 million colors option to the users. These lights are so good there are really bright and, the remote has so many different colors and setting which are great for different looks. Super easy to install. The most special things of these lights is that have user friendly bluetooth APP. It provides 4 different modes to the user which is Music Mode, Mic Mode, Style Mode and Timing Mode. It gives user control Freedom to adjust the lights. The music mode is my favorite. You will see the light changing with the music beats. How amazing it is.
CaliMom to 27-03-2020
Great quality!!!

My son has been asking for lights for his room for a long time. We put these up tonight and I have to admit, they are super cool. There are several colors and options to make them do different things. He is setting them up to move to music, too. Super glad we got these! They are very easy to put up because they have an adhesive on the other side of the lights. It only took us about 20 minutes to install them. Now my other two sons are going to want them, too!
Leo Diaz to 28-03-2020

Love the light colors and the brightness of them!Would definitely buy again.
D. Eaves to 29-03-2020
The LED strips are awesome

These are excellent. Changed the vibe of our kid’s room completely and she’s so pleased with the different options for fades and vivid colors. This length is perfect because you can cover so much of a room. She’s also really psyched about using the app with music. Great buy.
GOHARD to 30-03-2020

These led strips are awesome I love how easy these were to hook up as well I am super happy with these.
Taisha to 31-03-2020
Best purchase! Will buy again

They are ssooooo beautiful!!!!!!!! I got them for my daughter and she loves them!!!!!! I think I’m getting some for my room!!!!!
crystal to 01-04-2020
It’s really good quality and different colors and easy to apply

Amazing! Love them! Best purchase ever. Going to get more for other rooms.

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