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AleshaJohnson on 12-02-2020
As bright as I had hoped!

These were very easy to put together. It is raining where we are right now so we don’t have them up outside yet but they lit up our dark hallway and living room well. We took them outside and put them on the patio table for a while and they’re good as new! 10/10 would recommend.
MAS on 12-02-2020
Perfect Outdoor String Lights

These are the perfect outdoor string lights. The price is right and light set is well made and appears heavy duty. The lights bulbs are a great size and provide the perfect outdoor patio lighting. The light strings can be added together for as much lighting as you need. We have put them along our fence and on our trellises. We live in Fl and our weather can be very hot and often very wet and our lights have never failed in the past 3 months. We bought 4 sets, put them on a timer and just love them.
LS on 12-02-2020
Great price, same quality as local purchase

I bought a 24’ string from Harbor Freight Tools while shopping out of town. When I put them up I found I really liked them and wanted to purchase more. I looked in local stores but they were twice the price. I found this 48ft string the price was cheaper than any others anywhere (online or in stores). I’ve put them up with the 24ft string to run the perimeter of my patio. They are perfect!! I used cup hooks, or hooks with screw ends, to hang them. The only problem I had was with the lightbulbs. When I moved the box the bottom came open (it isn’t secured shut) and I lost the 3 extra bulbs to the concrete patio floor. :( Glad extra came with the purchase. Maybe in the future the company could secure the top and bottom of the box with tape.
J Sharpe on 13-02-2020
Incredible quality for the price.

Had been looking to get some stringed like such as these for a while and all the ones I found in stores looked cheaped and did not offer the true Edison look I was hoping for. I order one strand of these and when I got them in and realized the quality I quickly ordered a second. Above each light is a hole which you can use to hang with nails which is super useful instead of a cheap clip. I use mine inside and plan on ordering several more this summer when I look to add some outside.
CapeCodNow on 13-02-2020
Sturdy and more light than I imagined!

Love them -- some others cost less but are not all weather and as sturdy as these.
Robin Hodges on 14-02-2020
Very well made/durable. Great buy!!!

These lights are better than I expected. The cord is super heavy duty. The loop for hanging made it very easy. I looked for lights like these at local stores but they looked cheap and didn’t seem like they would hold up and those that did were twice the price. I can’t wait for it to cool off some so I can enjoy the patio. (Pic is of patio on 2nd floor)
larrin on 14-02-2020
Nicely made product!

I researched many lights before deciding on which ones to get. I am very happy I chose these, they give off great light and look amazing!
Kim on 15-02-2020
I love these lights I ordered 3 sets for our back …

I love these lights I ordered 3 sets for our back yard and I also ordered a outdoor wireless remote control kit...its magical. love the the warm lighting and the price!
Mands on 15-02-2020

These are great for our patio. Exactly what we wanted. The bulbs came packaged in foam to keep them protected. All bulbs worked from the start. The loops in the cord above the lights make it easy to install.
Sean Corcoran on 16-02-2020
Great lights that creates a warm soft glow

Love the lights. Arrived within 2 days as promised. Bought 2 sets for a total of 96 feet. The construction of the lights made with quality cable and bulbs. Very easy to assemble & hang. Really nice warm (unlike bright white LED lights), ambient glow from the lights and creates perfect mood lighting to any deck, patio etc. For the price I would highly recommend.
DDos on 16-02-2020
Incandescent Outdoor String Lights

We are very pleased with these lights. Everything was packed well; cords, etc are heavy duty and look to be something that should last for several years. The bulbs all worked and are of "normal" weight -- not extremely thin and brittle. Most importantly to me, they dim well and should be easy to replace as needed. I was convinced that I wanted the newest and greatest LED lights, but went with these incandescent lights after reading a lot of reviews. When I compared features and what I was likely to save in electricity (about $1.50 per year) with my anticipated usage of a few hours once or twice a week in season I decided to go with what I knew and was confident I could depend on. The 48 ft set worked out perfectly lighting my 10' x 12' pergola. The bulbs included are slightly "warm" in color at full power and infinitely dim to about 20% power and an amber color. This is just what I was looking for. Note: A dimmer is NOT included.
ty on 17-02-2020
We'll made and perfect

These lights are perfect! I didn't think a 50ft string with only 15 lights would work but, these were perfect and we'll made. I'll see how they hold up being outdoors for a while!
peter miller on 17-02-2020
Awesome lights

These lights are extremely heavy duty and give off a very nice soft light. Very happy with my purchase and I would definitely buy them again. Cane very quick through Amazon and packed extremely well
rebecca haag on 18-02-2020
My mom likes them so you should get them!

My dad made my mom a "she shed" so i, the good daughter that i am, decided to help decorate my mother's palace, and i bought her these lights to hang around the upper interior. These bad boys are sturdy! They're not like the cheap Christmas lights, they're the real deal! The bulbs don't get past warm (so don't worry sheila, no one's gonna burn down your she shed) My dad actually put them on a dimmer switch, so my mom can control how bright she wants her lights lolThe bulbs are packaged separately in like this egg crate type of box so they all made it safely! All you have to do is decide how you want to hang them then screw them in after you get the string positioned!Definitely would recommend these lights!
Lisa Minor on 18-02-2020
Love these lights!

They make my backyard look like an Oasis!

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